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Del Mar, Solana Beach, Encinitas not giving up on red light cameras

El Cajon, Poway, Vista saw benefits, but chose to dump them

While other cities in San Diego have stopped using red light cameras, a photo enforcement tool meant to reduce accidents, Del Mar, Solana Beach and Encinitas, which installed the cameras in 2004, are keeping theirs. ...

Hearings near for Harvest Hills

Will the gardens, groves, boutique greenhouses prevent spread of wildfires?

After many delays, the final environmental impact report for Harvest Hills, a hard-fought, high-end housing proposal in rural Escondido, is expected as early as this month. In November, 23 environmental, climate and community groups sent ...

Puppy sales will go on March ballot in National City

But store owner willing to negotiate

National City voters will decide in March if a new ordinance banning the retail sale of dogs, cats and rabbits should be overturned. Like a state law that took effect this year, the city's ban ...

A Coronado dog park, on paper

City council tables alternatives to Dog Beach

Where is a good location for a dog park in Coronado? After years of discussion between city officials and the public, of workshops, a survey, 1,285 written comments and 230 markers placed on a map ...

Granny flat subsidies may not work – look at Encinitas

Gaspar says work on middle-income housing instead

San Diego isn't waiting around for proof that granny flats can fly. The state requires the county to add 171,688 housing units over the next decade, and small cottages can quickly tap infill in idle ...

No new North County sprawl has its consequences

Now you will have to drive down from Riverside

Where are the high paying jobs cropping up in San Diego? North County. And where are many of the big sprawl housing projects proposed? North County. The "two simple numbers" that really count in that ...

La Mesa approves 5G amid dissent

Radio frequency and the back-alley look

It's La Mesa's turn to tackle 5G, which might as well be the I-5 coming down their street, as some residents see it. To build the network, AT&T, Verizon and Crown Castle want quick and ...

Del Mar puts off sea rise plan

Not ready to move 600 homes inland

As Del Mar sees it, they've worked tirelessly to amend their local coastal plan to account for sea rise. Flooding, beach loss, and coastal bluff erosion were all considered, and the adaptation plan put into ...

Angelo's Towing contract to be tested by El Cajon

Michigan history looms in San Diego

Tow companies covet a spot on a city's police tow rotation list. The customers are always there. When a car is in an accident, a driver arrested, or registration has lapsed, it's often the police ...

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