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Work lunches without waistband expansion

"It's full of protein and it doesn't give him the afternoon nappies."

My love Patrick, after a few years of working at home, got called back to work in the office a few weeks ago. He immediately started blowing our budget (and his waistline) buying lunches at ...

Summer Camp

A little less time curating their lives online

You love your children. You want them to grow up into happy, healthy adults. But you want them to savor their precious childhood. You want to give them opportunities to develop skills and interests. But ...

Baseball, basketball, golf, fencing, surfing


Padres Baseball Camps locations around San Diego Aspiring Babe Ruths take heed, Padres Baseball Camps will be running weekly from June 18 through August 10, (except the week of July 4th) at locations around San ...

Rock music, theater, studio art, ballet, cooking

Arts and performance

School of Rock San Diego 2850 Womble Road Liberty Station The School of Rock San Diego offers weeklong day camps throughout the summer to help children bring out their inner Dewey Finn (Jack Black’s character ...

Debate, French, coding, leadership, science, and the marine word


SEACAMP Fiesta Island Road Mission Bay Park SEACAMP San Diego is a residential camp for budding marine scientists from 7th through 12th grade. Camp sessions run from Saturdays through Thursdays starting June though August 9. ...

YMCA, Outpost, Camp Kroc, Camp Stevens, Camp Kesem

Outdoors and activities

YMCA Raintree Ranch 2315 Frisius Drive Julian YMCA Raintree Ranch, located in the mountains of Julian, offers weeklong overnight camps for kids age 9 through 16, filled with horses, swimming, canoeing, archery, hikes, and campfires. ...

When teens (and tiger moms) panic over the SAT

SAT prep for all budgets

My high school junior daughter came home from class all in a panic over college admission testing and what kind of prep was needed. I told her I would get right on it. I contacted ...

Easter cakes

"Cinnamon coffee cake with crumble topping I would eat every day if I could."

“Do not abandon yourselves to despair. We are the Easter people and Hallelujah is our song.” A Polish megastar Pope said this once. It’s speaking to me rather poignantly these days. After one heck of ...

Clean up after your dog!

Utensils and services that pick up pet poo

My friend Katie paid a visit and brought her beautiful golden retriever Molly — who, confided Katie upon arriving, “leaves mountains of poop. Let me know if you see any in your yard, and I’ll ...

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