Places to go in Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach Events

Salty Karaoke

The Salty Frog

Thursday, September 20, 8 p.m.
Imperial Beach Farmers' Market

Imperial Beach Farmers' Market

Imperial Beach Pier Plaza

Friday, September 21, 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Salty Karaoke

The Salty Frog

Monday, September 24, 8 p.m.

Imperial Beach News & Stories

Border dirty water suits inch forward

Tijuana deficiencies laid at feet of agencies

What happens when toxic wastewater escapes cleansing, crosses an international border, picks up more pollutants, dodges treatment again, and finds its way onto beaches? Lawsuits. After decades of spills, of human and environmental health threats, ...

Only drunks on the sand in IB

Driver ditched girlfriend next to pier

“The car was right there next to the pier,” said Lisa Rodriguez. “The guy was joyriding then his car got stuck; he took off and left his drunk girlfriend in the car.” On September 4, ...

Imperial Beach is a food desert

Part-way to opening co-op — 220 signed up, need 1000

Back in 2013 Wally’s Marketplace, located in Imperial Beach, carried outdated and expired food on their shelves. Two years later, the nearby Save-A-Lot—run by the same owner—sold a customer 90 pounds of spoiled chicken, sparking ...

So much for the McDonald's double drive-thru

Entrance from Florida Street is flashpoint

On August 5, John saw a “silly” McDonald’s meme shared on his Facebook timeline “that actually, hit home.” It’s based on a photo of the fast-food restaurant on Palm Avenue in Imperial Beach. The meme’s ...

Barefoot lady caught stealing Costco lights from neighbor

IB Facebook tells all

On August 4, Bryna from Imperial Beach posted a Facebook video of her friend’s landscape lights getting stolen. “This happened on 14th Street,” she said, “This individual decided to go into my friend's yard and ...

Imperial Beach Photos


Civil twilight underneath IB Pier

Clouds ruled the day in Imperial ...

Imperial Beach pier

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