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Lemon Grove councilman accused of drunken violence

Did David Arambula choke, bite, punch, and kick constituent?

Lemon Grove city councilmember David Arambula has been accused of hitting a constituent over the head with a beer bottle in a drunken rage. On Monday, March 5, the Lemon Grove City Council is expected ...

Copacabana clubbed

Music and passion aren't always the thing

Tara Cardenas ran an all-ages venue in Lemon Grove called Mesopotamia in the mid ’90s. Two decades later, her ongoing support of local music led her to open a bar featuring local bands. Her tenure ...

A second chance at Coop's chicken

Lemon Grove fried chicken counter returns from hiatus

I would spot Da Chicken Coop across the narrow parking lot as I approached Coop's West Texas BBQ. Both Lemon Grove restaurants are the work of namesake owner Bradrick "Coop" Cooper, which made me hesitate ...

Lemon Grove goes upscale

Giardino marks neighborhood’s entry into fine dining

Lemon Grove doesn’t get hyped as a dining destination like North Park or Little Italy, but it may be San Diego’s hole-in-the-wall capital. Foodies know that in between the chain restaurants are wonderful ma-and-pa type ...

Slow season but "we’re smoking 560 pounds”

Apple and cherry wood give a fruity flavor, pecan a nutty flavor

Hail to the chef! That’s what I’m thinking as Danny lowers two whole racks of pork ribs into the maws of his Smokaroma Bar-B-Q Boss. He says it’s a wood-fired pressure-cooker. No more fuming black ...

Lemon Grove Photos

Hidden Beauty in Lemon Grove

Amazing Lemon Grove church.

Lemon Grove, Ca.

Details from the awesome, amazing sign ...

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