Matt Potter

Matt Potter
Matt Potter has been a staff writer and editor at the San Diego Reader since 1989. He reports on politics and local institutions such as the Union-Tribune, UCSD, SDSU, and the City and County of San Diego.

He is the author of the weekly Under the Radar column.

Besides breaking the Cheetahs corruption story a year before the FBI raided the offices of the San Diego city council, he has written extensively on governance, medical ethics, and human experimentation issues at the University of California San Diego.

Some notable Potter stories:

June 1, 1989:The Egg Women (Mayor O'Connor, Joan Kroc, Helen Copley, and the Faberge eggs)

April, 25, 1991 Mayor Moves to Create Death Valley-like Wasteland in Point Loma (O'Connor house landscaping)

June 20, 1991: A Son by Any Other Name (Helen Copley's adoption of son David revealed)

Aug. 8, 1996: Welcome, GOP Delegates to San Diego, City of Shame

May 22, 1997: La Jolla Gentlemen and the Party Boy (secrets of Andrew Cunanan, gay serial killer)

Oct. 25, 2001: Did Bin Laden's Brother Lead a Secret Life in San Diego?

Nov. 29, 2001: Did Casey Gwinn Try to Get Don Bauder Fired? (City Attorney vs. tough reporter)

July 31, 2003: Fun with Ralph (Inzunza's eating companions at Dobson's)

Articles by Matt Potter

Ace friend seeks Horton Plaza deal

Mall's collapse could prove costly for taxpayers

Downtown's Horton Plaza shopping mall, which used millions of tax dollars to level acres of historic buildings in the late 1970s, has itself been hollowing out of late. Multiple levels of vacant storefronts bear grim ...

Caremark RX, Phillips 66 keeping Toni Atkins well fed

A convenient set of circumstances

Caremark RX, the Rhode Island-based pharmacy benefit management subsidiary of drugstore giant CVS, kicked in a total of $6300 on April 4 to the 2020 re-election fund of Democratic California Senate leader Toni Atkins, disclosure ...

Revolutionaries join San Diego DA race

Bernie’s revenge

Real Justice PAC, a political action committee of former Bernie Sanders operatives backing the district attorney candidacy of Genevieve Jones-Wright, has rolled out the beginning of a so-called peer-to-peer texting campaign on her behalf, an ...

Cate hits up city workers, pays another fine

Councilman concedes further ethical transgressions

With investigators of the California Attorney General's office still looking into his leak of a confidential memo to lobbyist contributors, San Diego city councilman Chris Cate has agreed to pay yet another fine for breaking ...

Was Soon-Shiong outsmarted?

U-T's cult-of-personality profile jumps deal's gun

Sunday, April 15 was the Union-Tribune's celebration day for Los Angeles physician Patrick Soon-Shiong, the paper's putative new owner, also set to acquire the L.A. Times from the oddly named and deeply troubled tronc, Inc. ...

Tronc turmoil threatens Union-Tribune sale

New billionaire buyer surfaces as prospective owner

Who's on first at troubled tronc, and does it matter anymore to what appears to be an increasingly desperate attempt to save the last vestiges of San Diego's only daily newspaper? From the New York ...

D.A. Summer Stephan's incumbent protection plan

plus: Grassroots group hires lobbyists

A political committee run and mainly funded by a payroll tithing plan for prosecutors in the district attorney’s office has picked up a donation from the political action committee of the Sheet Metal Workers Local ...

Want to build condos? Pay the pol

An army of influences peddlers marches on city hall

Steve Cushman, whose family’s Riverwalk Golf Course’s imminent conversion into condos and commercial space by Houston, Texas-based Hines development hinges on city hall approval, has just kicked in major money to this year’s reelection bid ...

Cox mobilizes ex-Peters influence-peddlers

Cable company files to lobby against net neutrality

A nascent movement at city hall to do away with Cox Communication's cable and internet monopoly in the name of so-called net neutrality appears to have the Georgia-based giant's lobbying contingent here scrambling for the ...