Jacumba news and stories

You left water in the desert for illegals?

Most of plastic bottles left by volunteers are slashed

A Border Angels water drop near Jacumba in 109 degrees.

Party at the snakes' place

Rock in a rocky and snaky place

"We got any locals here?” one of the Widows asks to scattered whoops of recognition. “Thank you for coming out from under your rock.” Two hits on a snare drum and a brass crash. The ...

Boulder Park builder allegedly paid a buck a day

Imagine climbing the 30% grade to reach this outpost along an old emigrant trail

The sculptures of Boulder Park have amused and surprised people for more than 80 years. W.T. Ratcliffe, an unemployed engineer during the Depression years, carved the stone sculptures in the 1930s where the natural shapes ...

Jacumba really is out here

Everything about it oozes mystery and intrigue.

Jacumba is at the epicenter of an ongoing struggle for economic revival tempered by a grassroots commitment to natural preservation.

Near desert places

A changed Jacumba, the little towns of Highway 80, and the drama of Warner Springs

A Quiet Street and an Old Hotel He smeared my whole body and face with mineral oil and began rubbing it around with a machine that whined and felt warm. A cord led from his ...

Duo busted in Jacumba with pot and mushrooms

Border Patrol notices erratic driving…finds weed and psychedelics

Border Patrol agents arrested two men in a Volkswagen Jetta on suspicion of driving while intoxicated and possession of marijuana and psychedelic mushrooms, according to a January 22 release. Around 10 p.m. on the 21st, ...

Illegal border crosser rescued after 2+ hour search

A manhunt spanning two-and-a-half hours early Tuesday morning (July 9) resulted in the rescue by Border Patrol agents of a 28 year-old Mexican national who got lost trying to enter the United States illegally near ...

Spring Valley Lady Allegedly Faked Death to Avoid Jail

An East County woman who may have tried to fake her own death was sentenced September 14 to 18 months in federal prison for her role in smuggling undocumented immigrants through Jacumba Hot Springs. Rebecca ...

Jacumba Trusts the Naked Guy

An interview with “the Duke of Jacumba,” Dave Landman, in the dining room at his DeAnza Springs Nudist Resort. Not a stretch to say he owns Jacumba.

Tectonic Temple at Telemagica

“I have the habit of making seemingly insurmountable goals for myself,” says Joe Mousey, an art student, musician, and promoter who will be constructing a 20-foot-tall pyramid and six 4-foot pyramids for an upcoming outdoor ...

Boulder Park, Jacumba, California

Out on Route 8 east of San Diego stands the 70-foot Desert View Tower above Boulder Park in Jacumba. For three dollars I was allowed to climb the three-story stone tower that houses a museum ...

Jacumba Community United Methodist Church

Membership: 35 Pastor: Dan Meyer-Abbott Age: 59 Born: Glendale Formation: San Diego State University, San Diego; Claremont School of Theology, Claremont Ordained: 34 years San Diego Reader: How long do you spend writing your sermon? ...

Myer Valley in the Jacumba Wilderness

Have you ever driven down Interstate 8 east of Jacumba and, eyeing the immense boulder piles that rise on both sides, wondered what it would be like to clamber over them? Here’s your chance. Follow ...

Stay Away From Pinto Canyon

I found pictographs of Cabrillo's San Salvador east of Jacumba.

"There’s some petroglyphs over in Pinto Canyon," Frank said as he passed me on the trail. Frank Johnson, a handsome 75-year-old man, with flowing white hair and a superb knowledge of hiking trails, is something ...

Blue Angels Peak

Blue Angels Peak is the name of a prominent crag practically sitting on the border between California and Baja California, just east of the high-desert community of Jacumba. In fact, the summit of Blue Angels ...

Far Magic and Art

'Telemagica means 'far magic.' We're expanding as far as possible, to other planets, to other beings we can't see," says Kirk Roberts, cofounder of Telemagica, an annual arts-and-music festival in Jacumba. "For example, we needed ...

Ramble amid giant boulders and high-desert vegetation at Valley of the Moon in the Jacumba Mountains.

Strolling through the aptly named Valley of the Moon, you might think that a square-mile patch of Joshua Tree National Park has been magically transported there -- minus, of course, the famous Joshua trees. Ponderous ...

It Would Turn You To Toast

How they fought 2004 Campo fire

Pete Scully, a battalion chief for the California Department of Forestry's fire protection agency, stands next to his camper-shelled pickup truck at a Highway 94 turnoff east of where Campo Creek turns south into Mexico, ...

Best of 2000: Best View Of The Salton Sea

Desert Tower In-Ko-Pah Park Road, five miles east of Jacumba (619) 766-4612 You get no idea of the vast size of the "Biggest Puddle in the West" -- the Salton Sea -- until you see ...

Best of 2000: Best Border Hike (U.S. Side)

Blue Angels Peak, near Jacumba A peak labeled "Blue Angels" on government topographic maps of the California/Baja border region happens to be the highest point in California within six miles of the international border. The ...

Surreal landscapes of stacked boulders amaze hikers on a trek through Myer Valley near Jacumba.

Have you ever driven down Interstate 8 east of Jacumba and, eyeing the immense boulder piles that rise on both sides, wondered what it would be like to clamber over them? Here's your chance. Follow ...

Trek to the rocky summit of Blue Angels Peak near Jacumba.

East of Jacumba, pressed against the California-Baja California border, is a series of scenic peaks and valleys in the Jacumba Mountains affording vistas of two counties (San Diego and Imperial) and two nations. Although American ...

How They Ended Up In Jacumba

A look at a depressingly unloved border town down the road.

“Well, we don’t have cable TV out here, but we do have our tourists. It’s a much nicer lifestyle than Manhattan. I have friends who come out from New York, look around and say, Are you okay?’"

A Quiet Street and an Old Hotel

Jacumba is for sale once again.

Then, on top of Jacumba Peak, I rediscovered a time-worn gesture directed from one human being to all his fellows: There on a rock, painted in red, courtesy of the class of ‘79, was the ubiquitous finger.

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