Mike Madriaga

Mike Madriaga

Mike is a multimedia journalist.

Mike is able to cover a subject or gathering via photography, videography and written content; and then edit the content with post-production video and photo graphics if needed.

Mike supplies content to various automotive and alternative-lifestyle publications, but considers the San Diego Reader his homebase.


Articles by Mike Madriaga

Lizzo blows up Billboard’s Hot 100 with “Truth Hurts”

“To put it bluntly, flutists talk shit about other flutists all the time.”

On September 7, classical flute player Lizzo peaked at number one on Billboard’s Hot 100 with her “Truth Hurts” rap and hip-hop song. As a piano player, I was hyped to see a classical music/hip-hop ...

170 cans a month for Netflix

At Tijuana's Ley supermarkets

On October 13, B. Cardenas was alerted on her phone: she had a little over two weeks to turn in her cans — to receive her free Netflix. “I saw the post on ‘Face,'” she ...

Signs of Comic-Con's demise?

Insiders point to DC's down year

If the death of Horton Plaza and the slow failure of Seaport Village have proved anything it’s that nothing lasts forever in downtown San Diego. Now some say Comic-Con, another downtown institution, may be starting ...

Lake Wohlford's version of Shamu

Two-pound piebald catfish

"I've seen thousands of catfish,” George Scalo said, “but I have never seen a catfish look like that before.” Scalo, was talking about the piebald catfish, also referred to as a “cowfish” because of its ...

Scratching and beat juggling like Grandmaster Flash

Blondie rapped about Flash’s turntable prowess in the 1980's "Rapture"

My dad never understood how I broke his turntable attempting to mimic parts of “The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash on the Wheels of Steel” by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious 5. The 1981 song was ...

The other Baja adrenalin rush

San Pedro Martir is the longest hill climb race in the world

On September 20-21, a small group of off-road racers skipped the inaugural Baja 400 in Ensenada to race against one another towards the highest point on the Baja peninsula. “The San Pedro Martir Hill Climb ...

Wet bandits invade Escondido

Cameras catch perps in the act

"The guy in that screen shot looks like one of the 'wet bandits' in the other video,” Mary said to me on a September 20 interview. “Multiple people believe it’s the same guy and they ...

Mr. Oro’s and Zebra Knight’s rap battle collaboration

The pair will attend the Ghetto Dreams edición Tijuana freestyle rap contest

Mr. Oro sells his El Sacrificio De Oro CDs and Oro Wear brand clothing to Americans at the Tijuana/San Ysidro Port of Entry as they return to the U.S. “Here in Tijuana it’s a lot ...

The problem with Rosarito's whale

Sharks like the fat, orcas like the liver

Dan M. and his fellow guests at the Club Marena rentals in Rosarito, had a rude awakening Saturday, September 7. “Our bedroom window is positioned about 50 meters that way, and at 2 am, she ...