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Scott Marks
Scott Marks contributes to the Reader's movie section.

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Get Out: Free President's Day Screening

Four-time Oscar-nominated contender at AMC Mission Valley

Budgeted at approximately $5 million, IMDB reports that as of January 26 the cumulative worldwide gross of Get Out has reached $254,716,534. Director Jordan Peele and the management at Universal can afford to paper the ...

Barack Obama in Barry Poppins

Official portrait painter Kehinde Wiley takes us on a jolly holiday!

From Shmuel's Loxicography of Yiddish Design: Hallucious, adj. Pronunciation: cha-lush-us. Etymology: from the Yiddish "a chaloshes," literally to faint. 1) Sick-making; atrocious, particularly in reference to artistic shlock.

S&M (smut & moronity) with Fifty Shades Freed

Laughably consensual tawdriness and corresponding bad acting

Fifty Shades Freed at last, that is, as moviedom’s favorite boy-beats-girl franchise draws to a halting climax. This viewer needed closure after having survived the first two, so it just makes sense that I cast ...

Twenty cartoons that need to be banned!

Warning: Do not read if you are allergic to blueberries

Alcoholism! Child abuse! Anal fetishism! Smoking! Bestiality! Suicide! Opioid abuse! Transgender latrines! White Supwemacy! The cartoons we grew up on were a celebration of evil, a microcosmic cesspool of all of America's ills distilled to ...

Films to see at the Jewish Film Festival

Jews in showbiz: 11 days at multiple venues

The San Diego Jewish Film Festival puts down stakes from February 8–18 with screenings to be held at Edwards Mira Mesa, Edwards San Marcos, the Lot, and the festival’s home base, the David and Dorothea ...

Damage won’t bring justice

Human Rights Watch Film Festival starts Thursday at MOPA

The Blood Is at the Doorstep opens, as so many documentaries on the subject of police shootings do, with the sights and sounds of a city — in this case Milwaukee — under siege. It ...

Bring the kids to this riot

Laurel and Hardy Fan Club mini-festival January 27

The San Diego Chapter of the Laurel and Hardy Fan Club, aka Saps at Sea, opens their 40th season on January 27 with another riotous one-night mini-festival. “I usually try to make each program a ...

How retro teen mags might have handled Harveygate

Authentic fake news

Hollywood has long looked the other way, covering up for the anomalies and sexual deviances of its stars as long as there was money to be made off of them. You think today’s entertainment industry ...

The Post — Spielberg’s stagiest work to date

Daniel Ellsberg, phone home

Steven Spielberg never has had much luck when it comes to using movie posters as timestamps. The WWII epic Empire of the Sun takes place after the 1939 release of Gone with the Wind, but ...

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