Surf Diego

More competitive near the pier in Pacific Beach

"It’s summer, so the waves aren’t going to be that big."

Name: Andrew Meaux Age: 18 From: East County Location: Pacific Beach Andrew Meaux makes the commute two to three times every week. Meaux had finished surfing near Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach when I caught ...

"Hey, is my face on?"

Sumatra, Panama, Salvador, Oahu — and Ocean Beach

Name: Korey Pohen Age: 30 From: New York Surfing today: Ocean Beach For Korey Pohen it was easy to surf after years of skateboarding. “I think board sports just come natural to some people.” One ...

Zippers surf break tested at Los Cabos Open

Mexican locals can be as territorial as Calif.'s

The arroyo El Tule cuts through the volcanic hills that rise just inland between Los Cabos and Cabo San Lucas. The dry river bed runs south/southeast toward the confluence of the Sea of Cortez and ...

Where surfing pros come from

The next Rachel Tilly could emerge from Scholastic Surf Series

Southern California’s Scholastic Surf league is divided into three areas: San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles to Santa Barbara. Each high school team consists of six to nine shortboard men, three longboard men, two ...

Stung on her first day

"I have been surfing the reefs trying to get used to having stuff underneath me besides the sand."

Name: Darian Alexandra Age: 23 Location: Pacific Beach Occupation: Server at Kono’s Cafe Darian Alexandra moved to Pacific Beach from northern Indiana on Christmas day 2014 with the sole purpose of learning to surf. She ...

Not territorial yet

First time at Tabletops

Name: Christopher Mirendil Age: 30 Occupation: Engineer Location: Tabletops, Cardiff by the Sea On a two- to three-foot day, I find Christopher Mirendil nursing a bloody foot after a surf session at Tabletops. “Today I ...

What’s in surfers’ guts?

Researching the specific funk of surfers

This October, UC San Diego School of Medicine doctoral student and native Hawaiian surfer Cliff Kapono sets out on a nine-month global journey to swab surfers in search of unique microorganisms. “If surfers have a ...

Waves worth getting sick for

Colton Koons strengthens his immune system in the mouth of the San Diego River

Name: Colton Koons Age: 22 From: Serra Mesa Occupation: Beach Lifeguard Location: Ocean Beach Jetty Colton Koons is in the parking lot at the end of Santa Monica Avenue peeling off his wetsuit and getting ...

Swami’s with 100 guys — not so fun

The advantage of IB’s pollution

Names: Justin Mendhan, Walter Graen, and Mikial Tolmosoff Location: Tijuana Slough Mikial Tolmosoff, a visual artist, and Justin Mendhan, construction worker, both 28, have been riding waves together in Imperial Beach since they were 10 ...

Should I wear a leash?

If Skip Frye's board ends up on the rocks he can just make himself a new one

Because all beginners should be wearing a leash, going leashless gives a surfer more credibility in the line-up. It is a statement that says, “I am a good surfer, so don’t drop in on me.” ...

Get a Costco foam board

And don't go to Windansea

Name: Nick Manverg Age: 23 Occupation: Bartender/Student at the University of St. Augustine Location: Crystal Pier Board: Firewire 5’6 Nick Manverg grew up in Temecula, an excruciating 40-minute drive to the beach. As a kid ...

Ode to a mouse

"I'm just an O.B. guy."

Early on a foggy morning in the mid 1950s, Jim “Mouse” Robb stopped by the Ocean Beach lifeguard station. The men on duty were his friends. Until the year before, he had worked beside them ...

Zippy shredding units

A bit on the Takayama dynasty

Donald Takayama was probably the first professional surfer in the sport, according to Dale Velzy, notable longboard rider and board shaper. In the early 1950s, Velzy saw the young Takayama surfing at Makaha Beach on ...

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