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Hot 42 years ago

Reader's fourth annual guide to San DIego

1976 San Diego guide to where to park Downtown, State College area, beaches, La Jolla 1976 San Diego guide to Navy slang Bulkhead, cum shaw, head, jarhead, u-trou, Z-gram 1976 San Diego guide to surfer ...

Hot 43 years ago

Reader's third annual guide to San Diego

1975 San Diego guide to greasy spoons Moon Cafe, Sun Cafe , Lucky's Lees – compared to U.S. Grant and Denny's 1975 San Diego guide to everything posh Westgate, Hotel Del, Scripps Clinic, Del Cerro ...

Hot 44 years ago

Reader's 1974 guide to San Diego

1974 San Diego guide to sports lessons Softball, Volleyball, Basketball, Slow Pitch, Three-Pitch, Physical Fitness and Jogging 1974 San Diego guide to longest bus rides From La Jolla to the border 1974 San Diego guide ...

What was thought hot 45 years ago

Reader guide to San Diego 1973

1973 San Diego guide to San Diego guidebooks What Neil Morgan never told you. 1973 San Diego guide to the San Diego Reader Who are these people? 1973 San Diego guide to cheesecake Supermarket, specialty ...

San Diego voices more than 40 years ago

High society, marijuana advocates, Zumwalt's Navy, downtown and Mt. Helix developers, condo conversion freak-out

How easy it is to penetrate San Diego high society Being a Marston or a Burnham is surely a social plus, but not being one won’t be held against you.“They don’t reach out to newcomers; ...

Some things in San Diego will never be the same

YMCA, Lawrence Welk Village, Folk Arts, community T.V., Del Mar racetrack, San Diego Rowing Club

A nice clean place for a lonely sailor The U.S.O.’s new, clean building and its superior organizational skills seem to give it an overwhelming advantage over the Y. The Y seems old and pockmarked by ...

San Diego politics in the 1970s

Colleen O'Connor, Bob Wilson, libertarians, Jim Ellis, Tom Hayden

Could SeaWorld buy a San Diego council seat? Ellis maintains a belief in a floor space ratio requirement rather than strict height limitation. “What good would it have done to restrict buildings on the east ...

Aren't you glad you weren't alive in the 70s

New Age confab, drive-in church, folk music, the bump, and computer dating as it was

For women only Ms. Hernandez has not spent her whole life in this Las Hermanas setting. Her lifestyles have run the gamut from three houses and an engineer husband to the women's collective where she ...

The San Diego animals worth watching for

Dolphins, wild pets, migrating birds, DDT and local pelicans, local sharks, impounded dogs, the difference between man and beasts

How much is that bobcat in the window? “And if these animals are so happy and so tame, then why are they kept in cages?" asks Martha Hall, who runs a wildlife rescue center in ...

Life on the edge in San Diego

Rescue mission, bounty hunters, boat live-aboards, runaways, process servers, knights in Balboa Park

Rescue mission After supper we lined up by bed number and were marched upstairs where we stripped, stepped under a scalding hot shower for a few seconds, and climbed into our nightgowns. I got a ...

How San Diegans spend free time

Motorcycles, girl beauty contests, bingo, painting vans, polo, fox hunting

Heck on wheels Of the large registered bikes, an unspecified number belong to “outlaw" clubs, the local variants of which include the Hell’s Angels, the Mongols, the Axemen, and the semi-outlaw Nuggets. There are also ...

Less lying by politicians 40 years ago?

Pete Wilson, Roger Hedgecock, Maureen O'Connor, Lee Hubbard, Ann Watson, North City West

Thorn in the mayor's side When Hubbard and Wilson squared off in the 1974 mayoral campaign. Hubbard's big donors were land developers. construction engineers, realtors, building material suppliers, and builders: Wilson's contributors were primarily business ...

Maybe not the career you were looking for

Coffin sales, animal stuffing, security guard, used cars, detective, border agent

Sales of a death man “You bet it’s an emotional decision. I wouldn't want to argue that for a minute. But you tell me how much emotion you’re going to feel when you see the ...

You wouldn't have imagined these Reader stories

Tic Tac Dough contestant, concert ticket scam, Hare Krishnas, how pound kills Fido, writing porn, fixing knees

Just grin and hit the buzzer The group of twenty-nine had been narrowed down to eighteen, she said, and she thought the chances of our all getting on were now excellent. We had to do ...

San Diego character studies

John D'Acquisto, George Walker Smith, Joe Breedlove, SD chefs, Mike Stamm, the ultimate freeloader

Let's see that fastball again “I'd be out on the mound during a game and I’d throw a pitch that would make me wince. Someone would come over to ask if everything was all right, ...

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