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Good morning, Ma'am. I'm your Uber driver today.

A San Diego guide to how it works

At no time previously did I ever have aspirations to have an Uber career. On the last Friday in March, Good Friday, I arrived at my corporate office shortly before 6 am. Friday is always ...

Reporter accuses Ben Kalasho of assaulting him with dog

El Cajon residents call for councilman’s resignation

“Keep making me famous,” responded El Cajon city councilman Ben Kalasho to 10 of the 14 public speakers at the July 10 city council meeting. Calls for Kalasho's resignation made up most of the meeting ...

El Cajon is my city

A happy immigration story

Black and white at The Grand Three large black men sat squished together in the back seat of my rental car as we headed east on I-8. The ping of my Uber app brought us ...

Last sandwich standing

Quiznos and the El Cajon alternatives

The Quiznos sandwich shop in El Cajon at Main Street and Magnolia Avenue closed down Saturday. The last San Diego area Quiznos standing is in Ramona at Main Street and Ramona Street. Quiznos shops have ...

El Cajon shrink gives up practice

Misconduct charges

On May 15, El Cajon psychiatrist Leon Fajerman surrendered his license to practice medicine in California. A month earlier, on April 11, the state medical board had accused him of sexual misconduct with seven patients ...

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Sweet Water River Bridge, El Cajon

El Cajon Sunset from Mt. Helix

Air Group One El Cajon

City of El Cajon

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