Mike Madriaga

Mike Madriaga

Mike is a multimedia journalist.

A multimedia journalist is able to cover a subject or gathering via photography, videography, written, and post-production video/photo graphics.

Mike is currently supplying content to various automotive and alternative-lifestyle publications, but considers the San Diego Reader his homebase.


Articles by Mike Madriaga

Tijuana-Ensenada toll road near Salsipuedes under repair

Father's Day gringos react

“It was a lot of traffic [and] I got stuck [for] like two hours there,” said Luis A. Corona, a 24-year-old college student from Ensenada. He was referring to the traffic that stopped on the ...

Baja governor opens bidding on Ensenada airport

In Ojos Negros — 40 miles east of port town

“[Ensenada] has potential to be well known on a global level, but it’s not easily accessed,” said Roberto De La Peña, “the airport would attract more people and put Ensenada on the map.” On June ...

Succulent thief in North Park and University Heights

“Who steals plants?”

Yesterday, a woman parked her white Prius right there [in front of my house],” said Steve from University Heights, “then started to cut my succulents (with a pruner), and left. That’s stealing!” Steve, 67, is ...

What is someone's junk is now everyone's junk

Alley-pickers are pickier in North Park and Normal Heights

In the last day (June 6), Mike G. has seen a desk and three mattresses dumped in plain sight around his Normal Heights’ streets. “….and all sorts of cabinets, bookcases, etc. will appear on the ...

Baja's Highway 1 tested in 160 mph race

Honda, Ford Mustang, Studebaker crap out before Cabo

“I always thought that it would be a wonderful road to race on,” said Richard Bailey from Washington, “I mean [look at] the backdrop right now — we are sitting on the highways at [Bahia] ...

Mixed feelings on campers at Shadow Hill Park

Sheriffs rip up $100 tent in Santee

“Just an FYI … there was a homeless camp in the drainage ditch (by the bridge) at Shadow Hill Park, they were evicted about a week ago,” posted a Santee resident on the Nextdoor app ...

"Let's have them do it in La Jolla next year...."

Rock 'n' Roll Marathon nay-sayers

“I didn’t miss church [because] I’m the choir director – so it’s essential that I get there,” said Nina Gilbert. Gilbert was one of the prepared ones for the detours and roadblocks brought about by ...

No money allowed at food swaps

Surfeit of oranges, lemons, and eggs in Spring Valley and North Park right now

“The only rule of the [food] swap is that there is no exchange of money,” said Marianne West. On Saturday (May 27), she met with about forty other San Diegans at the Spring Valley East ...

Bees swarm Kensington

"Seek shelter immediately inside a car or building."

“[I] drove right through the [bee] swarm with the windows rolled down,” said Mike Glosson, from Normal Heights.” Glosson, 54, who is a systems analyst, estimated that there was a “swarm of thousands of bees” ...