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Rolando – narrow streets, gentle curves

Secret steps, elementary school cut, 54th Street shortcut, mini-dorms, catwalks, speeders

Discover the "secret" steps and stairways of La Mesa and Rolando Some local stairways climb the palisades on the bay side of Point Loma, and others spill down the canyon slopes of Hillcrest. Noteworthy steps ...

Matthew Lickona and the Reader

San Diego wine and Porsche fans, Janet Flanner, Antiochian Orthodox church, Charger fans

Lickona has been at the Reader since 1995. He is the author of a couple of books (Swimming with Scapulars, Surfing with Mel), and his essays have appeared in places like The Awl,, and ...

Matt Potter and the Reader

Cheetah's strip club, Copley and Scripps families, Fotomat and Jack Kemp, Bruce Henderson and Chargers, Bali Hai, Kennedy assassination insider, UCSD Polyheme experiments, Bin Laden's brother

Matt Potter has been a staff writer and editor at the Reader since 1989. He reports on politics and local institutions such as the Union-Tribune, UCSD, SDSU, and the City and County of San Diego. ...

Don't let Linda Vista fool you

Skate World, Clairemont rivalry, Yum Yum Donut Shop, Morena Corridor, utopia in 1940s-50s

Butt out, Clairemont, says Linda Vista "I have a lot of respect for the Clairemont planning group and the other planning groups — they're citizens like us who are investing in their community," said Howard ...

Ernie Grimm and the Reader

Mailman's job, all kinds of balls, UCSD transgenderism, Baja surfing guide, Tijuana suicide meds, Gompers

Grimm was recruited by editor Judith Moore when he was a recent graduates from Thomas Aquinas College in 1995. Moore felt that he "would have learned humility" from reading the great books. After Moore died ...

Richard Louv and the Reader

Juvenile hall, Timothy Leary, Lee Hubbard, WWI vets, Mayor Wilson's aides, drive-in church, positive thinkers and New Agers convene

Louv wrote feature stories for the Reader in the 1970s before becoming a regular writer for the San Diego Union. Editor's picks of stories Louv wrote for the Reader:. Where the bad boys are Just ...

Julian – chock full of history

Hosking's Ranch, blessing box, badgers, Brian Kenner, Tom Nickel, volunteer fire dept., Mike Julian, windmills, logging, drought, Cauzza dairymen, orchards, poachers, Chariot Canyon Massacre

Appellate court turns back Hosking's fake cattle ranch Inhabitants of Julian who oppose the development of 1416 acres of local back country have a newfound victory to celebrate. An appellate court has reversed the decision ...

H.G. Reza and the Reader

Jamie Peters, MIA search in Vietnam, Lincoln High teacher suicide, treacherous Santiago Canyon, Afghani interpreter in El Cajon, 9-11 perpetrators in San Diego

H.G. Reza worked at the Los Angeles Times for 25 years, covering law enforcement and terrorism. Excerpts from stories Reza wrote for the Reader: The unsolved case of La Mesa's Jamie Peters Nearly 31 years ...

Moss Gropen and the Reader

Scripps Ranch's WWII history, para-mutuel clerks, Poway High wrestlers, Cactus Star Vineyard, San Diego piano bars

San Diego’s Secret Missile-Testing Sites The first time I ventured beyond the gate, it was padlocked, so I scrambled up and over a low dirt embankment to the left and kept running. Obviously, I told ...

Bankers Hill – riven by canyons

Early architecture, Moreton fig, lawyers hill, Maple Canyon, St. Paul's high-rise, canyon sediment, Olive Park, Quince St. bridge

Early San Diego architecture in Bankers Hill With two steep ravines spanned by quaint footbridges, scores of well-kept, historically significant homes, and mature landscaping, Banker's Hill is a monument to the elegance of the past. ...

Frank Chin and the Reader

Baja's Chinese, San Diego flamenco, I am the anti-Amy Tan, Cambodian and Laotian gangs

Author, playwright, and musician, Chin is considered a pioneer in Asian-American theater. Excerpts of stories Chin wrote for the Reader: Chinese hiding under a rock in Baja “When we get to Calexico, we’re hooking up ...

David Burge and the Reader

Grand pianos in San Diego, local ballet companies, local composers, San Diego Korean War vets

The New York Times called him "one of America’s important pianists," and his concerts were described as "an overwhelming experience" (Washington Post). Author of Twentieth Century Piano Music, Burge was the former director of the ...

Sorrento Valley – what little there is

Lost roads, The Corner House, fights with Mira Mesa, how to go south on 805

Lost roads of San Diego:Sorrento Rd., Smilax, Edelweis There was also once a Smilax Road in Sorrento Valley, one in a series of short roads named for local flora. It paralleled the railroad tracks on ...

Scott Sadil and the Reader

Fly fishing at Black's Beach, in Baja, hunting in Solana Beach, Gary Keating gives up on surfing, our garden on Fire Mountain Rd., raising cats, chickens

Sadil, who wrote for the Reader from 1985 through 1990, moved to Oregon, where he has taught in public high school and written books. Sadil’s Fly Tales: Lessons in Fly Fishing Like the Real Guys, ...

Phyllis Orrick and the Reader

U.S.Grant, Jr., Marguerite Henry, James Meredith, nuclear Coronado,

Orrick, one of founding members of the Baltimore City Paper, visited San Diego in the latter 1990s to write feature stories. Excerpts from stories Orrick wrote for the Reader: San Diego's least-remembered great man – ...

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