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Baja 1000 riders hit smoke

Dairy farm fire on the way to Ensenada

Baja 1000 racer Ryan Edwards was on his way down to Ensenada on Tuesday morning, November 13, when he had to pull over on the side of the Mexican Federal Highway 1D toll road — ...

The green turtles hang on

From the Gulf of Ulloa to south San Diego Bay

The Gulf of Ulloa is south/southeast of San Diego along the Pacific coast of the Baja peninsula. It is vibrant with sea life. Whales cruise and forage the gulf during annual migratory patterns; tuna, wahoo, ...

Mexico's capital of craft

Baja brewers cleaned up in national competition

Back in September, in what has become an autumn tradition, the Great American Beer Festival heaped loads of recognition upon the general greatness of San Diego beer. Area breweries claimed five golds en route to ...

Tie your key inside your shorts with the waistband string

Avoid smash and grabs in Bird Rock

Racheal posted a photo of a SUV with a broken passenger side window and a missing door handle on her social media — and warned her network: “Those who surf, please do not leave your ...

Inside, looking out at great whites

A non-scuba cage on Guadalupe Island

“When I told people what I was going to do,” said Chris Mannerino, “they would ask: “Do you have a death wish?”” On October 23, Mannerino, from Point Loma, couldn’t wait to swim with the ...

Booby traps set for Baja 1000 drivers

“You’re not going to have time to decipher between the GPS and the flags.”

On October 29, El Vigía, an Ensenada based news outlet, reported that Baja 1000 marker flags that will be guiding the race vehicles in less than two weeks — were compromised. The red SCORE flags ...

Baja 1000 fined $25K

Cactus destroyed in Valle de los Cirios

On October 11, El Vigía, an Ensenada based news outlet posted a story that was headlined “Suspenden carrera Baja 1000; multan a Score International,” which translates to: “The Baja 1000 race is suspended; Score International ...

The dirty martini of craft beer

Bitter Bros conjure Javier Plascencia's briny brew idea

I’ve heard brewers compare what they do to making soup, chili, or other kinds of cooking, but it’s not often you’ll hear a chef concur. “Brewers, they’re like cooks,” Javier Plascencia tells me, “they have ...

Devils in the Bay of Angels

Unsolved murder of gringos on the Sea of Cortez

Eddie has been traveling to Bahia de los Angeles for more than 40 years. He rents a home there. Like many other Americans who live part-time in Baja California, Eddie is mostly retired. He goes ...

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