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Frozen pipes – winter on Mount Laguna

“It’s hard to do business up here when you start off"

The temperature drops steadily as I make my way east on Interstate 8 — 57 degrees, 54, 49. I have brought four hoodies and the down jacket I wear only when I visit my mom ...

Phyllis and Robbie Robinson’s harp heaven

From the Beatles to the Beach Boys... people have been playing harps for at least 5000 years

I’m halfway up Mount Laguna, walking off the Sunrise Highway into a little house on the edge of the forest. Through the gate, up redwood steps, through another gate. An elderly lady appears at the ...

Laguna always ready for power shut-off

Poised to fire up generators

“They are putting underground [cables] in, which means that they shut the power off periodically,” said John M. “Literally, like ten minutes ago, a guy from SDG&E was giving out handouts to everybody …. but ...

Soot on your pants, the price of entry to Oasis Spring

Indulge your inner botanist on a hike that wins the orchid and overlook award

Perennial water, even in the form of a seep, is a rarity in San Diego County in a biological zone generally adapted to drought. Add to this a steep east-west canyon in a north-south mountain ...

Encounter shy mariposa lily and showy penstemon on Desert View Trail

Gaze into the desert from this mountain viewpoint.

For the first-time visitor to the lush green pine and oak forest covering the more than 6000-foot Mount Laguna, it can be astonishing to learn that the desert is only a short distance away. If ...

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Deer in Cleveland National Park

Cuyamaca in Autumn

San Diego Autumn in Cuyamaca

View along route through Laguna Mountain ...