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The Traitor: Family unfriendly

What’s it going to take to get Tommaso Bruscetta to testify?

Family. It’s why Charlie lent a helping hand to his hair-triggered cousin Johnny Boy in Mean Streets. But go against Mr. French in The Departed and he’ll soon forget how once upon a time your ...

Backstage musicals courtesy Michael Damien and Phil Karlson

The Stooges were among the first recyclers

A pair of backstage musicals both old and new. High Strung Free Dance (2018) New to blu-ray, this affectionately bunched bundle of backstage musical cliches plays like a smaller-scale musical mock-up of La La Land ...

Created Equal: an unduly sympathetic portrait of Clarence Thomas

My sworn duty is to review the film, not the man

Spectacles, or no spectacles? That is the question that opens Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words. (Thomas settled upon two eyes instead of four.) The next voice you hear is that of writer ...

No match for bad dad Robert Mitchum

“If I see you put your hand in the plate one more time, I’m gonna’ stab you with this knife. You hear me?”

Bad dads: there are no George Baileys or clownfish named Marlin in this reprobative grouping of sires. Home from the Hill (1960) There were two venal Vincente Minnelli patriarchs to choose from, neither of whom ...

Quezon’s Game: A Filipino Schindler’s List?

“Could I have done more?”

For a month, the link languished in my mailbox — I put off playing Quezon’s Game until the latest possible moment. Frankly, the thought of a Filipino Schindler’s List held about as much interest as ...

Dolittle: Robert Downey, Jr. goes down

Does a dragon even qualify as an animal?

It is with deep and abiding regret that we report the passing of Robert Downey, Jr. — one of the last of his generation of trailblazers — over to the dark side. Admittedly, the transition ...

The best and worst films of 2019

Scott Marks’ picks

Of the nearly 250 films I viewed in 2019, here are the front-runners and slopsuckers. For more on this year in film, visit the Big Screen. Favorites: 10.) Last Letter A romantic drama void of ...

Family movies with ghosts of cartoons past

Bigweld’s gatekeeper is a direct descendant of Frank Morgan’s sentry in The Wizard of Oz

This week’s goal was to find three films to unite families around the set that didn’t contain any references to Christmas. The first two came easy. For some crazy reason, I had it in my ...

The reign of Dag Hammarskjöld

Documentarian Mads Brügger is in it to monitor “the evil that white men do”

Where were you when you first learned of the death of Dag Hammarskjöld? For some, it will be wherever they’re reading this review. But at the time, his mere existence was viewed by some as ...