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Now We Live Nowhere

Abel and Zulma Muñoz stand at the north end of Playas de Tijuana, where the international border fence meets the Pacific Ocean. The area was once an international park, the pet project of First Lady ...

Best of 2001: Best Barbershop

Harvey's Barber Shop 105 South Meadowbrook Drive, Southeast San Diego 619-479-2784 On Saturdays at four in the morning, when Curtis Harvey, 67, unlocks the door to his barbershop, there is already a line. Harvey's customers, ...

We Can't Kidnap Them

Across from Lincoln High School, San Diego Fire Station 12 has three fire trucks and an ambulance. Although all firefighters are trained medical assistants (most are paramedics), the ambulance crew is the most critical life-saving ...

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A sign for the community of ...

I spotted this cute little teardrop ...

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