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Drink to your health

The chia has a bit of chew to it, with natural caffeine and omega-3’s

Drink to your health

Rings of Saturn, belts of Jupiter

Stargazing in San Diego County

Rings of Saturn, belts of Jupiter

Road trip and cabin essentials

‘Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares ...

It’s RV season

"Personally, I’m a dog lover, and my boxer goes everywhere with me."

This summer, the Kelly gang is hitting the road up to Northern California — provided it hasn’t burnt down before we depart — and we’re renting an RV to up the togetherness factor. I need ...

Summer of love

Romantic activities our vacation locale offers

Love is in the air. Patrick and I will be attending no fewer than six weddings in the family in the next half year. And one of them is my nephew marrying his niece. Get ...

A slightly complicated Fourth

“I am bringing sweet fruity kabobs. And yes, they will be kitschy.”

We will be having a big Fourth of July party at our house this year. But we’re going to start the day before: Tuesday, July 3rd, at the 130th annual Independence Day celebration with fireworks ...

Monster box of produce

"If it’s in season, then the prices will be right, and the produce will be super tasty."

My childhood summers in Connecticut meant a half-acre garden in the backyard and plucking string beans and cherry tomatoes right from the vine and then dashing off for another round of badminton. I remember rambling ...

Pool Party!

Sometimes you need a swim-up bar

Swimming season is nearing full swing now. Every year, I try to get a new fun float toy. Unfortunately, most only last a few months, if that. So I polled a few pool aficionados to ...

The quest for silky smooth legs

“One quick stroke, even over knees — even over knobby knees — gets the job done.”

We Kellys are constantly running out of certain items, near-essentials of life: coffee, chocolate, toilet paper, and razors. That last item is especially true, as the number of face and leg shavers in the house ...

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