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Solo: A Star Wars Story is half a good Star Wars story

I played an awful lot of Star Wars when I was a kid. My snowy backyard in upstate New York was the ice planet Hoth. My jungle gym was The Millennium Falcon. And my best ...

Between the covers, between the sheets

Fifty shades of gray pubic hair

Tale of the Tape: Book Club, Famed Dames Awards Edition — Jane Fonda (7 Oscar noms, 5 Emmy noms, 2 Oscars, 1 Emmy); Diane Keaton (4 Oscar noms, 1 Emmy nom, 1 Oscar); Mary Steenburgen ...

A five-star farewell for Abbas Kiarostami

The late director's final work, 24 Frames, makes a movie from his photographs

Just moments before I headed out the door for a screening of I Feel Pretty, an email arrived from the Digital Gym containing a link to 24 Frames, the final film signed by the late ...

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Our cup bubbleth over

Three films about living in bubbles, literal and otherwise

Watching Bel Powley break free from her single-room existence in the coming-of-age werewolf drama Wildling brought to mind this trio of trapped teen tales. Randal Kleiser’s The Boy in the Plastic Bubble (1976) Your basic ...

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Jonathan Livingston Seagull 1.0 stars

Hall Bartlett's filmization of Richard Bach's best-seller is about as honest and up-front an offering as could be imagined. It is exactly what you expect: Hallmark greeting-card pictures and philosophy, put to the tunes of Neil Diamond. James Franciscus and ...

The Beastmaster 2.0 stars

Synthetic folktale, drawn to ancient specifications: a king's son deprived of his birthright and his identity in infancy, reared in exile, coming back in adulthood to carry out his prophesied revenge. The main point of originality is the bit of ...

Pope Francis: A Man Of His Word 4.0 stars

Forgive me Father, for I have sinned. Yes, I have received and do value the word of Pope Francis, in particular his holiness's unwillingness to duck tough issues like gay rights, the Holocaust, and what he perceives to be, “today’s ...

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