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I really wanted to use a live cat

Director Charlie Bean gives background of Lego Ninjago Movie

At the Lego Ninjago Movie press conference held last week at Legoland Carlsbad, a child asked the film’s assembled cast and crew, “What happened to the cat?” The tot was referring to the monstrous beast ...

Anne Frank in the attic

Local Matt Sivertson’s first feature, Love All You Have Left

A private message arrived from local actress (and new Facebook friend) Caroline Amiguet asking that I attend this Friday’s screening of her husband Matt Sivertson’s first feature, Love All You Have Left, in which she ...

Here It comes

Horror flick heads up this week’s new movie releases

It is out, but is It good? Well...there are good bits. But it doesn’t touch Get Out as the year’s best horror flick. Because the real horror is the evil that men do. The monster ...

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Will make anyone who didn’t go to community college glad of it

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog and Community

Neil Patrick Harris, in Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, is at his finest as a villain you almost have to root for. His musically inclined attempt at trying simultaneously to woo the girl and join a ...

Movie Archives

Carpinteros (Woodpeckers) 3.0 stars

Writer-director José Maria Cabral lets dialogue and visuals win over plot and character in his tale of love behind bars in the Dominican Republic, but his casting, setting, and medium-shot storytelling are so good that it almost doesn't matter. So ...

Cover Girl 3.0 stars

Gene Kelly made his first big Technicolor splash while on loan to Columbia for this Rita Hayworth vehicle. It marks the first partnering of Kelly and then choreographer Stanley Donen. (The two would later collaborate on such M-G-M musical milestones ...

Hustle 5.0 stars

Robert Aldrich's slightly feverish vision of the assorted dreamers and schemers in the City of Angels, over their heads in hot color and murky shadow. Scriptwriter Steve Shagan's post-mortem on a teen-age runaway, apparently a suicide, is teasingly well plotted ...

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