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A slightly complicated Fourth

“I am bringing sweet fruity kabobs. And yes, they will be kitschy.”

We will be having a big Fourth of July party at our house this year. But we’re going to start the day before: Tuesday, July 3rd, at the 130th annual Independence Day celebration with fireworks ...

Monster box of produce

"If it’s in season, then the prices will be right, and the produce will be super tasty."

My childhood summers in Connecticut meant a half-acre garden in the backyard and plucking string beans and cherry tomatoes right from the vine and then dashing off for another round of badminton. I remember rambling ...

Pool Party!

Sometimes you need a swim-up bar

Swimming season is nearing full swing now. Every year, I try to get a new fun float toy. Unfortunately, most only last a few months, if that. So I polled a few pool aficionados to ...

The quest for silky smooth legs

“One quick stroke, even over knees — even over knobby knees — gets the job done.”

We Kellys are constantly running out of certain items, near-essentials of life: coffee, chocolate, toilet paper, and razors. That last item is especially true, as the number of face and leg shavers in the house ...

Mother's Day mud

“I know it’s the thought that counts. But this year...Mama wants a day at the spa.”

Many a Mother’s Day has found me spending the afternoon running my kids around town so they could get me a gift. Once or twice, I’ve even lent them the money to pay for it. ...

Work lunches without waistband expansion

"It's full of protein and it doesn't give him the afternoon nappies."

My love Patrick, after a few years of working at home, got called back to work in the office a few weeks ago. He immediately started blowing our budget (and his waistline) buying lunches at ...

Summer Camp

A little less time curating their lives online

You love your children. You want them to grow up into happy, healthy adults. But you want them to savor their precious childhood. You want to give them opportunities to develop skills and interests. But ...

Baseball, basketball, golf, fencing, surfing


Padres Baseball Camps locations around San Diego Aspiring Babe Ruths take heed, Padres Baseball Camps will be running weekly from June 18 through August 10, (except the week of July 4th) at locations around San ...

Rock music, theater, studio art, ballet, cooking

Arts and performance

School of Rock San Diego 2850 Womble Road Liberty Station The School of Rock San Diego offers weeklong day camps throughout the summer to help children bring out their inner Dewey Finn (Jack Black’s character ...

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