Mike Madriaga

Mike Madriaga

Mike is a multimedia journalist.

Mike is able to cover a subject or gathering via photography, videography and written content; and then edit the content with post-production video and photo graphics if needed.

Mike supplies content to various automotive and alternative-lifestyle publications, but considers the San Diego Reader his homebase.


Articles by Mike Madriaga

Lean your body

One Wheel kinda like Segway

Occasionally during low tide at the Pacific Beach shoreline, you may spot Cody Chadwick riding his One Wheel on the sand. “Only when it’s packed sand,” he said, “not with sugary soft sand. I ride ...

No Smoking did some pool halls in

But Pockets, On Cue, College Billiards fight hipster trend

On September 8, I shot some pool with the recently crowned 2018 American Poolplayers Association Team Captains Champions — at Pockets Billiards & Brew in Kearny Mesa. The name of their San Diego-based team is ...

I wasn’t the only one falling

Yoga on calm water in Sail Bay

Nicole Turner has been meeting with eight yoga students at Fanuel Street Park at 8 am. “There’s less activity on the water as far as boats and people,” she said, “the fewer waves, the easier ...

They spend thousands on Nike on Market Street

Not too much burning here

On September 5, Dante Rowley from Golden Hill posted an Instagram photo of the billboard that sits atop the Nike store in San Francisco. He captioned it: “How do you feel about the @kaepernick7 Nike ...

Only drunks on the sand in IB

Driver ditched girlfriend next to pier

“The car was right there next to the pier,” said Lisa Rodriguez. “The guy was joyriding then his car got stuck; he took off and left his drunk girlfriend in the car.” On September 4, ...

The girl must learn to follow the guy

Watch them tandem surf at Cardiff, Tourmaline, Oceanside Harbor

On August 22, Carlsbad residents Brian and Illa McEvilly placed fourth in their tandem surf heat at the Duke's OceanFest in Waikiki, HI. "Tandem surfing is performed with two people on one board that catch ...

Las Vegas makes it easier to defect to the Raiders

“Chargers fans are loyal to a certain point and then they give up”

On September 1, about “one thousand” Oakland Raiders fans rendezvoused at the Handlery Hotel in Mission Valley for the Raiders Fan Convention (RFC). Many of the black-and-silver adorned fans were more than welcoming to the ...

VR will not replace skating

Tony Hawk busts out his 360-degree loop in Vista Sunday

On August 26, former skateboard champion Tony Hawk busted out his 360-degree loop to give a few young skateboarders a chance to demo it — by his headquarters in Vista. The loop resembles that of ...

Thanks for the Kmart memories

Spring Valley store to close in November

On August 23, I visited the Kmart at 935 Sweetwater Road in Spring Valley by the 54 Freeway. A lady with a blue shirt that read “Attention Kmart Shoppers” on the front was helping me. ...

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