Mike Madriaga

Mike Madriaga

Mike is a multimedia journalist.

A multimedia journalist is able to cover a subject or gathering via photography, videography, written, and post-production video/photo graphics.

Mike is currently supplying content to various automotive and alternative-lifestyle publications, but considers the San Diego Reader his homebase.


Articles by Mike Madriaga

Parking tangles at South Bay Swap Meet

Guards protect neighbors

Luis Villa-Lopez said that he catches over 20 patrons per day that come into the South Bay Swap Meet — without paying. “On Wednesday it’s only $1 to come in,” he said. “They sneak in ...

Why not Sherman Heights?

A resting place for homeless stuff

Matt Armstrong found a booby trap in Manzanita Canyon on March 6. “It was a fishing line with two syringes across the doorway,” Armstrong said. “I noticed the trap straight away as soon as I ...

Dodge Ram trucks stolen for their Cummins motors

Catalytic converters sell for good money on eBay.

On February 26, there were three auto thefts that were reported within a 2 mile radius in North Park. One theft in particular, was for the truck’s sought after motor. “The Cummins engines are valuable,” ...

Hurt in backflip by I.B. pier

"Had to spend a week flat on my back”

Name: Paloma Aguirre Bacalski Age: 40 From: Imperial Beach Location: Imperial Beach Pier Occupation: Coastal and marine director for Wildcoast Paloma Aguirre Bacalski was one of about 12 that paddled out in honor of Doug ...

Nice bruise

Mission Beach jetty has the best left along this whole coastline

Name: Kian Barker Age: 13 From: North Park Occupation: 7th grade student At dusk, I saw Kian Reese Barker loading his six-foot Mitsven surfboard into his dad’s truck parked by the South Mission Beach jetty. ...

Trash-can salvage 101

The drill-hole method, the plastic wrap, the zip-tie, duct tape, epoxy...

Last year, NBC 7 San Diego reported that “The San Diego City Council decided [June 27] that residents will still have to pay to replace damaged trash bins, despite a county Grand Jury recommendation that ...

Doggone Game of Thrones...

TV show sparks popularity of dogs — and dog-nappings?

“Lily was last seen being taken from our yard on Thursday [February 15] by a caucasian male, medium build, [in his] late 20s to early 30s,” Ivan Kanzaki said. “He then led [our Siberian husky] ...

Comic-hoarder’s hell is a Poway picker’s heaven

“It’s hard for me to get excited, but I got excited with this comic deal.”

Recently, a Poway thrift-store owner made what’s being called the biggest score in local comics trading history when he bought the collection of a deceased L.A.-area hoarder. “The house is an extreme case [of a] ...

Homeless dwellings of some permanence

“The fire department knows about all of these guys."

Matt Armstrong and Cindi Lapio have been noticing more permanent structures being built in their neighborhood canyons and ridges. Armstrong is a 51-year-old martial arts instructor who cleaned out more than 2000 pounds of trash ...

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