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Scott Marks
Scott Marks contributes to the Reader's movie section.

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Border and torture from a Lucky Charms Cheesecake and two John Alton noirs

As tasty as a gulp of watered-down wheat paste

While on the lookout for three films that dealt with the importance of borders (or lack thereof), I was sidetracked by other forms of torture. Dodge City (1939) The indolent Mookie tossed a trash can ...

Casting: Fassbinder, flipped

A stinging moment of comeuppance

When festival coordinator Tobias Queck lamented the high cost of renting an auditorium for the German Currents Film Festival, I suggested that he look into the more reasonably priced venue. What was once a yearly ...

Jazz on film: bops, blues, and Bernstein

All jazzed up

This week’s three-course buffet comes with a cartoon, a short, and a feature guaranteed to get the viewer all jazzed up. — Scott Marks Three Little Bops (1957) Composer and trumpeter Shorty Rogers provides the ...

Jackie Chan meets the Criterion criteria

When was the last time you saw a shanty town destroyed in the name of an avalanche gag?

Thanksgiving comes early this week at the Ken when a pair of Jackie Chan kung-fu cop comedies hold what appear to be their San Diego premiers. There are no signs of either film being reviewed ...

Critic crowns The Kid Who Would Be King

Youth must be served

Tired of all the political spiel teeming from the TV? Not thrilled at the prospect of squandering your entertainment dollars on more of the same at the local multiplex? My first two releases logged for ...

Playing catch-up

Three new releases that didn't make deadline

This week, I’m playing catch-up with a string of recent and new releases that didn’t make deadline. — Scott Marks The Ballad of Buster Scruggs (2018) It’s any portmanteau in a storm when Joel and ...

Frons list

Top ten movies of 2018, plus, this year's Big Screen Big List

A few months back, I put out feelers to all of the major theatre chains in San Diego, hoping that one of them would have the good taste (and decency) to book the long-awaited last ...

Dysfunction on display: political and personal

Unreviewed...until now

This week’s selections share two commonalities: all were lounging on my hard drive and none were ever reviewed in these pages. Offside (2006) After the establishment of the Islamic Republic in Iran, women were not ...

Stay-at-home remedies

The spoonful of sugar needed to sweep away the stagnation

For those too cheap to buy a ticket, but eager to learn about an umbrella-powered nanny, radioactive spider bites, and how to make money by illegally transporting drugs across state lines, we offer these three ...

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