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Pictures at a (Movie) Exposition

Visuals are the story in this week’s new movie releases, including Dunkirk and Lady Macbeth

Director Christopher Nolan wants to remind folks why they go to movie theaters — instead of, you know, watching a movie on a telephone. In this critic’s humble opinion, he succeeds admirably in that effort ...

Lady Macbeth’s director on morality, animals, and his star Florence Pugh

Smart about evil: matrimony, misery, murder

William Oldroyd’s elegantly executed debut feature Lady Macbeth may prove to be the sort of quiet breakout for star Florence Pugh that Martha Marcy May Marlene was for Elizabeth Olsen (as opposed to the more ...

Will the monkeys do good business?

This week’s releases include War for the Planet of the Apes and not much else

Like Scott Marks, the other film critic here at the Reader, I thought the first two films of the rebooted Planet of the Apes series were excellent. Which is why I was so saddened to ...

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Movie Archives

City of Ghosts 2.0 stars

An important story that loses something in the telling. There is, admittedly, something shocking in saying that a documentary which includes footage of a man being executed via crucifixion lacks any kind of immediacy and/or viscerality. (To say nothing of ...

Madame Bovary 1.0 stars

So it's come to this. Claude Chabrol, one of the original New Wavers, those enemies of "prestige" cinema and of literary cinema, is reduced to doing a tasteful, well-mounted, and sparsely narrated treatment of one of the (truly) Great Books. ...

Spartacus 3.0 stars

Big, brassy, vulgar, and -- above all -- entertaining historical piece about a slaves' revolt in the Roman Empire (First Century B.C.). The plebes tend to be played by American actors, and the patricians by British (including the movie-stealing Peter ...

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