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Beauty Queen

Beauty Queen

Moustache Bar

Thursday, April 16, 8 p.m.

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Tijuana Chinese restaurants under the gun

Fines and court summons

On February 22, Van S. passed by Kim Long, a Chinese restaurant in Playas de Tijuana; the restaurant reportedly contained a rat cage and insects inside the kitchen about a week before. "It was empty, ...

Uber still illegal in Rosarito

All the ways to get around the ban

On February 12, American spring breakers grew concerned about a photo posted on Facebook by Jose Martinez. The photo depicts an "Uber vehicle" getting towed, with an official Playas de Rosarito vehicle bearing the name ...

Insurgente brewery shut down again

Governor Bonilla's brother across the street doesn't like the noise

Ian Anderson of the Reader reported in December that Tijuana’s Insurgente brewery resumed making beer in Zona Rio on December 18 after being shut down by city authorities. But now in late January, the state ...

How Baja's 16,000 squatters affect your Airbnb

"All homes that are foreclosed are invaded"

Skyline resident C. Valdez saw the January 12 news of the reported 16,000 abandoned homes in Baja California — with 4,000 in Tijuana — that are “invaded” and inhabited by squatters. “It’s a big problem ...

The torta at the end of the tunnel

Crossing the border to fly has its benefits

For most of my adult life, the intentional misspelling Xpress has been applied to services including oil changes and dry-cleaning — it certainly hasn’t been a word I associate with crossing international borders. But Cross ...