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Articles by Dryw Keltz

A Ship in the Woods

"It was a big step to do a full festival."

A Ship In the Woods is a creative collective that was founded in 2010. The original location was in the hills of Del Mar, but in 2015 the ship sailed to a property adjacent to ...

Donkeys' Disneyland trash album

Inspired by a notebook found in a garbage can

Longtime Donkeys Timothy Denardo, Anthony Lukens, and Sam Sprague have been visiting Disneyland together since they were kids. In early 2017, they added trash-picking to their theme park itinerary. “We were just in line at ...

James Supercave's San Diego roots

Big in LA, playing in SD

Don’t get rid of all the guitars - Andrés Villalobos grew-up in Chula Vista. He has memories his mothers “cleaning the house with Bee Gees just blaring in the kitchen.” The first show he ever ...

Spice Girls songs Sex Pistols-style

“We were all dressed up, we killed it, and they loved it."

“Sppike” Mike Muellenberg has been a musician in Southern California for nearly his entire life. He has played in bands for most of that time period, and knows first-hand how difficult it is to draw ...

Cursed Encinitas bluff

Another friendly developer bets 5.9 million

Early last fall, a developer named Weston Harmer hosted a meet-and-greet with neighbors who live adjacent to a bluff known as The Gateway to Encinitas. The property is just south of La Costa Avenue and ...

Miss New Buddha’s elder statesman

He played this role in the band Small Talk

Though their name was inspired by the title of the Bubba Sparxxx single “Ms. New Booty,” Miss New Buddha are a far cry from mid-2000s, sugar-shaker rap. Instead, the band traffics in a sound reminiscent ...

Andrew McKeag "sh!t-canned" upcoming shows

After he ate sh!t on a dirtbike

In early April, Andrew McKeag (Uncle Joe's Big Ol' Driver) was hanging out with some friends in Santa Paula. The crew were working on motorcycles all day, and, on a whim, decided to fire up ...

Have a seat on the Dusty Futon

Salty players who don't give a sh*t

Jon Gates had a lot of on-air practice while he was working as a producer on the Bob and Coe morning show on KGB 101.5. Outside of the studio, he developed a rapport with Tyler ...

Little Feat on Adams Avenue

Kind of like honky-tonkin'

Paul Barrere and Fred Tackett met at a Little Feat recording session in the mid-70s. Barrere was a full-time member of the band, and Tackett was a hot session musician. After Little Feat broke-up in ...

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