Mike Madriaga

Mike Madriaga

Mike is a multimedia journalist.

Mike is able to cover a subject or gathering via photography, videography and written content; and then edit the content with post-production video and photo graphics if needed.

Mike supplies content to various automotive and alternative-lifestyle publications, but considers the San Diego Reader his homebase.


Articles by Mike Madriaga

Scooters on the Coronado bridge

They probably got on from Cesar Chavez Parkway

On November 12, Steve Paen saw a photo of two people riding Lime scooters on the Coronado Bridge; he wasn’t impressed; he’s seen this before. “These riders were heading into Coronado,” he said. Last month, ...

Tie your key inside your shorts with the waistband string

Avoid smash and grabs in Bird Rock

Racheal posted a photo of a SUV with a broken passenger side window and a missing door handle on her social media — and warned her network: “Those who surf, please do not leave your ...

City Heights mural rescued by mystery angel

“You are awesome whoever you are”

On November 6, Gloria Muriel received news that a mural she painted in City Heights was restored to original by a “mysterious master restoration artist.” It originally took her and Tijuana-based artist Alonso Delgadillo about ...

Too bad, San Diego

Edco customers smile about new cans

Bonnie’s lived by Imperial Beach Boulevard and 9th Street for the last 20 years. “I had no idea that the [EDCO trash] bins could be replaced free of charge,” she said. “I actually never really ...

Inside, looking out at great whites

A non-scuba cage on Guadalupe Island

“When I told people what I was going to do,” said Chris Mannerino, “they would ask: “Do you have a death wish?”” On October 23, Mannerino, from Point Loma, couldn’t wait to swim with the ...

Booby traps set for Baja 1000 drivers

“You’re not going to have time to decipher between the GPS and the flags.”

On October 29, El Vigía, an Ensenada based news outlet, reported that Baja 1000 marker flags that will be guiding the race vehicles in less than two weeks — were compromised. The red SCORE flags ...

Kids these days just pop

Tagger tags former tagger's mural on Market

Zard, a graffiti artist, came to Writerz Blok on Market Street on October 22 to check up on a mural that he and his buddy Drex spent three hours spray painting the day before. “We ...

Honeymoon at the San Diego county building

Hanky panky on Pacific Highway

For an $88 fee, a couple can opt to have a civil marriage ceremony overlooking the San Diego Bay in front of the San Diego County Administration Center at 1600 Pacific Highway. On the westside ...

Like watching paint dry

The patient freesailers

La Jollan Ernie Mortensen has been free sailing 36-inch yachts for 18 years. On October 20-21, Mortensen was the only San Diegan of eight skippers to compete in the National Freesail Regatta, held at the ...

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