Surf Diego

Ten years old, boogie-boarding since he was five

Wave flipped me over completely and I bumped my head in the sand

Name: Rio Beach: Ocean Beach Rio was named after the 1983 Duran Duran hit. He is 10 years old, and he’s been boogie-boarding since he was five. “When I catch a wave,” he said, “I ...

Get barreled in Popotla

"I wasn't taught by surf instructor and that sucked."

Name: Amanda Plesa Age: 23 From: Del Mar Location: Del Mar Beach Amanda Plesa has been a surf instructor for Fulcrum Surf School for five years. “We work with all the local high-schools and middle ...

Likes walking the nose

Sliced her leg at Scripps

Name: Shane Age: 23 From: San Diego Location: Ocean Beach Shane and her buddy just got done surfing when the sun was setting at approximately 7:30 p.m. The 23-year-old San Diego native was trying to ...

El Cajon to La Jolla in the name of surf

"I avoid Windansea because the water’s very shallow."

Name: Margaret Sporleder Age: 20 From: El Cajon Occupation: Swim instructor and lifeguard Margaret Sporleder takes the 35-minute commute from El Cajon to La Jolla Shores. “The waves there don’t come in at an angle, ...

Another surfer-turned-manufacturer

Asymmetry in 1999, finless boards now

Carl Ekstrom began surfing in 1948, four years after his brother, Woody, had mastered the sport at Windansea, from where the family was nearly forced to move after their rent was raised from $12 to ...

Daughter of surf pro Michael, niece of Derek

Coco Ho had gnarliest wipeout in Western Australia

Name: Coco Ho Age: 26 Occupation: Professional Surfer From: Oahu, Hawaii Location: Oceanside Pier Coco Ho was competing in the SuperGirl Pro in Oceanside on July 29. At about 2:20 p.m., she won the round. ...

The business of surfing

Early surfboard shapers, very early boards, the man behind Boogie Boards, early surf movies, first surf professionals, how Rusty board maker became clothes guy

Surfboard Shapers Eaton didn't invent the Bonzer, but is responsible for its refinement. It is a strangely old-fashioned board (in the sense that Chuck Berry is old-fashioned), yet as different from conventional surfboards as the ...

DIY surfboard shaping — cool but not too cool

Solana Beach, La Jolla, Morena Boulevard

In the early 1960s, surf shops, which had been little more than beach shacks where balsawood blanks were sculpted into surfboards, were replaced by storefronts where surfboards were sold along with T-shirts and trunks. By ...

OMBAC's Classic Longboard contest at Crystal Pier

Ready for a nine-foot board?

The Classic Longboard Surfing Contest, held in the waves aside Crystal Pier this Saturday, is sponsored by the Old Mission Beach Athletic Club. The club was formed and operated in the early 1950s, mostly as ...

It can be dangerous in Windansea

Come out when it’s flat and find out where all the rocks are

Name: William Farris Age: 34 Location: Windansea Beach It was a crowded day in Windansea when I caught up to William Farris, on the corner of Neptune and Fern Glen. The San Diegan started surfing ...

Tiny surfboards

Alaias are paipos’ bigger brothers

Paipo boards are small wooden surf craft made to be ridden prone. Alaia boards are paipos’ bigger brothers and can be surfed while standing. While known in Encinitas for building and riding both traditional-style paipos ...

Someone pushed me off the wave

I just tell them to back off

Name: Derek Gerard Age: 13 Location: Ocean Beach Off Abbott Street, 13-year-old Derek Gerard was looking out at the water after a long surf session. “I just had a problem out there a couple of ...

Girls cheer each other on

Scorpion Bay was epic.

Name: Carla Verbrugghen Age: 54 Location: Ocean Beach Occupation: Surf Instructor Carla Verbrugghen and her daughter were at the showers in OB when I meet up with them. Verbrugghen has been surfing since she was ...

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