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Unexpected American influence in Tijuana

Baseball, school, journalism, rehab

Baja's tough-love drug rehab I’ve heard there are Americans down here kicking drugs the tough Mexican way, because the more coddling, more expensive American clinics didn’t work. As soon as you got out, you went ...

To farm in San Diego County

Avocados, marijuana, eggs, bees, ostriches, end of the farm

40 percent of U.S. avocados come from San Diego Alternate bearing is particularly pronounced in the Fuerte variety, and for this reason North County growers are increasingly planting the Hass. The Hass is a relatively ...

The Reader gets snarky

La Jolla's Bohemian rhapsody Isn’t that a little-known Renoir sitting there coyly in a comer all by itself? An unfamiliar one to be sure. but. well, there is the poppy field, and there is the ...

San Diego politics in a less cynical era

Maureen O'Connor, Si Casady, right-left rent control debate, Pueblo land, convention center, district elections

The Cinderella story of Maureen O'Connor Maureen’s twin, Mavoumeen, reacted to the idea dubiously. ‘‘Oh God, Maureen,” she told her sister. ‘‘We don’t know anything about government.” Yet Mavoumeen promised to think about it and ...

What San Diegans do with spare time

Jogging, sculpture, cooking, silverware collecting, electronic bulletin board, and ballet

Father of Fitness It is possible one or two other “lone nuts” might also have been jogging somewhere in the county back then. But he knew of none, and the common wisdom in 1948, he ...

Poignant San Diego stories

Big Bear stick-up, mother-son suicide, ousting of Eros, TJ children working, El Cajon Blvd scuz motels,Poway teen tweaker

Stick-up on Clairemont Mesa Boulevard Fear rolled in and swept away his jumble of thoughts. Derek forced calm upon himself. “He’s not going to hurt us if we cooperate. He only wants the money. He’ll ...

Now they're San Diego institutions

Ace Parking, San Diego Zoo, SDG&E, Padres, YMCA, and head shops

11/22/79 Ace parking 11/15/79 Zoo- Benirshke 11/8/79 SDGE tanks 2.5-81 YMCA* 4/17/80 Padres in Yuma* 9/6/79 head shops* Park there, pay here The management of parking lots has much to do with deterring cheaters. Ace ...

San Diego subcultures

Moonies, Asian refugees, boxing aspirants, craftsmen, Chabad Jews, future ballet dancers

Reverend Moon Wants You The van was ready to leave at exactly eleven o’clock. This time, the load was considerably smaller — just myself, two drivers, several cases of vegetables and other foodstuffs, and a ...

San Diego is better outside

Circus Vargas, Cleveland National Forest. tourmaline mines, Guadalupe Island, long hike with Marines, San Diego's landscape

With the greatest of ease Larry’s worst accident occurred when he hit the net wrong. It was two and a half years ago in East St. Louis. “The platform wasn’t positioned quite right and during ...

Little known San Diego history

The Marstons, movies, the earliest man, American TV from Mexico, North City West, and San Diego's most unusual neighborhood

The Marstons of San Diego In early 1974 he went to the city council and told them that he and his aunt, Mary Marston, would put up $10,000 to cover the cost of having an ...

San Diego characters 38 years ago

Raoul Marquis, Larry Remer, Ted Leitner, Ted Kastrubala, Highlander man, the man who started greyhound racing

Raoul Marquis – mayor of India Street Marquis was into the “penicillin culture’’ of theater, in which theater thrives on itself and expands; the more it is produced, the more it will be produced. And ...

San Diego institutions 38 years ago

NASSCO, San Diego Transit, Mira Mesa, smog, UCSD, National University

From one accident at NASSCO to another Nooner was standing in the stairwell. Nooner’s partner stood below him on the ladderlike stairs, ready to hand up any necessary tools. Unknown to the two men intent ...

Take a deep breath

San Diego's saddest stories, part II

The blood upon his hands In May of 1979, while he was a teaching assistant at UCSD’s drama department, he won the role of Agamemnon in Orestes! Orestes!, an adaptation of the ancient Greek tragedy. ...

What were Reader editors thinking?

Funny San Diego, part II

Men's summer swimsuit issue "I feel really good in a swimsuit. I could look better. I used to look a little better, more in shape. But then, you know, kids, job, the passage of time. ...

Read and weep

San Diego's saddest stories

A bump on the head could kill Chris O'Rourke One in three persons survives Hodgkin's disease, but O'Rourke's chances appear not to be that good, because his case was discovered in its advanced stages. he's ...

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