Drink Recipes

Farmer Bottega’s Rosie Elephant inspires one’s inner Rainbow Warrior

Its graceful parade of flavors never lets the palate forget the parts for the whole

When the Farmer’s Bottega bartender Shannon Pierce created The Rosie Elephant, she looked to local farmlands and African savannas for inspiration. “It really originated out of nowhere!” she says. “I had tasted all of the ...

Quentin Tarantino cocktail suite at Union Kitchen & Tap in Encinitas

“All his characters have bold personalities, and I was mindful of that when I named these cocktails.”

Mobsters generally don’t like surprises – and yet to stay in the game they have to be full of surprises. Just ask Nice Guy Eddy, Mr. Pink, or Mr. Black in Reservoir Dogs – or ...

The Dude abides with 619’s White Russian

Their Coffee Vodka remains committed to caffeine

619 Spirits North Park is the tasting room and eatery for its mothership, 619 Vodka. Both were named for San Diego’s area code, but that doesn’t mean 619’s founder and master distiller Nick Apostolopoulos is ...

Fruits, nuts, and flowers instead of Glocks, gin, and blunts

Pacific Beach Alehouse's Daisy Me Rollin'

Pacific Beach Alehouse is brewing up more than beer on its menu these days, says Pacific Beach bartender Sierra Berryessa. The surfside suds factory still spins its palate wheel of beers and ales, Berryessa says, ...

Neither smoke nor sweet

The Maguey Agrio’s floral quality is nothing to run away from

The Maguey Agrio served at Banker’s Hill is the Mexican answer to the whiskey sour, says its creator, Banker’s Hill bar manager Colin Berger. Referencing mescal’s plant of origin and the Spanish word for “sour,” ...

Fruit bound for cocktail glory

“You could call The Chinotto an Italian Old Fashioned,”

Citrus myrtaflora—more commonly known in its native Italy as the chinotto—is a diminutive member of the orange family, and it has a secret. But it’s one of the worst kinds of secret—one that everyone knows ...

A spicy Old Fashioned

“What sets it apart is the bittersweet chocolate coming up the back”

Consider the quotidian comforts of the common whiskey flask. The preferred vade mecum of serious sippers, this versatile vessel fits in pocket, purse, or petticoat—a genie in a bottle who, at a moment’s command, provides ...

A Mai Tai that courts the palate with a flourish of flavors

Find the enlightened purity of the Buddha himself at the Monkey King

The Monkey King (aka Sun Wukong), a Buddhist superhero of Chinese legend, carries a 17-ton staff and can travel 13,500 miles in one somersault. He can also effortlessly transform into any inanimate object or living ...

Hybrid Mule in Pacific Beach

Good for breakfast, brunch, lunch and/or dinner

Hybrid Mule in Pacific Beach

Waterbar’s Merlion

Put the smack-down on Mother Nature’s angry winds

Sing, o goddess, of the rage of Singapore’s Merlion!... Well, okay, Homer never got around to singing about Singapore, but the old Greek scribbler also never had Waterbar’s Merlion to get his inspirational juices flowing… ...

Voodoo culture

Flaming Tiki drinks emerge like disembodied spirits from the Club’s purple-tinted semidarkness

The Cat Eye Club is a weird hybrid— a Tiki bar with a speakeasy vibe. It might be too dear to refer to it as a “Tik-easy,” but stranger things have come out of the ...