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Hidden San Diego

Mystery writers Wade, Miller, Kuhlken, early homosex politics, Chicano MacArthur winner, Britannica in La Jolla, on board with Michael Reagan

A raw, wild, reckless San Diego In 1947 competitors would have included Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler. If comparisons are to be made Wade and Miller’s crime novels are much more like Hammett’s in their ...

San Diegans who got religion

California Jews struggle, Mother Teresa and TJ, Faith Chapel, Eckankar, Yogananda, Bishop McKinney

California Jew returns to the source He began to read anything and everything he could about religion and religious experience, books by Hindus, Catholics, Jews, and Moslems, books of Western and non-Westem cosmology; books by ...

What counted as scandals in 1990s

Children's Hospital, the New River, Spanish Village, the Chargers ticket guarantee

Children's Hospital gave AIDS to hemophiliacs So even after talking with Hartman, I still cannot get a date for when my sons were first tested. The only thing that I have in concrete, from Steven’s ...

Lovers Lane

Baseball field proposal, meeting on Mira Mesa Bl., I Love You at Buffalo Joe’s, meeting the ex at E Street Alley, bowling at Palomar Lanes, poem at La Jolla Shores, and orange toe ring from Target

Some Women You Want to Hate Lt. Weinpel knew Ms. Smith was the girl for him. “From then on, it was just a matter of how am I going to finance the ring?” The lieutenant, ...

Reader stories from 1995

Drums, cholas, hospice care, Eckankar, French school, gangs, Michael Reagan, Bishop McKinney, Orchids and Onions

Orchids and Onions — 20 years later “You could actually turn off Highway 80 at various points and go to the farms. Mission Valley Center was the one thing that changed the whole character of ...

Southern neighbors — Tijuana culture and history

Mexican Revolution next door, architecture, slang, poets, books about TJ

TeeJay — Back To The Way It Used To Be At Cali-Max, T-bone steaks were selling for 90 cents a pound, compared to American prices of about $1.88. Filet mignon, when bought uncut, costs around ...

Most popular Reader stories of 2017

Porn and Jehovah's Witnesses top the headlines

San Diego's Porn Studios Fourteen women, ranging in age from 18 through 22, including one still in high school, may have felt like stars when they walked into the Hard Rock Hotel and the Kimptbn's ...

Stories from winter and spring, 1997

Beekeeping quirks, life as castrated man, Army-Navy Academy without blinders, serious wine drinkers, the dissection of paintings at Balboa Park

San Diego beekeepers know all the flowering plants One time, Mikolich says, he got a call from a friend, a commercial beekeeper whose helper had driven a truckload of hives off a road and then ...

What Matthew Alice found interesting in San Diego

Swiss army knife HQ, Reader T-shirts, the real Saint Diego, Torrey Pines coal mining, tallest building, why so few sea shells

Why locals mis-pronounce Garnet P.B.’s OGs (original gentry) pronounced the name as it should be, like the jewel, “GARnet.” Because they witnessed the name-change, they recognized that the street was part of a series of ...

Tip of My Tongue — deep food stories

Grape leaves, roasting hens, tortillas, pork, avocados, epazote

No Mexican food without epazote When I finish cutting back my epazote, I can’t get the smell off my hands. It reminds me of a friend who, while living in rural Mexico, once purged herself ...

Reader stories from summer of '97

Chargers ticket guarantee, cheerleaders, TJ Jews, the Renegade rednecks, San Diego fireworks oddities, apartment owners sound off

Bruce Henderson— stadium prophet "Every time they raise ticket prices it gives them more and more money to do what? To buy what they hope is a better and better team. The council will have ...

Southern neighbors — business and politics of Tijuana

Baseball south of border, Caliente racetrack and the infamous Hank family, Baby Rock, Bob's Big Boy, early risers at Club Campestre, TJ Cultural Center

The Sport with No Clock Mexican baseball, like the Mexican economy, is just a half-step ahead of the creditors. The precipitous decline of the peso against the dollar has virtually destroyed the league’s ability to ...

Turn-of-the-century websites — still kicking

Prison penpals, ghost towns, rabbit nuts, Ayn Rand, duct tape, Padres, Russian subs for sale, Lescaux caves, Esperanto, urinals, Hunter Thompson, Russian brides, Ridout Plastics

San Diego's spiritualists battle local scientists San Diego is a logical venue for disputes over the paranormal: it is home to alternative lifestylers and first-rate science and research institutions. The landscape of the region also ...

Straight from the Hip — editor's picks

Useless parts of sports jacket, corpse buried under SD freeway, Disney animals with three fingers, men's jockey shorts

Useless parts of a sports jacket If you like your explanations tidy and tasteful, then the buttons are vestigial decorations, a sort of fashion appendix, left over from the days when wealthy men buttoned tight-fitting ...

Turn-of-the-century websites — R.I.P.

San Diego Polo Club, Charles Manson, Gulf War blog, pisser clams, CyberSleuths — all gone

Cars that are lemons The assumption that most of us bring to the table when buying or selling a car, new or used, is that we will be defrauded, which is usually the case. One ...

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