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Scott Marks
Scott Marks contributes to the Reader's movie section.

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My first Woody

A trio of early, funny Woody Allen movies

Celebrate Woody Allen’s 83rd birthday with a trio of early, funny movies What’s Up, Tiger Lily? (1966) My first Woody. At fourteen, a sickbed viewing induced enough laughter to swat the flu bug right out ...

Green Book: Share more, wag less

A feel-good charmer poised to rake in greenbacks and Oscar gold

Directed by one half of the Farrelly Brothers, Green Book isn’t content to simply smell like a Driving Miss Daisy. Yes, it’s a feel-good charmer poised to rake in greenbacks and Oscar gold. No, that ...

Pop song flick picks

Non-musicals all based on popular songs

This week’s @Home picks are a trio of non-musicals all based on popular songs. Alice’s Restaurant (1969) Arlo Guthrie’s ​17-plus-minute folk protest canticle is brought to the screen with sweet-sounding resonance by Arthur Penn (Bonnie ...

Last Letter: Iwai delivers

A romantic drama void of romance

Lovers of unrequited love, rejoice. There is enough handwritten romantic communication exchanged in Shunji Iwai’s deceptively uncomplicated romance Last Letter to fill a small post office branch. And no junk mail! Given that he has ...

Asian Film Festival opens this weekend

Three to see

At age 19, the Asian Film Festival shows no sign of slowing down. If anything, this could be the strongest lineup artistic director Brian Hu has assembled in many a year. What follows are a ...

The other side of Peter Bogdanovich

"I would like to see the complete Magnificent Ambersons."

Here's more of my talk with Peter Bogdanovich. From Buster Keaton the subject shifts to what chance, if any, we have of ever seeing Jerry Lewis' notorious concentration camp clown picture, his thoughts on The ...


There’s not another actor at work who could pull off this type of blood-spattered chicanery

We celebrate the blu-ray release of Mandy and look back on a pair of game-changing middle-period Nicolas Cage pictures guaranteed to give your eyeballs a workout. Mandy (2018) Lumberjack boy (Cage) meets artistically-inclined girl (Andrea ...

Bogdanovich boosts Buster

“I decided to show the work for which he was being celebrated. Always leave them laughing!”

Is it me, or has Landmark’s Ken Cinema become San Diego’s big screen answer to the A&E Biography channel? Truth be told, my adulation over Pick of the Litter was guided more by a love ...


Honestly, a television screen is not the ideal portal of introduction for this film

Streaming service Kanopy has teamed with the Goethe Institute to sponsor 48 films for the Wunderbar: A Celebration of German Films project. Visit throughout the month of October to watch any of the films ...

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