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The dirty tricks of North River Farms

L.A.'s Sutton Law Firm hires private eye to go after Oceanside signature gatherers

Those signature gatherers in front of Home Depot or Ralph’s are usually in it for the money. They might get $3 to $5 per signature. They may or may not care much about the point ...

Da South In Ya Mouth ribs at a Chula Vista Mobil gas station

“Pork is a Georgia thing. We’re from Georgia.”

“Good wine needs no bush,” says Annie. We’re standing at a Mobil gas station, on the corner of 3rd and L in southern Chula Vista. “Say again?” I say. I know I know this phrase. ...

Why San Diego farmers worry about water

Fallbrook and Rainbow districts jumping to Riverside; San Diego looks forward to recycled

Valley Center farmers aren't alone when it comes to the high cost of water. But it could get lonelier and costlier if two neighboring water districts unyoke from the Water Authority to get a fresh ...

Thrown out of a North County Democratic meeting

Esther Sanchez barely misses endorsement for Oceanside mayor

Has an organized Democrat group become too petty for its own good? I was given a heads-up that the September 29 DEMCCO meeting (Democratic Club of Carlsbad Oceanside, self-billed as North County’s largest Dem group) ...

San Diego avocados – pretty much all Hass

Water's the big problem

"Find a good well.” That’s what Al Stehly, long-time North County avocado grower recommends, if you want to make a living nurturing what some folks call “green gold.” Stehly, who owns an 8-acre grove in ...

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Cacti, back-lit Los Jilgueros Preserve, Fallbrook

Los Jilgueros Preserve, Fallbrook

There's more to Fallbrook than the ...

Fallbrook Scarecrow Days 2012

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