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North Park Events

The Distillers and Starcrawler

The Distillers and Starcrawler

Observatory North Park

Tuesday, September 18, 8 p.m.

Tuesday Night Improv

Torque Moto Café

Tuesday, September 18, 7 p.m.
Sour September

Sour September


Tuesday, September 18, 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Intro to Homebrewing

The Homebrewer

Tuesday, September 18, 6:30 p.m.

North Park News & Stories

Meatball sliders, hold the meat

New menu items and a bottle of soda

Nearly six years ago, I paid my first visit to the original, Adams Avenue, location of meatball-centric eatery, Soda & Swine. I ordered a couple of meatball sliders, with sides of brussels sprouts and mac’n’cheese. ...

When one door closes, another opens

North Park businesses come in and go out

In North Park the views never cease to change, and in a drastic way. Old businesses that are way past their prime continue to hang in there. Failed restaurants turn into something totally different. Closed-down ...

America has guns

SDSU exchange student robbed

On August 15 at about 3 p.m., Thomas, a San Diego State University exchange student was robbed for $60 on 30th Street in North Park. “I’m feeling okay now,” he said, “I decided I wasn’t ...

This week keeps on rolling

A North Park rolled taco specialist with family roots

It seems like just yesterday I was writing about a new hand roll-only sushi bar, and finding a way to compare its seaweed wrapped fish and vegetables to tacos. But here I am, today, stumbling ...

7-Eleven store in North Park shuts down suddenly

Hard to make it as franchise owner

A 7-Eleven store closed its doors around the end of July, and is now boarded up. It was located on University Avenue at Herman Avenue in North Park, across the street from CVS Pharmacy. Before ...

North Park Photos

North Park Giant

North Park Sunset

Double rainbow in North Park

Mississippi Street in North Park

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