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How Baja's 16,000 squatters affect your Airbnb

"All homes that are foreclosed are invaded"

Skyline resident C. Valdez saw the January 12 news of the reported 16,000 abandoned homes in Baja California — with 4,000 in Tijuana — that are “invaded” and inhabited by squatters. “It’s a big problem ...

Baja 1000 mis-adventure for El Cajon father and son

"Rain and mud forced the transmission to work harder."

El Cajon residents Felipe Mojica and his 15-year-old son Gabriel agreed to speak with me before and throughout the six days (November 19-24) they worked on the annual Baja 1000 off-road race. “The race was ...

Mexican minimum wage raised to $6.50 a day

$9.79 a day near the border

On December 16, Mexican news outlets reported of a soon to be increase in minimum wage throughout Mexico. The National Commission of Minimum Wages (Conasami) created a new Economic Wage Zone for municipalities located within ...

Accident at Ensenada parade of lights

Patrons getting on boats piled up

“I was there at that time with my family and after we crossed the bridge,” said Martin G., “it was about 30 seconds after, when I heard it fall.” On the evening or Dec. 14, ...

Tijuana’s Cerveceria Insurgente has its brewery back — for now

Baja’s esteemed craft brewer survived with help of a hush hush taproom, and beer friends

On Wednesday, December 18, Tijuana craft brewer Cerveceria Insurgente resumed making beer in its Zona Rio brewery for the first time since October 5, when municipal authorities abruptly closed the property, reportedly at the behest ...

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