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What Windansea surfers said about Tom Wolfe

This was 1973, eight years after his visit and story

The following story appeared in the July 19, 1973 Reader. Tom Wolfe died a week ago, May 14, in New York City. Beach People say old surfers never die. They dry up like some sunbaked ...

Local surfing hall of fame

Morey, Preisendorfer, Frye, O'Rourke, Doyle, Noisat, Freeth, Ekstrom, Gordon/Smith

Tom Morey In the beginning Morey and Faivor sold the Boogie Board through ads in surfing magazines, mail order, cash in advance. The money that came in with the first orders enabled them to buy ...

San Diego's cowboys — a varied lot

Largest rancher, last vaquero, rodeo ropers, cowboy songs, Tijuana River stables, rustlers in Pine Valley, the Cauzzas of Julian

Cowboys, cattle, and time Jim Kemp is the largest cattle rancher in San Diego County, but the few thousand animals he keeps in the East County are only a whisper of the huge herds that ...

San Diego's political animals

Maureen O'Connor, Pete Wilson, Ernie Hahn, Larry Stirling, and SDG&E

The vote is in the mail “Willie Brown is my number-one customer in politics, but I’m a Republican through and through. I’m also a businessman with 45 families to feed, and I think that anyone ...

High drama in the Reader

Rescue near Palomar Mtn., behind the lines in South Africa and Mission Beach, mother killer, gallbladder surgery, and San Diego's toughest cop

The unlikely rescue Shane heard a noise and stopped. It was a voice, unintelligible. Mike stopped too. “Tony!” they called together. They heard an answer and followed it up to where the hunter had come ...

More San Diegans who suffer

The difficulty of asthma, drugs in prison, gangs and the Holocaust, divorce court, VA patients, Felony Arraignment

Breathless I woke Barbara, my girlfriend. She had never seen a major asthma attack before; I knew that it would probably be more frightening for her than for me. From the outside, the sufferer of ...

San Diegans who suffer

Men who hit wives, San Quentin inmate, castrated man, military wives

Why men hit their wives "She was following me around the house nagging, shrieking. You could have heard her a mile away. I was going, ‘What do you want from me?’ She stood in front ...

More of most original Reader stories from early 90s

A confab of singles advisors, deepest Africa, and frying eggs on Phoenix sidewalk

Phoenix without apologies The heat is horrible — that’s why we went there, to find out, first hand, why half of Phoenix seems to descend upon San Diego in the summertime. But Phoenicians can cope, ...

How San Diegans use their spare time

Racing pigeons, tasting wine, writing romance novels, carrying concealed guns, dancing to country music

If God didn't love pigeons, He wouldn't have given them wings In the 45 minutes it took to get from Solana Beach to San Diego, he presented an overview of the history of homing pigeons, ...

Editor's picks from early 90s

Iranians on Girard, gonzo tourist, stealing employees, Budd Boetticher in Ramona

Slabs of Persia “We succeed, like the Koreans, because of the indestructible family unit, which makes a certain kind of economic growth possible. Take the carpet shops. Without families they’d disappear. But carpet stores keep ...

Stories you should not have missed

Valedictorians after 20 years, Chicanas, revenge, how New Yorkers see us, an Elvis sighting in Escondido

Valedictorians twenty years later “Probably most people who have kids would say that their ultimate thing would have something to do with their kids. But if you don’t have kids, you really have to think ...

Chinese land in Ensenada, get tossed out

Plus — sketchy trailer park, Mexican gamblers, TJ morgue, lucha libre, what Mexican maids really think

Brief Eden We didn’t see too much of the man in trailer number eight, who was supposed to be a Federale, except for the times when he would step out onto his wooden deck and ...

Colonia Rubi hides unusual artist

Plus tough drug rehab, TJ's Jews, gringos living on Baja beach, The Loud Adios, Mexican bull breeding

Baja's tough-love drug rehab “My best friend’s parents paid $10,000 to send him to a place in Arizona, which he went to for a month. He came back, and the next day he woke up ...

Secret San Diego arts

Art restoration, stonecutting, gourmet cooking, men's fashion, fireworks, and art realist David Baze

Balboa Park museums do surgery on masterpieces “At this point, I have removed the old discolored varnish and the old inpainting that no longer matched, but there is a residual varnish down within the interstices ...

Jobs more interesting than you thought

San Diego beekeepers, grape growers, ostrich raisers, hotline operators, apartment owners, and hotel union organizer

The cumulative hiss of thousands of wings In some years, when the desert flowers are blooming, Alan Mikolich takes his bees into the Borrego desert. But the heat can be a problem. He sets out ...

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