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Captain Morgan, not Kill Devil, is the competition

No one knows what's going on

This year signaled a new era for local small-batch distillers. Assembly Bill 1295, also known as the Craft Distillers Act of 2015, went into effect on January 1, reversing archaic liquor laws that date to ...

April's record-release roundup

More springtime releases from San Diego bands

This week’s new releases include the Reactants EP from Andrew Mauro’s project Transpirations, as well as the Parker Meridien EP by Parker Edison (Parker & the Numberman), and the self-titled debut full-length from Mittens. A ...

Four poems by Kalpna Singh-Chtinis

“A Pale Monday Morning I and II” and “Jungle I and IV”

A Pale Monday Morning - I I went to sleep late last night, and woke up early this morning. A very kind note to a friend wasn’t kind enough! I woke up feeling sad and ...

The advantage of Wavestorms

Don’t have to worry about your Costco board getting stolen

Several years ago most new surfers at Tourmaline were groms. Nowadays most beginners appear to be adults that bought their Wavestorm boards at Costco for $99.99. A fiberglass longboard is big and heavy. Going “over ...

To accept Renaissance foolery

The Venetian Twins would unravel pretty quickly in real life.

“I just can’t tell the man I intend to marry apart from his twin brother,” said no one, ever. At least, not in real life. Nowhere is it written that comedy ought to be more ...

Eat at Shady's

Shady Franco Josh Kmak talks bubbles and spurts

“I’m gonna just lose it. I’m gonna give people a reason to talk about what they saw.”

Old homes week

Property added to personal portfolios

Far from receiving a decent burial, the La Jolla bones of San Diego’s old Copley newspaper empire have become touchstones for two wealthy San Diego powerbrokers, who have laid out big money to add them ...

Crisp Fish ’N’ Chips makes dreams come true

“I wipe down the tables, grandpa cooks the fish, and mom takes orders at the register.”

Oh, man. Ria wants nuts and twigs. I’m dreaming of fish and chips. Splots of malt vinegar. Cocktail sauce. Greasy, crispy chunks of cod. “Ho-kay,” says Ria. “Your funeral, buddy. Know how many calories and ...

If only there was a Roscoe's in San Diego

Until then, try Long Beach or the frozen food aisle

Dear Hipster: Is it true that Roscoe’s is coming to San Diego? Give me the straight dope. — Derek As of this writing, Roscoe’s has yet to publicly confirm the rumors. I don’t know how ...

The Big Parade marches through Carmel Valley

Catch it April 4 at the Angelika Film Center

“What a thing is patriotism! We go for years not knowing we have it. becomes life’s greatest emotion.” The words ring as true today as when they did when they were written, over 90 ...

Zappa's excellent adventure

Alex Winter filming Frank Zappa's treasure trove of a home

The man who played Bill in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure hopes his next excellent adventure involves Frank Zappa. Actor/filmmaker Alex Winter is currently running a Kickstarter campaign that, if successful, will raise $500,000 to ...

See more than 100 species of birds at Silverwood

Learn about birds and plants on this educational hike.

There is something for every nature lover and even those who only want to get a bit of exercise at Silverwood Wildlife Sanctuary. With a network of nearly 5 miles of trails, there are both ...

Mind kampf

Remember, the director has never made a bad movie

Remember, a genre mashup of four of contemporary cinema’s least desirable storylines, should represent everything we’ve spent the past three decades at the movies trying to forget. And yet... When was the last time you ...

The jazz link to God

Pastor J. Lee Hill takes our questions

Christian Fellowship Congregational Church UCC Membership: 140 Pastor: J. Lee Hill Age: 37 Born: Chesterfield, VA Formation: George Mason University, Fairfax, VA; Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC; Emory University-Candler School of Theology, Atlanta, GA Years ...

Beer, money, influence, and Accela

True local brewers, take note

A downtown influence-peddling shop dear to the heart of San Diego mayor Kevin Faulconer has picked up yet another controversial big-money client. Multinational beer giant Anheuser-Busch has retained Presidio Public Affairs Group to lobby for ...

Cream of the L.A. pop-rock crop — the Shelters

One of Tom Petty's favorite new bands plays Belly Up Tuesday night

Enough bands like the Shelters, and Los Angeles could come back to its former glory days as the bull’s eye of the rock-and-roll business. It used to be that way until the digital age scrambled ...

The blackest of crimes committed against Warner Ranch Indians.

This land is mine: The Cupeño removal of 1903, part one of four

Visitors to the Indian village at Kupa were often struck by the silence. No loud voices, no sudden shouts. Even children played quietly. A stillness spread from the bowl-shaped Valle de San Jose below, past ...

Opening a can of name-and-shame Facebookworms not recommended

To out or not to out social offenders

Dear Hipster: Despite “we only serve water upon request” signs at most restaurants, I’ve noticed that compliance with water-saving regulations has slipped of late at some of my favorite spots. Servers are starting to automatically ...

Forest friends

Al Howard among the Redwoods

The prolific Alfred Howard has started yet another band. The new project has been christened “Cardinal Moon” and is a collaboration between Howard and singer/songwriter Dawn Mitschele. “Dawn is a tremendous songwriter and lyricist and ...

Chargers release so-called financing plan

"This amounts to zero benefit to the people of San Diego."

The Chargers said they would release financial plans today (March 30) for their proposed downtown "convadium" — a combined football stadium and convention center. But the team's statement is a joke. So many details are ...

Engineers get axed, then train foreign replacements

H-1B visa program steals Americans’ jobs

“Knowledge transfer.” It’s a scholarly sounding name for a vile practice that is stealing jobs from American engineers and forcing those soon-to-be-laid-off tech employees to train their foreign replacements. If American workers refuse to teach ...

Two ways to drink beer and run

Plus a couple events on the water

Thursday | 31 Five decades of Star Trek come to the concert halls of the Civic Theatre for the first time. A live symphony orchestra performs while iconic Star Trek film and TV footage is ...

Orson Welles, restored

A week of revivals at the Ken, April 1–7

To call Chimes at Midnight (aka Falstaff) Orson Welles’s crowning achievement is tantamount to naming it the greatest movie ever made. The film never found a home on DVD — there’s a dupe pressing in ...

Sold-out show? Grab a seat in a kayak

Bayside concert seating

Located on Shelter Island Drive and tucked into the northeast corner of La Playa Cove, Humphreys by the Bay puts on summer concerts from April through October. The shows sell out often — like the ...

Red light revenue

There’s a “material decrease” in money coming in, notes county auditor

Cash from San Diego traffic-ticket fines is seriously down, says the county auditor’s office. Over the past five years, according to a March 4 report, “collections from penalty assessments fell from $13,749,562 to $7,910,885 (42 ...

One big farce

Readers weigh in on the presidential candidates

Bernie as Moe Thank you for highlighting the absurdity of the 2016 Presidential follies. Instead of voters casting ballots for the candidates, Hollywood should be casting them in a Three Stooges movie with Bernie Sanders ...

Piano, not keyboards

Brett Harris of Wind Playing Tricks on instrumental San Diego

The recent passing of Keith Emerson underscores how keyboards don’t play as big a role in pop music as in the days when Emerson, Lake, & Palmer, Deep Purple, Yes, and Edgar Winter ruled the ...

Millions of U.S. jobs taken by foreigners

Consider the numbers

The immigrant nation argument fails.

March 24 Sudoku Contenders

Evil Bliss Beedle, Encinitas, 9. Gregory Chauncey, La Jolla, 9. Rafael Gaceta, San Diego, 9. Don Ganoe, San Diego, 9. Paula Henderson, La Jolla, 9. (winner!) Richard Johnson, La Jolla, 9. Larry Lewis, Poway, 9. ...

March 24 Crossword Contenders

Martha Awdziewicz, Clairemont, 9. Dennis Butterworth, San Diego, 9. Leslie Chase, Campo, 9. Joseph Ciprian, Little Italy, 9. (winner!) Allan Dorfman, Del Mar, 9. (winner!) Chad Griffith, Poway, 9. Susan Haley, Chula Vista, 9. Ron ...

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