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Scott Marks
Scott Marks contributes to the Reader's movie section.

Articles by Scott Marks

A sampling of the masterful Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Breakdown, Lamb to the Slaughter and Bang! You’re Dead!

A sampling of the masterful Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Glad we had Gilda

“She would walk into the room and all the energy would go to her”

Glad we had Gilda

Gun girl Garner

There must not have been enough zeros on the alimony check

Gun girl Garner

Otto Preminger’s oeuvre!

Three of the director's choice films

Otto Preminger’s oeuvre

Dirty sex, clean windshields

Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood

As one of the witnesses in Warren Beatty’s Reds, Henry Miller recalled, “There was just as much f*ing going on then as now, only now it has a more perverted quality.” Apparently Mr. Miller had ...

No jokes, folks

Ever imagine what a film would look like if just about everyone involved in the production was buzzing on cocaine and quaaludes?

No jokes, folks. All three of these titles are available to rent on Amazon. The Terror of Tiny Town (1938) I’m betting that most viewers won’t be able to venture past more than a reel ...

Puzzle: Bored game enthusiasts

Why burn daylight snapping together a jigsaw puzzle when it’s easier (and more enlightening) to buy a ticket and watch two characters assemble one? The only missing piece to this otherwise easily fathomable romantic Puzzle ...

Boyz in the hoods

Screenwriter Kevin Willmott talks BlacKkKlansman

So impressed was Spike Lee by Kevin Willmott’s debut feature, C.S.A.: The Confederate States of America that as soon as he saw the picture's Sundance premiere, he offered to act as the film’s presenter. Spike ...

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