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Scott Marks
Scott Marks contributes to the Reader's movie section.

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Blown away by a metaphysical whirlwind

Hirokazu Kore-Eda's latest at the Asian Film Festival's Spring Showcase

With its overall superb yearly batting average, the San Diego Asian Film Festival Spring Showcase, now in its 8th year, generally heralds the last gasp of quality moviegoing at the multiplex before the summer season ...

Cinderella in reverse

Nary a jiggle on my built-in geezer porn detector during Finding Your Feet

A sideways glance at the poster for Finding Your Feet was all it took before I began fanning away the aroma of flop sweat prompted by visions of the Boynton Beach Club Bucket Listers waking ...

Harold Lloyd's organic flow

These early slapstick two-reelers should be required text for all wannabe comic filmmakers

This week we feature a trio of Harold Lloyd shorts from 1920, all of which are available on YouTube. Alfred J. Goulding and Hal Roach’s Haunted Spooks While Lloyd was posing for promotional stills midway ...

Laurel & Hardy chased by Tex & Charley

The Sons of the Desert holds its next meeting this Saturday night

Hear, ye! Hear, ye! Attention Laurel and Hardy enthusiasts and all the saps at sea! The next gathering of the San Diego chapter of the Sons of the Desert will be held on Saturday night, ...

Fervent charm

Gayness gets Simonized

When was the last time you visited a mainstream multiplex and the sight of two men kissing on screen wasn’t greeted with either uncomfortable laughter from the audience or caterwauling rumbles of disapproval? Well now, ...

San Diego Latino Film Festival turns 25

Telenovelas no, melodramas sí

Before congratulating Moisés Esparza, Programming Manager for the San Diego Latino Film Festival and Digital Gym, on this year’s outstanding lineup, let’s unleash a whole lotta love in the direction of festival papa Ethan Van ...

Oscar autopsy

Positivity and gripes

Jimmy Kimmel opened by calling for a night for positivity, so I will begin my coverage of the 90th Annual Academy Awards accordingly. (Not surprisingly, threats of controversy never materialized.) Dept. of Happy Memories While ...

There are no alleys in San Diego

Typo or truth?

Who jumped the opening date of Flower by posting their rave review almost one month in advance? Color me guilty, but with an excuse! Make that a pair of excuses. This year, both February 23 ...

Ten reasons Three Billboards doesn’t deserve any of its technical nominations

Cursed weaknesses

Perhaps my admiration for Martin McDonagh’s previous films (In Bruges, Seven Psychopaths) made my disappointment with Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri that much more acute. I waited as long as possible before publishing this, but ...

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