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Well, it's a job

Flower growers, waste managers, controlled burners, comic, old-time waitress, guy who likes bugs

Soil, water, light, and money “If you grow chrysanthemums in your garden, they’ll always bloom in the fall,” he explains. “Here we artificially manipulate them to make them bloom according to our schedule. Our biggest ...

Off the beaten path

Early online chatters, UFO seers, TJ AIDS activists, Makeda Cheatom, women bodybuilders, homeschoolers

Members of the Keyboard Nash and I and some 3000 other people subscribe ($8 per month, $3 per hour) to The WELL, a four-year-old computer conferencing system. Such a system permits an individual to sit ...

On San Diego's mind in early 80s

Airport re-location, Lake Murray drying up, Tijuana factories, newspaper reporters becoming flaks

Miscellaneous 9-9-18 8/13-81 airport locating 9-24-81 Hydrilla at Lake Murray* 9-17-81 Maquilas* 5-20-82 reporters become flaks 1-26-84 Calif Conservation Corps 9-4-86 Boy scouts There's trouble down the runway “For the runways alone you need a ...

Unique San Diego people

Lefty Adler, Jerry Herrera, Jack Orr, two Russian emigres, the king of Moonlight Beach

You are looking at a free man “The sea boundary of the Soviet Union in the Far East was known to me. I knew that . . . Japan is far, and North Korea extradites ...

So Eighties

Long arm of the FBI, plastic surgery, behind scenes at San Diego Rep, San Ysidro as step-child, UCSD artists against art, bizarre churches of San Diego

The long arm of ABSCAM reaches San Diego At 5:15 the morning after his return to San Diego, the phone rang in Gulve’s home. At the other end of the line the emir’s familiar voice ...

Personal stories from 30 years ago

Staying the night at rescue mission, jumping from S.D. tall buildings, crazy friend, marrying for joke, Zen Buddhists, suddenly rich

Gimme shelter: all this for a cot and a meal Someone wrapped a newspaper around one ceiling light fixture to dim the glare. I took a top bunk. Removed my hat and sneakers, otherwise stretched ...

San Diego disparate but interesting characters

Gary Puckett, Willie Morrow, Father Luis Jaime, Herb Klein, dangerous women

The short career of Gary Puckett and the Union Gap It was the following spring that Puckett and his band reached the pinnacle. “Young Girl,” written by Jerry Fuller, was released in February of 1968 ...

Crime in 1980s San Diego

Bookmaking, porn, murder, car theft

P.S., your car is gone “Our guy finds [another] wrecked Datsun 4X4 in a junkyard, changes over all the numbers from it to the one he found in the canyon. But when he took it ...

San Diego's ideal jobs

Pawnbroker, assistant vet, travel writer, teacher, home construction consultant, pastry chef

Watches and rings and people and things Pawning, generally, is something other than a lopsided contest between loansharks and the destitute. Most of Smith’s customers, he says ninety percent of them, come back to redeem ...

San Diego characters not to forget

Jack Jocoy, Raquel Martinez, Denise Carabet, Fred Schnaubelt, Ray Huffman, Kile Morgan

Del Mar's horse vet Jack Jocoy has seen it all With that big break — caring for a Derby winner — Jocoy’s career began to soar, other trainers reasoning that if Jocoy took care of ...

Stories you won't read outside of San Diego

Our water sources, Mission Valley flooding, both sides of tuna, who sold our land, sailors on liberty

Not with a flood but with a trickle The city’s per capita consumption of 192 gallons a day in fiscal 1981 is well above the national average of 170. Every day 17 million gallons of ...

San Diego's true altruists

Pop Murphy, Alex Landon, public defenders, Life Flight pilots, Sister Maggie Yee, Albert Arffmann

The last chance “I want the doctors to put me to sleep,” says Albert in a disturbing monotone. Necochea wants to know where Albert is, who is with him, and whether he is on drugs. ...

San Diegans' poignant stories

Farmworkers, poor kids in Southeast, short people, Indian family tragedy, street kids

Fear, sweat, and profit By the time the caravan once again pulled out onto Black Mountain Road, only twenty-seven Mexicans had been captured — fewer than, two per agent. But it was still early in ...

More San Diego institutions

People's Food, SD Historical Society, Catholic diocese, Elon swimsuits, Pacific Comics, San Pasqual wine

Absolutely no preservatives One by one the activists have left and the countercultural landmarks have passed away: the OB Rag, the OB Free School, the Community School. The Left Bank, once a cauldron of leftist ...

Adventures you may be glad you only read about

Blueback sub duty, extreme bicycling, wildfire, smuggling into Poland, smuggling from TJ, mystery of the Gypsy Song

Aboard the Blueback "Our people need to know what the bad guys are going to sound like — if they ever become bad guys .... Excuse me,” Fargo says suddenly. “Chief, do you smell smoke?” ...

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