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Cinematic vocations

A smattering of career possibilities in this week’s new releases, including 12 Strong and Phantom Thread

When I was just a little boy/ I asked my mother, “What will I be?” A soldier? A sheriff? An actress? A singer? A dressmaker? Que sera, sera, kid. Que sera, sera.

New movie releases for 2018

... including The Commuter and The Post

A dumb train movie. A sweet train movie. A movie about sad old people. A movie about sad young people. A movie about a strong white woman. A movie about a strong black woman. And ...

The Post — Spielberg’s stagiest work to date

Daniel Ellsberg, phone home

Steven Spielberg never has had much luck when it comes to using movie posters as timestamps. The WWII epic Empire of the Sun takes place after the 1939 release of Gone with the Wind, but ...

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Conflicted 1950s housewife

Far from Heaven and Brief Encounter go deep into the social issues of the period

The two films I would recommend would be Far From Heaven and Brief Encounter because both deal with the marital struggles of a mid-century housewife being conflicted with what is desired by them and society. ...

Movie Archives

In a Lonely Place 4.0 stars

A veiled re-enactment of the tempestuous relationship of Gloria Grahame and director Nicholas Ray, with Bogart standing in for Ray, and Grahame staying on as Grahame, and Ray directing. The Bogart character a hard-drinking, violent-tempered Hollywood screenwriter who is faintly ...

I, Madman 1.0 stars

Vivid literalization of that magical process whereby a book "comes to life." (The book in question "makes Stephen King read like Mother Goose," so you might better say it "comes to death.") Clever enough, but a bit overly drawn out, ...

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre 2.0 stars

The actors adopt exaggerated masks — Bogart with shifty eyes and unshaven stubble, Walter Huston with a penetrating squint and Old Codger whiskers, Tim Holt with a babyfaced pout, and a Mexican bandido with roughly sixty-four teeth — which plainly ...

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