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So much for the McDonald's double drive-thru

Entrance from Florida Street is flashpoint

On August 5, John saw a “silly” McDonald’s meme shared on his Facebook timeline “that actually, hit home.” It’s based on a photo of the fast-food restaurant on Palm Avenue in Imperial Beach. The meme’s ...

Fire and ice

Where is your local cool zone?

We’ve all heard the joke that someday a natural disaster will plunge California into the sea and turn Arizona into beachfront property. But if recent trends continue what would be more likely — the landslide ...

Barefoot lady caught stealing Costco lights from neighbor

IB Facebook tells all

On August 4, Bryna from Imperial Beach posted a Facebook video of her friend’s landscape lights getting stolen. “This happened on 14th Street,” she said, “This individual decided to go into my friend's yard and ...

The irony of historic districts

Park Boulevard the latest to test the waters

Two planning groups that share Park Boulevard as a boundary formed a task force to look at the historic district on Park between Upas St. and Robinson street, one that the city’s historic resources board ...

Accused of hurting dogs, $1 million bail

Oceanside man will act as his own lawyer

David Christopher Herbert, now 37, is accused of using a knife and a baseball bat and a caustic chemical to hurt dogs that belonged to his neighbors. Herbert pleads not guilty, is set to go ...

What it takes to fill a pothole

Do Rancho Bernardo and Scripps Ranch enjoy better roads than El Cajon Blvd.?

Although, in March, Mark Kersey ended his candidacy to become California’s 38th District senator, he may be forgiven for still bragging about all the recent street resurfacing in his San Diego city council District 5. ...

Smog checks come to San Diego

Ocean Beach caught by surprise

Some drivers in Point Loma were thrown for a loop on Tuesday after being waved over for a smog checkpoint set up along Nimitz Boulevard. “Looks like they are testing two at a time. CHP ...

Filner's name defaced on Ingraham St. bridge

Crown Point passers-by have their opinions

On the morning of August 8, I opened an email that linked me to a photo of the Fisherman's Channel Bridge plaque. The sender asked "if anyone knew the story of the scratched out Council ...

7-Eleven store in North Park shuts down suddenly

Hard to make it as franchise owner

A 7-Eleven store closed its doors around the end of July, and is now boarded up. It was located on University Avenue at Herman Avenue in North Park, across the street from CVS Pharmacy. Before ...

Waving AR-15 is red flag to Californians

But red meat in Oceanside

Mauro Campos, 37, served four years in the Marines in the infantry company known as Suicide Charley. After working construction and in a local airplane engine shop, he now manages a gun store called Firearms ...

Tijuana’s most violent month in all its history

Zeta newspaper tells the details

“The violence and crime in Tijuana has exceeded its own records and has imbued terror in a society, in which authorities have been surpassed and lack any leadership.” That’s how an extensive report of the ...

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