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Who Plays Who: Local Election Edition

Who Plays Who: Local Election Edition

Who Plays Who: Local Election Edition

Coronado millionaire residents put homes to the torch rather than endure “more subtle forms of community destruction.”

Coronado Delenda Est

“SANDAG says we may have to make room for 1800 more housing units,” says longtime resident Reginald Cashflow. “On Coronado, an island with about two square miles of buildable real estate that already holds 9500. ...

Representative takes aim at critics of accused Navy SEAL Edward Gallagher

Hunter’s Most Dangerous Game

In a surprising development, military judge Captain Aaron Rugh today dismissed all charges against Navy SEAL Edward Gallagher related to his alleged murder of an injured Islamic State prisoner under his care and the shooting ...

Quarterback who never gave San Diego a ring gets a little payback

Stiffed Brees

Court proceedings began last week for the case of Drew Brees vs. La Jolla’s CJ Charles Jewelers. Brees claims that owner Vahid Moradi sold him and his wife Brittany $15 million worth of diamonds over ...

In wake of #StopTheBans protests, Kevin Faulconer pledges support for abortion rights in Georgia, Alabama, and Missouri

America’s Finest Mayor?

Faulconer: “I promise you, ladies, that I see you and hear you. I will not act to restrict abortion rights in San Diego. Or, for that matter, in any other place: in California, or America, ...

Cathedral Catholic students, supporters rally against skirt ban

Skirt Skirmish

Until May 17, girls at Cathedral Catholic high school were permitted to wear skirts that stopped no more than three inches above the knee and didn’t “cling to contours.” But faculty frustration with repeated violations ...

President issues Memorial Day pardon for Qualcomm

Trump: My Way or the Hua-wei

On May 22, US District Court Judge Lucy Koh ruled that San Diego-based telecommunications giant Qualcomm had violated US anti-trust law via the licensing fees it charges for patented technology that allows cell phones to ...

Kim Kardashian knocks Jack in the Box out of the marketplace after Tweet

“If she’s not shopping, then nobody’s buying.”

On May 20, Kim Kardashian West Tweeted at Jack Box, mascot for the San Diego-based fast food chain Jack in the Box: “Hey, Jack In The Box I have a serious complaint but I won’t ...

Rancho Santa Fe rooster rouster Larry West vows challenge to controversial disqualification at Kentucky Cockfighting Championship

Outraged owner: “My Feathered Glory will rise again!”

“Tradition is everything here at the Kentucky Cockfighting Championship,” says Larry West, still shaking his head in disbelief over the unprecedented turn of events that cost him the honor of strutting into the Winner’s Square ...

Excitable Padres pitcher Chris Paddack injures self during beef with rival rookie

Hijinks Hijack Paddack Attack

Some baseball experts are calling Padres rookie Chris Paddack the best pitcher in the Major Leagues right now. But “best pitcher” doesn’t necessarily mean “best teammate,” at least according to several anonymous San Diego players ...

The Lorax Leaves La Jolla: Seuss stand-in skedaddles after San Diego scored sixth smoggiest city in nation

Neighbors react: “Will he take those stinky sea lions with him?”

As sad, strangled Swomee-Swans mournfully depart overhead and harried Humming-Fish hustle to escape the bacteria-ridden waters below, a grumpy Lorax remonstrates with the unrepentant Onceler, who offers him a trash can where he can stick ...

SDG&E mascot begs for company to be relieved of temptation to abuse its customers

“Stop me before I kill again! Or at least raise rates during peak usage hours.”

When SDG&E created smartwatch-based mascot Friendly McPlugface, they gave him one simple task: convince people that it’s okay for the company that provides people with electricity to charge more when people actually need that electricity. ...

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