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Oops, I'm having Turkish food today

Eating a good lunch where I never expected

They say location is everything, but thanks to using my smart phone in an unfamiliar part of town I happened upon a pretty decent Turkish restaurant with what might be considered a lousy location. Lezzet ...

Smoldering fire in Shelltown exposes a smoldering problem

Fed up neighbors watch in frustration

At around 4 in the afternoon on Monday, March 31, fire trucks and vehicles were heading down National Avenue passing 32nd Street, then some of the trucks and vehicles came back and were heading down ...

Prayers are ready to bleed

Killwave duo's vocalist incurs severe burn during filming of music video.

The new video from killwave duo Prayers, “Ready to Bleed,” was filmed in the alleyway behind vocalist Rafael Reyes’s home in Sherman Heights and at Saint Jude’s Catholic Church in Shelltown. “Both are heavy gang ...

“Ghetto” is not an adjective

Author: Michael Slomanson Valladolid Neighborhood: Barrio Logan Age: 32 Occupation: Counselor It’s a noun. It’s the place where I live. It’s Barrio Logan, to be exact, but that lone fact is insignificant, really. There’s no ...

Payback's a Bitch in Shelltown

My earliest memories of Shelltown are those of a chaotic and scary place. I was an impressionable and tender ten years of age when my family moved into the impoverished Southeast San Diego neighborhood, which ...

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Neighborhood: Shelltown.

RIP VW Shelltown

This is the best section of ...