Chad Deal

Chad Deal
Chad Deal has been a regular Reader contributor since early 2010. He authors Crasher and Here's the Deal, in addition to contributing to Cover Stories, and Blurt installments.

Articles by Chad Deal

Jamul – last bastion of civilization on the 94

Casino, Hollenbeck Canyon, early hostile Indians, brush fire

Jamul Residents Wage Indian Blood Battle over Gaming Site The Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs is asking a lot of questions about the Jamul Indian Village. The government agency has launched an investigation to determine ...

Jacumba – the far edge of San Diego

Across border in Jacume, De Anza nudists, In-Ko-Pah, Border Angels, hippie fest, flying saucers

A quiet street and an old hotel Jacumba is a kind of living ghost town out in southeast San Diego County, on the Mexican border, in what’s called, the Mountain Empire district. It has come ...

Spring Valley – land of contrasts

Dictionary Hill, mobile homes, Deering Banjos, Mt. Helix trail, the new North Park, Noah Homes, horseback riding, Cali Comfort BBQ, whiskey distillers

Dictionary Hill in Spring Valley got its name from encyclopedia salesman One of the oddest things about the Dictionary Hill area, also known as La Presa, is the way the streets were laid out on ...

Campo –small town rich in drama

Naked monks, Tecate train, Luman gunfight, 2004 fire, sand trucks, selfish developers, Campo Diner, vigilante Minutemen

Complications of Tijuana to Tecate to Campo train Ten federal agents waiting at the railway museum are demanding that the train continue onto its last stop in Campo and be cleared through customs before anybody ...

San Diego Reader 2018 taco issue

Tacos with seafood, tacos that tell a story, tacos from Tijuana

Great atmosphere, better tacos Baja Oyster, Border X, Carnitas, Canteen at Quartyard, Candelas, Señor Taquero By Ed Bedford Shrimpquest 2018 City Tacos. Lolita's, Oscar's, Mariscos Alex, Blue Water By Ambrose Martin Year-round taco festival Corazon ...

Every taco tells a tale

LOLA 55, Tacos el Panson, Taco Stand, Tuetano Taqueria, Tacos El Ranchero, El Borrego

Some speak of ancient Aztec pit cooking. Some recall distant coastal villages and the catch of the day. Some crow about the possibilities when price is not an object (you may have heard murmurs of ...

San Diego shows to get this sellout off his couch

Anxiety. Disbelief. Wonder.

Last month, a local Facebook friend posted: “‘There’s no music/art scene in SD.’ Sure there is, but you are in your room missing it.” Easy for him to say, I thought. He’s the promoter of ...

San Diego Reader 2018 Music Issue

Rap, jazz, young lions, geezers

San Diego raps, too By Jonah Valdez Bands deserve what they can earn By Dryw Keltz Gigs in the retirement digs By Dave Good Care and feeding of Young Lions By Robert Bush San Diego ...

San Diego Reader 2018 arts issue

Movies, theater, artsy spots, special nonprofits, textiles, classical music, dance, Rotten Tomatoes

No better musical experience of its kind in the world (!) Opera, symphony, Mainly Mozart, L.J Music Society, Bach Collegium, ProArte Voices. By Garrett Harris Used T-shirts, medical gauze, old hankies — The faction of ...