Almost factual images

Coming Soon to an Administration Near You

Who Plays Who: Local Election Edition

Who Plays Who: Local Election Edition

Who Plays Who: Local Election Edition

San Diego's debt to Bob Filner

An almost factual review of 2017

[Walter Mencken stands at a podium in the basement conference room of Cheetahs Gentlemen’s Club in Kearny Mesa and addresses his audience, a group of men reclining at table.] Good evening, gentlemen! Well, men, anyway. ...

Breaking up is hard to do

At least the Charger Girls aren’t heading north also.

Alternative Facts [The scene: the basement of Our Lady of Sorrows church, Mission Valley. A circle of chairs. A despondent array of suffering souls.] Walter Mencken: Hello, everybody. Please sit down. Welcome to Walter Mencken’s ...

Happy Trumpsgiving!

Who wants some crow?

SCENE: The Mencken dining room, Thanksgiving. In attendance are host Walter Mencken, English novelist Evelyn Waugh, writer and critic H.L. Mencken, Pogo Possum, Roman emperor Claudius, writer and humorist James Thurber, writer and agitator Hunter ...

The Surreal McCoy’s final masterpiece?

The Eye is Deceitful Above All Things

Former Convadium Curator Wanker: “The loss to Miami featured four interceptions, including a pick-six with the score tied and a minute to play. Small wonder that McCoy, an artist and coach clearly in the throes ...

San Diego bishop addresses bulletin controversy


Shortly before Election Day, the bulletin at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Old Town featured a flyer that warned, “It is a mortal sin to vote Democrat,” and that souls that died in the state ...

Chargers Curator Wanker comments on The Surreal McCoy’s latest work

Soft Playcalling with Four Downs (Premonition of Thwarted Drive)

Wanker: “In a word, heartbreaking. McCoy has at long last ventured into the realm of self-portraiture here, but it’s hardly an occasion for celebration. This is the work of a man who feels he’s coming ...

Slacktivist protests police guidelines on theft prevention


According to the above flyer issued by the Chula Vista Police Department, “San Diego County’s top crimes are vehicle theft and vehicle burglary.” In Samantha Wilson’s estimation, that means “it’s safe to say that there’s ...

It ain't gonna legalize itself

Supporters of marijuana legalization advocate shutting down dispensaries for election day

“We got the idea from our good friends in the pornography business, actually,” says Prop 64 organizer Billy Bongwater. “Remember when all those porn sites blocked access to California IP addresses in order to raise ...

San Diego mayor takes action in wake of Chicano Park truck tragedy

The truck buck stops here

“When I first heard the news about a truck dropping into Chicano Park,” says Mayor Faulconer, "I naturally assumed it was just another campaign maneuver from the Trump camp. But when I learned that the ...

Juarez Cartel endorses Hillary Clinton for United States President

It takes a [tunnel between] village[s]

"The decision to endorse Hillary Clinton for President of the United States was not an easy one,” says Juarez Cartel head Vincente Carillo Fuentes. "Donald Trump has historically been friendly to those who share his ...

Stone Brewing releases two candidate-themed beers just in time for Election Day

Never mind Oktoberfest, here comes Novemberkrieg

"When I was President at POM Wonderful,” says newly installed Stone Brewing CEO Dominic Engels, “we got in trouble for claiming that POM Wonderful could help you cheat death by preventing heart disease and prostate ...

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