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Views of homes and ranches where Kumeyaay once lived

Follow a zigzag trail to a view point that ends at the old Flume Trail.

Although the 88-acre El Monte County Park was one of the first areas set aside for a park in the county, it was not until February 2011 that an official trail to East County’s landmark ...

Lakeside fires a harbinger of a dry summer to come

East County firefighters on alert

East County residents should once again prepare for a long, dry fire season. Over the past week, firefighters responded to at least three fires in Lakeside. Saturday afternoon, April 20, a brush fire near the ...

The New Flume Trail Out of El Monte County Park

The County of San Diego’s brand-new Flume Trail linking El Monte Park to Blossom Valley is hardly flat, as the name “flume” might imply. On the contrary, it darts relentlessly upward on a zigzagging route, ...

High Anxiety On Dunbar Lane

Blossom Valley traps its residents.

Lonnie Glasco shows off photos of a bevy of 18-wheelers and cars parked up and down his street, Dunbar Lane, in the East County community of Blossom Valley. Pictured also are vehicles strewn all over ...

Take 8-East for Low-Cost Luxury

East County hides subdued millionaires

“There are a lot of transplanted Midwesterners in East County that like a drier climate, not as moist and damp as the beach is. And they like to see the sunshine a little bit more.”

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El Monte Flume Tunnel installed by ...

The zigzag trail ends at the ...

Flume Trail vista — down El ...

"In Blossom Valley, it is more ...

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