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Golden Hill – slowly gentrifying

City Mark, Victorian homes, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Big Kitchen

19 townhomes at 32nd and C instead of park The largest undeveloped parcel in Golden Hill, once considered by the Greater Golden Hill Planning Committee as a top choice for a neighborhood park, is now ...

Best Reader stories from 2006

Border angels, Voice and Viewpoint owner's murder, homeless friend David Ross, abduction at Club Campestre

Border angels I wanted to learn about a group called Border Angels that, among other things, sets out water in the desert areas of the 66-mile San Diego sector. Usually, gallon bottles of water are ...

Best Reader stories from 2005

Slab City, Eleanor Widmer, UCSD and polyheme, J. David scandal, Reader writers write about school and about Mom

Salvation Mountain The Slabs are Slab City, three miles east of Niland, between the sultry Salton Sea and the Chocolate Mountains. Years ago the concrete slabs supported the barracks of Camp Dunlap, where General George ...

San Diego love stories

Engagement at Padres infield, wedding with Schubert march, widow's plea to dead husband, Reader writer marries celebrity in Las Vegas

Why Knot? Randy said that some years ago he bought a thirty-foot trimaran, intending to sail it to the South Pacific. “Now we’re going to fly to the South Pacific on our second anniversary,’’ said ...

Lakeside – not rednecks

El Monte sand mine, Barona Indians, Lakeside River Park, loser's guide to Lakeside

Lakeside turns out “I don’t know if you noticed, but the whole town of Lakeside is here,” said local resident Barbara Sessions, pointing to over 500 people who recently filled up a 250-seat room at ...

Best Reader stories from 2004

Emergency helicopters, early San Diego restaurant food, most beautiful light, Tim LaHaye, men's swimsuit issue, Padres' first opening day

San Diego restaurant food in late 19th and early 20th centuries For breakfast in the U.S. Grant's dining room, one might come down the wide carpeted stairs and order Stewed Prunes, Fried Cornmeal Mush, Sauerkraut ...

Best Reader stories from 2003

P.B Rec Center, Marilyn Monroe, North County sex slaves, Christian cowboys, Mark Twain's daughter, Bataan Death March survivors

The white mask On Saturday, September 6, 1958, Marilyn Monroe and the 175-person company of Some Like It Hot arrived at the Hotel del Coronado to begin location shots, after filming in Hollywood the previous ...

Mira Mesa – what there is to love

Casa Mira View, Caltrans plans, local deer, temperature, large cylinders on hill, most wretched part of San Diego

Mira Mesa braces for mega population growth The decades-old Vulcan mining operation on nearly 300 acres of Carroll Canyon will be a huge housing project if developers' lobbying efforts are successful. Bordered by Mira Mesa ...

Best Reader stories from 2002

Normal Heights, TJ morgue, Dad's in Poway, Waldorf School, bird atlas, Cheetah's, tugboats

He's sad for ships DeRosset doesn’t speak abstractly about his work. He’s a storyteller. “What’s really nice,” he told me before I’d had a chance to see the painting at the church, “is that I’ve ...

Best Reader stories from 2001

9-11 reactions, Casey Gwinn vs. Don Bauder, people of color setting in San Diego, those who married rich, San Diego 100 years ago

How San Diegans reacted to 9-11 “Where were you when the World Trade Center was hit?” “At home.” “And you happened to have the TV on?” “No, my little sister called. She woke me up ...

University Heights – upwardly mobile

Red Fox, boundary fights, Adams Recreation Center, Vermont Street Bridge, Uptown Planners, ostriches

Forced out but not outfoxed One of the oldest restaurants in San Diego, going back to the 1950s, is The Red Fox Steakhouse and Piano Bar on El Cajon Boulevard in the historic Lafayette Hotel. ...

Best Reader stories from 2000

Penasquitos teens in big trouble, Stephen Facciola, Olive Street, Cameron Crowe, Lester Bangs, San Diego Chinatown, Padres and the Mob

Rancho Peñasquitos boys, charged with hate crime The teenagers shot at Roman from the Subaru with the BB gun during three or four passes. They took turns shooting at him as they drove by, but ...

Best Reader stories from 1999

Jesse Ventura, La Costa, amateur astronomers, beachside dwellers, TJ poets, father of jogging, Andrew Cunanan, Bompensiero, kidnapped at Coronado Cays

Was Jesse Ventura a SEAL or a UDT guy? Well, I thought, Jesse certainly looks and sounds like many SEALs I’d known during my 16 years in the Teams. But I’d never known or even ...

African American and in San Diego

Sherley Anne Williams, Growing up Negro in San Diego, black Muslims, where people of color settled in San Diego, black memory market, acting black

Raised not to hope too hard Sherley Anne Williams was delighted when the New York Times listed her novel on its recommended reading list. The book had gone into a third printing, and her publisher ...

Best Reader stories from 1998

Baja rock art, Broderick in jail, Alan Bersin, San Diego's orphanage, U.S, Grant Jr., top ten San Diego high schools, Porsche owners, Okies

My very beloved Chanita San Francisco, Nov. 4, 1863 It has been twelve years since we were married and I have been reminiscing about you and the wedding. Do you remember how chiflada (scatterbrained) you ...

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