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County supervisors face heat on 5G rules

They claim FCC ties their hands

On August 7, after months of meetings and tinkering with different plans for 5G regulations, county supervisors chose a path. The new rules will guide the placement of next generation technology in the unincorporated areas, ...

San Diego steams ahead with 5G installation

Trees may have to be removed

Last Tuesday, July 23, the San Diego City Council heard from critics, loud and clear, before voting to approve 5G guidelines. While the city touts its stealth designs, techno-blight isn't the only thing opponents care ...

Don't say retreat when talking about sea rise in California

Imperial Beach and Del Mar have taken that word off the table

Who knew back in 1977, when the Coastal Act was passed, that the sea would rise so quickly? Now, cities and the agency formed to protect the coastline, must deal with it - and with ...

Do Del Mar fair and racetrack workers count in state housing mandates?

The Scream Zone Scare actors are gone

Time is ticking, deadlines loom. Del Mar needed affordable housing yesterday, and they will need it tomorrow. The city has until 2021 to fulfill their low-income housing allocation for the current housing element. That's 12 ...

How China's National Sword policy affects San Diego recycling

Styrofoam cups included but not foam packing peanuts

The city of San Diego has approved two new curbside recycling contracts, and they come with a twist. In 2017, recycling brought in four million dollars. The following year, three million. This year it's down ...

Leucadia – funky no more

La Costa Ave. time capsule, changing Hwy. 101, insults to hippies, battle over stairway, a eucalyptus logger

La Costa Ave. missing time capsule found In the 1970s, Encinitas sheriff’s deputies would make the Leucadia rest area one of their first stops in their morning patrols, to kick out squatting hippies and camping ...

In time for summer, Imperial Beach sets rules for sidewalk vendors

Is anywhere off limits?

Summer means sidewalk sales. And now, starting this summer, even more sidewalk sales. In January, a state law took effect that makes it easier for street vendors, whether stationary or roaming, to hawk everything from ...

Will San Diego aquaculture bring back abalone?

Coastkeeper and local fishermen cast a wary eye

Port officials looking to expand local aquaculture heard some good news this month. A two-year project by federal scientists that mapped the potential for aquaculture in the U.S. found ample promise in San Diego. And ...

Seawall policy outdated says Coastal Commission

Encinitas and Solana Beach homes challenge rules

Even where public safety may be at risk, seawall applicants are in for a fight. Armoring the coast has become the equivalent of overprescribing antibiotics. "It's gonna get ugly," said Maricela Morales of the California ...

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