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San Diego's weird backcountry real estate

No traffic, but you need septic tank, well, propane

Bad foundations. Leaky pipes. Illegal garage conversions. Death (owner or otherwise) on a property. These are all things that have at least once derailed the sale of a piece of real estate during my 20 ...

Campo –small town rich in drama

Naked monks, Tecate train, Luman gunfight, 2004 fire, sand trucks, selfish developers, Campo Diner, vigilante Minutemen

Complications of Tijuana to Tecate to Campo train Ten federal agents waiting at the railway museum are demanding that the train continue onto its last stop in Campo and be cleared through customs before anybody ...

San Diego's new wine region

Good reds and Rieslings in the 94 corridor

‘It’s all about the diurnal drop. It cools off a lot here at night, 30 degrees on average. That’s why we can make good whites,” says Sarah Babine, who, along with husband Grant Spotts, aims ...

Trail angels: From Campo to Canada on foot

Bread Stick = Trail Food

“Each day on the trail was the only possible preparation for the one that followed.” — Cheryl Strayed, from her introduction to Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail

Southern jewels and feral pigs

Bump into feral pigs and/or international hikers on this Lake Morena hike.

Hike a portion of the Pacific Crest Trail parallel to Lake Morena’s southern shore for views and interesting vegetation among boulders.

Border Patrol reports bands of Gypsies crossing from Mexico

Canada said to be their destination

Since 2010, more than 2200 Romanians have come into California from Mexico illegally and surrendered to the first U.S. Border Patrol agent they saw, according to Border Patrol statistics and accounts. Many of them surrendered ...

Uranium in the Water in Campo Hills

With the price of gas the way it is, maybe a little uranium in the drinking water isn’t such a bad thing. Such is the situation facing residents of Campo Hills, a rustic community about ...

Vigilante Minutemen patrol border near Campo

The wild wild East

Brandon Stockwell, a film student at SDSU, climbs to the top of the border fence south of Campo and examines the rolling desert ridges of rural Mexico. The day is bright, the winter air clean ...

Tiger Woods, Baby

"Comes down for paintball war games with his buddies at the military range. I cooked his burger."

San Diego drought as seen from Descanso.

"That ranch lost 80 percent of their oaks"

"It's catastrophic!" Duncan McFetridge flings his arms out. "Look, can't you see the change?" Several years ago, when I last came here to the Cleveland National Forest outside of Descanso, McFetridge's cabin nestled in a ...

Remote Hauser Canyon, between Lake Morena and Campo, attracts dedicated hikers

The linear, V-shaped gash of Hauser Canyon slices across one of the really remote, southern parts of San Diego County. Many years ago, travelers could descend into the canyon by car on a dirt road ...

From Rural Retreat To Suburbia

On September 19, the unincorporated community of Campo threw a once-in-a-century party. It featured a parade, cavalry reenactors, former buffalo soldiers stationed in Campo pre-World War II, and home-baked goodies. But it wasn't the attractions ...

A Gritty Dilemma

Around 9:30 p.m., on Friday the 19th of August, 22-year-old David Silverman of Jacumba and two female friends were cruising south on Buckman Springs Road toward Campo when they found themselves stuck behind an 18-wheel ...

Ramble on two wheels through San Diego County's sleepy Lake Morena and Campo region.

The rural landscape spreading north and east of the tiny, border-hugging town of Campo is caught in a time warp. Not much new has appeared hereabouts in the past half-century. Narrow two-lane ribbons of blacktop ...

It Would Turn You To Toast

How they fought 2004 Campo fire

Pete Scully, a battalion chief for the California Department of Forestry's fire protection agency, stands next to his camper-shelled pickup truck at a Highway 94 turnoff east of where Campo Creek turns south into Mexico, ...

10 Million Will Buy This Town

End of quiet days and dark skies for Campo?

Fifty miles east of downtown San Diego, 12 miles south of Interstate 8, Buckman Springs Road, approaching from the north, ends at State Route 94 as it turns east after a mile-long northward jog from ...

Captain Billy and Campo

Local cowboys hung Martinez and Alvijo from a nearby oak tree.

Kelly came outside, firing. “As the revolver had only three loads, I concluded the best plan would be to run; and so I did.” He crawled under the store and stood in Campo Creek, which ran in a manmade culvert, for almost an hour.

Luman Gunfight at Campo

Gaskill brothers ran a tough store - guns everywhere.

Until 1940, Campo was the center for Customs and Border Patrol. To avoid U.S. “line-riders,” smugglers came to the store in darkness. They traded “gold, silver, whiskey, you name it” for manufactured goods.

Your Dad Arrested My Dad

San Diego backcountry sheriffs don’t enjoy anonymity.

The difference between the $55,000 the hypothetical deputy in Lemon Grove can make by moving to Campo and the $52,500 he can make as a corporal staying in Lemon Grove is only $2500.

Best of 2001: Best Land Restoration

Campo Band of Mission Indians 36190 Church Road, Campo 619-478-9046 So you thought that when Europeans came to San Diego, they found a pristine wilderness? Wrong. What they discovered, says the Kumeyaays' Mike Connolly, was ...

Naked Monks Irk Campo Residents

Rumors spread through the backcountry town of Campo the way a wildfire spreads through the local hills. It starts with a passing comment in the feed store, an off-the-cuff remark in the post office. It's ...

Militarizing the Border

Brian Bilbray has no doubts: It's time to send in the troops. All along the border. "We need to send a very clear message, almost in the tone of John Kennedy, when he said, 'We ...

Ride the rails of the San Diego & Arizona Eastern out of Campo on vintage railcars.

The desolate backcountry community of Campo, barely a stone's throw from the international border, has exactly two things of interest to San Diego daytrippers: the Old Stone Store and the Campo railroad depot. The former, ...

Complications of Tijuana to Tecate to Campo train

Hobbyists pay $178 apiece

It's eight o' clock Saturday morning at the Tijuana train station, and the locals gather to gawk at 250 gringos, most outfitted with expensive cameras and video gear, waiting for a ride. The Tijuana station ...

Pacific Crest Trail from one end of San Diego County to the other

The big hike

Orville Cummings, owner of the 9000-acre San Felipe Ranch at the bottom of the Banner Grade east of Julian: “The backpackers would camp right at the windmill and keep the cattle away from the water.”

Let’s Be Friends

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