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Let the ghosts of Flinn Springs swirl at Mary Etta’s Cafe

She’s famous for whacking a customer with a bar stool.

It’s a crisp, fresh morning on Olde Highway 80. I’m aboard the MTS’s 838 truck/bus heading east, looking for somewhere to break fast. “Mary Etta’s is a morning eatery,” says this lady sitting across from ...

What's left for East County's skaters

Rink in El Cajon seems closed; Viejas an option

On December 13, a Wendi and Steve posted on Facebook that Skate San Diego “is closing” and “we are liquidating everything”; the two posted photos of a large stereo system, “thousands of” roller skate and ...

Cheese melting over like a Salvador Dali watch

Home of the $3 burger ...and the killer deviled eggs

What’s missing? I keep looking at this thing. But nothing’s amiss. It is a complete burger, with slab of meat, slab of red onion, slab of cheese melting over the patty like a Salvador Dali ...

Pizza with Louie the Eclectus parrot

The pulse of the neighborhood

The kid stands mesmerized. He watches as Louie picks up his piece of pizza, starts picking off the colorful bits like tomato and cilantro, then crunches at the edges of the crust. Louie’s an Eclectus ...

Abortion and carpetbagging dominate 50th Congressional seat debate

Issa, DeMaio look east, Hunter, Jones defend turf

On October 14 former San Diego city councilman Carl DeMaio, former congressman Darrell Issa and state enator Brian Jones joined congressman Duncan Hunter at Mission Valley’s Town and Country Hotel for the San Diego Republican ...

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Sweet Water River Bridge, El Cajon

El Cajon Sunset from Mt. Helix

Air Group One El Cajon

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