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Scripps Ranch – starter homes

Scripps Trail, bus service, nay-sayers, fight against WalMart, secret missile testing, view from Mira Mesa, USIU, a mooning incident

Good intentions behind paving of Scripps Trail Claudia Walker's family bought a home on the 10400 block of the street, a quiet, neatly manicured tract in Scripps Ranch near where the northeastern edge of the ...

Justin Wolff and the Reader

Yukon, San Diego goths, Ridout Plastics, Russian brides, Hunter Thompson, beautiful urinals, Lescaux, pisser clams, Padres, duct tape, bad fads, ghost towns, Charles Manson, killer surf sites

Son of Geoffrey Wolff, Justin wrote feature stories plus a weekly column on unusual websites (Sightseer) for the Reader from 1997 to 2006. Editor's picks of stories Wolff wrote for the Reader: Feature stories Does ...

Allan Peterson and the Reader

The story of I-15, what DNA tells us, San Diego freeway landscaping, Old Town man tells of WWII massacre, San Marcos schools, men and their frisbees

Allan Peterson wrote feature stories for the Reader from 1994 through 1999, and again in 2013. Editor's picks of stories Peterson wrote for the Reader: Scavengers find their niches on I-15 I-15 is the highway ...

Mayor O'Connor, Union-Tribune owner, McDonald's heiress on Today show

When women ruled San Diego – 30 years ago

The following comes from a Reader story published on June 1, 1989. It's ten minutes before one o'clock, Thursday afternoon. The crew of the Today show is in Seaport Village about to begin taping a ...

Leucadia – funky no more

La Costa Ave. time capsule, changing Hwy. 101, insults to hippies, battle over stairway, a eucalyptus logger

La Costa Ave. missing time capsule found In the 1970s, Encinitas sheriff’s deputies would make the Leucadia rest area one of their first stops in their morning patrols, to kick out squatting hippies and camping ...

Stephen Meyer and the Reader

Mary Alice Hill, the Butcher Shop, Ron Mix, USIU, Gagosian mansion, Barrio Logan trouble, UCSD Med School, SD Historical Society origins

Stephen Meyer wrote for the Reader from 1984 through 1987. Editor's picks of stories Meyer wrote: You can run but you cannot hide (at least not in Tijuana) When two Mexican police officers and two ...

Tom Larson and the Reader

Seagulls, Nathanael West, pit bulls, poor babies, child loss

How Larson came to write for the Reader: I have written before about how the brilliant literary editor, Judith Moore, who died in 2006, encouraged my submissions to the Reader and brought me into the ...

Eastlake – growing pains

Larger than Chula Vista, Otay Water District, foreclosures, South Bay Expressway, Eastlake as prison

Peace east of Eastlake It was inevitable that there would be development. The Olympic Training Center sits on land donated by Eastlake, the sprawling development to its immediate west. Every time I pass through Eastlake, ...

Mark Orwoll and the Reader

Raoul Marquis, the face of Highlander, PB Surfer Motel attacked, San Ysidro border agents, PSA airline, NASSCO accidents, Chesapeake Fish Co., Baptist commune

Mark Orwoll, international editor for Travel+Leisure magazine, wrote for the Reader in the 1970s and 1980s. Editor's picks of stories Orwoll wrote for the Reader: Raoul Marquis – mayor of India Street People criticize Raoul ...

Mani Mir and the Reader

George Mitrovich, Sandra Dijkstra, Mission Hills book club, Andy Lakey, Clifford Newman, Psychotic Waltz

Mir was gifted writer invited to come from Berkeley to San Diego by Judith Moore. He wrote feature stories in the late 1980s and 1990s for the Reader. Editor's picks of stories Mir wrote for ...

Bay Park – around long before Clairemont

60-foot height limit, Seisel's, Poseidon Project, Coastal Trailer Villa, trashcans destroyed

Red balloon sent up in Bay Park "I am against high density,” says Johnson. “I think it’s wrong. I'm very unhappy with the way that this is going. We don't need more people [here]. That's ...

Jangchup Phelgyal and the Reader

Olive Street, Jonestown, San Diego black activists, Sherley Williams, the blind, the fat, the author's family

Born Hawkins Mitchell in Southeast San Diego and sent to St. Augustine High School, he was a Wallace Stegner fellow at Stanford. He began writing feature stories for the Reader at the urging of Judith ...

Peter Jensen and the Reader

Pat Welsh, Cliff May, Russell Forester, pick-up b-ball, San Diego's alleys, libraries, courtyards, bridges, towers, signs, stucco, 100-year-old buildings

A prolific writer for Sunset magazine, Jensen has authored books on San Diego and California. He wrote stories on local architecture for the Reader in the mid-1990s. Pat Welsh, the Julia Child of Gardening At ...

Del Cerro – in the shadow of Adobe Falls

Graffiti and trespassers at the falls, 60s homes, Junk House, college housing, Seussian trees

Adobe Falls lovers pin hopes on Sally Roush Frost spoke of a “battle against the internet,” which continues to draw people to the area. “As of this morning, there were 7132 Instagram pictures of Adobe ...

Jeanne Schinto and the Reader

Copley fire sale, Kate Sessions, hackers, Wizard of Oz, Coronado's carriers, San Diego birds surveyed, perfect tiki, Bataan Death March, Arthur Ollman, James Hubbell, San Diego audiophiles

From 1998 to 2004, Schinto wrote feature stories for the Reader. Editor's picks of Schinto's stories: Auction of the Copley Library Someone paid $5313 for an Abigail Adams thank-you note. Another bidder spent $7500 for ...

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