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Most popular Reader stories of 2017

Porn and Jehovah's Witnesses top the headlines

San Diego's Porn Studios Fourteen women, ranging in age from 18 through 22, including one still in high school, may have felt like stars when they walked into the Hard Rock Hotel and the Kimptbn's ...

Miracle Mai Tais

Mtume learned to like Christmas

My Christmas miracle came in a highball glass filled with ice and equal parts rum and mai tai mix. At the time, it was clear that the drink had done what it was supposed to ...

Sister Santa’s once-a-year smile

I adored American Christmas

I fell in love with America for the first time on a sweaty night in a Bangkok refugee center in March 1991. “In America people have meat with every meal,” my dad told me as ...

I wanted every Power Rangers toy known to man

The exact moment the sleigh bells stopped jingling

I’ll never forget the day the great Santa swindle came crashing down around me. It was Christmas morning, and I was eight years old. When I bolted out of bed, Santa was as concrete a ...

We were ruthless Christmas-letter mockers

But my husband's family wasn't

When I married my husband Aaron I was well aware of his political leanings, his thoughts on religion, and that he was a saver not a spender. What I did not know was that he ...

Why not a holiday bar crawl?

Bike ride, Messiah sing-along, Santacon bar crawl, Vintage flea market

Everybody’s got their own small rituals to enact this time of year. Holiday traditions vary by country, culture, region, and household, and in every instance they’re what make the season special. I’m a nontraditional kind ...

Spanglish Christmas

Kind bikers, vegan meals given out, posada, shopping in Pasaje Rodríguez, Santa's Red (TJ Christmas beer)

During the holiday season, thousands of Californians head south of the border to join their families for a Mexican Navidad mixed with customary American Christmas traditions. In the Spanglish world, as with the languages, the ...

Winter is God's cocktail hour

Good causes at Holsem Coffee, Tin Roof, Brick Bar, Taste & Thirst, 12 Bars of Charity, and Model Railroad Museum

Winter. It’s the five o’clock of the annum. God’s own cocktail hour. A time to rejoice and be merry and say things you’ll later frown about at family gatherings. New year, new you. This is ...

Keep those holiday dollars in town

Barrio Logan market, two kinds of Nutcracker, Ribbon Rush, Full Measure carols, Makers Arcade

Traditionally, December is a month of buying stuff — whether for yourself, family, friends, coworkers, or whomever else is on that list you’re checking twice. So why not flex your spending power and use those ...

A holiday tourist in my own city

Tree farms, Nativity scene, gondola and trolley rides, Christmas movies by the pool

When Christmas season rolls around I like to become a tourist in my own city. My kids are out of school, my husband takes a week or two off of work, and the family and ...

My holiday wish for you

Jive, ice skating, Santee's wondrous Christmas lights, Kwanzaa at WorldBeat Center

For so many of us, favorite holiday memories take root with family and friends, and that certainly holds true for San Diegans. Whether it’s cutting down a tree in the local mountains, dancing the night ...

Holidays at the big attractions

Legoland, Zoo, Seaworld, Liberty Station, La Mesa Village

San Diego’s mild winter climate makes it an attractive spot for people who don’t want a white Christmas. So that means there is a good chance you’re hosting out-of-towners over the holidays. That means that ...

Make holiday friends of enemies

Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, global winter, Baptist concert, Korea’s finest snow ice machine, the Coaster's Christmas ride

This year, the Lickona family is keeping to its Christmas traditions at home: the ancient carols, the crèche, the Christmas lights wrapped around the cactus in the front yard, the works. But also this year, ...

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