Matt Potter

Matt Potter
Matt Potter has been a staff writer and editor at the San Diego Reader since 1989. He reports on politics and local institutions such as the Union-Tribune, UCSD, SDSU, and the City and County of San Diego.

He is the author of the weekly Under the Radar column.

Besides breaking the Cheetahs corruption story a year before the FBI raided the offices of the San Diego city council, he has written extensively on governance, medical ethics, and human experimentation issues at the University of California San Diego.

Some notable Potter stories:

June 1, 1989:The Egg Women (Mayor O'Connor, Joan Kroc, Helen Copley, and the Faberge eggs)

April, 25, 1991 Mayor Moves to Create Death Valley-like Wasteland in Point Loma (O'Connor house landscaping)

June 20, 1991: A Son by Any Other Name (Helen Copley's adoption of son David revealed)

Aug. 8, 1996: Welcome, GOP Delegates to San Diego, City of Shame

May 22, 1997: La Jolla Gentlemen and the Party Boy (secrets of Andrew Cunanan, gay serial killer)

Oct. 25, 2001: Did Bin Laden's Brother Lead a Secret Life in San Diego?

Nov. 29, 2001: Did Casey Gwinn Try to Get Don Bauder Fired? (City Attorney vs. tough reporter)

July 31, 2003: Fun with Ralph (Inzunza's eating companions at Dobson's)

Articles by Matt Potter

SDSU prez De la Torre gets raise to $441,504

Sacramento pumps more money into colleges

Adela’s big fat salary It didn’t take long for new San Diego State University president Adela de la Torre, on the job for less than a week, to collect a tidy boost to her already ...

City Auditor heads for the hills of Beverly

Long-time watchdog departs amidst San Diego mayoral meltdowns

San Diego city auditor Eduardo Luna, an eleven-year veteran of rooting out scandals at what insiders assert is an increasingly dysfunctional city hall, is heading for Beverly Hills to assume a similar role in the ...

Avarice and denial shadowed mayor's ballot bid

Short of cash and signatures, Faulconer lashes out

To San Diego campaign watchers, Kevin Faulconer's bid to hike taxes for expanding the city's convention center while lining the pockets of his friends in the public relations industry was an obvious non-starter, though true ...

Susan Davis itchy feet

Lobbyist dream jobs and SDSU nightmares

Summer with Susan Davis Democratic House member Susan Davis, accustomed to partaking of free travel to exotic world locations courtesy of the Aspen Institute, stuck closer to home for her most recent all-expense-paid junket, two ...

Zapf's legal defense gambit

Special interest history of providing legal fund cash

What's a termed-out city councilwoman - or at least one whose reelection eligibility is being challenged in court - to do? In the case of Second District Republican Lorie Zapf, she sets up a legal ...

U-T strange ads: the doctor is in

Roberts and Cox blow left-over money on Vietnam trip and staff party

U-T’s bitter medicine San Diego’s Union-Tribune, beset by plunging circulation and falling advertising, is filling its pages with display ads from a controversial new sponsor closely tied to billionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong, who acquired the struggling ...

The city hall honesty test

Mayor seeking headhunter to replace city auditor Eduardo Luna

When it comes to new San Diego city hires, filling the high-profile job of chief of police is always most contentious, with supporters and detractors emerging from the municipal woodwork to expound their opinions of ...

City's ex-homeless honcho joins LeSar firm

Atkins spouse cashes in on San Diego consulting gigs

A newly-arrived principal in a homeless consulting outfit run by the spouse of state Senate leader Toni Atkins has been told by a San Diego ethics official that work for the firm on city contracts ...

Crooked city employees, Susan Davis beats Trump to Helsinki

LA Times steals Comic-con turf

Bums away Kept under wraps at city hall are punishments meted out to miscreant employees caught by complaints to the city auditor’s hotline. “An allegation regarding a City employee parking at a restaurant for extensive ...

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