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Coming Soon to an Administration Near You

Who Plays Who: Local Election Edition

Who Plays Who: Local Election Edition

Who Plays Who: Local Election Edition

Special SDQT feature: FutureNews from 2050!

How the elite beat the retreat

Biotech executive Jackson Powell enjoys a low-tide visit to the rooftop deck of his Del Mar home. “The people who talked about managed retreat back in 2019 forgot the fundamental rule of life: every problem ...

On the War(ren)path

During visit to San Diego, Presidential candidate lays out ambitious plan for monopoly-busting

On October 3, Democratic Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren visited downtown San Diego to hold an outdoor Town Hall, “not unlike the powwows held by the Kumeyaay and other tribes that once called this land home, ...

Trump Grant-ed Pardon?

President uses fundraising lunch at US Grant hotel to compare his presidency to that of former general

Trump: “The resemblance is uncanny: multiple failed business ventures, greatest achievements all prior to taking office, a seemingly endless parade of scandals and cabinet upheavals, but nevertheless an enduring public interest — and most importantly, ...

Green’s Green Mile Walkoff

Manager credits visiting President’s prison reform efforts for early release

Green: “A lot of people were skeptical about Trump’s commitment to people suffering under inhumane conditions in prison — sometimes through no fault of their own. But the commutation of my sentence, er, contract with ...

Dumps Over Trump’s

Advocates respond to President’s plan to fold tents and house homeless

“President Trump said during his visit that he wants to ‘help’ the homeless in California by tearing down their tents and moving them into government housing,” said Homeless Advocate James Hardknox. “And it’s true that ...

Deadly Earnest?

Or did bullet keep ironic distance from vital organs in hipster shooting?

Police are still searching for the “From the Hipster” shooter who put a bullet in a man’s stomach at the Clairemont Friendship Center on September 22. “Right now, we’re treating it as an attempted murder,” ...

Following protests and vandalism, Drag Queens reach out to peeved Pentecostal

Pastor Placated

South Bay Pentecostal Church Executive Pastor Amado Huizar is a man willing to fight for what he believes in, which is why he protested Chula Vista’s decision to host a Drag Queen Story Hour in ...

Children’s entertainment icon joins protest against Drag Queen Story Hour after Chula Vista debut

Dragging Disney Down

Shockwaves shook the cultural landscape today as longtime allies the Magic Kingdom and the Fabulous Queendom clashed over the latter’s use of the former’s intellectual property at a local public event. At a Drag Queen ...

Longtime effort to lure Great Whites to La Jolla via sedentary seals bears fruit

Shark Park

In 1931, Ellen Browning Scripps paid for the construction of a breakwater that would create a place where children could play and swim undisturbed by the fierce ocean’s tumultuous waves. And for decades, that’s exactly ...

SANDAG points to gas laws to explain housing allocations

According to Boyle’s

“Well of course Imperial Beach is unhappy that we’re asking them to build 1375 units next year,” says SANDAG Housing Czar Stan Packer. “It’s a 500% increase from the last housing cycle. And of course ...

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