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Lemon Grove Events

Karaoke Night

Dirk's Niteclub

Wednesday, January 22, 8 p.m.


Dirk's Niteclub

Friday, January 24, 8 p.m.

DJ Harvest

Dirk's Niteclub

Saturday, January 25, 8 p.m.
A Child's POV of the Nazis

A Child's POV of the Nazis

Lemon Grove Library

Saturday, January 25, 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Lemon Grove News & Stories

Rooster’s Railroad at the Sportsman’s Pub

“Thousand dollars. It’s a Ferrari”

“Gotta be nice now,” says Rooster. “This guy’s about to donate $5 to the cause. Me.” He’s kidding, of course. Can’t gamble on games in bars like this. We’re in the Sportsman’s Pub, Lemon Grove, ...

Lido’s Italian Foods are too classic to be pretty

A mid-century Italian restaurant survives, despite the times

When the server places a thick white ceramic plate on the table, it’s all but spilling over with a pile of spaghetti. The noodles, and the two racquetball size meatballs astride them, are so drenched ...

35 glimpses at Lemon Grove

Including the 1931 Lemon Grove Incident

1 On January 5, 1931, 75 Mexican-American children were expelled from the Lemon Grove Grammar School. By decree of the school board, the principal, Jerome Green, blocked the doorway, proto-George-Wallace style, telling the kids to ...

It's a deep fried world

Everything is crispy at this Lemon Grove fish and chips spot

They say the sun doesn’t set on the British empire, but what I think they really mean is there’s never a time of day that a British-styled pub isn’t open somewhere on the planet, serving ...

Lemon Grove Bakery needs customer chairs

But it can't have them

Lemon Grove Bakery looks the same - except for one thing. The open space in front of the display case is now missing the tables and chairs that customers used for chatting over coffee and ...

Lemon Grove Photos

Hidden Beauty in Lemon Grove

Amazing Lemon Grove church.

Lemon Grove, Ca.

Details from the awesome, amazing sign ...