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The one place to try choclo

A culinary tour of South America, without leaving Old Town

Fun fact: the State Department has still been issuing passports during the federal government’s partial shutdown. For this, I am grateful. My renewed documents arrived this week, prompting the return of a favorite hobby: studying ...

A choreographed sushi feast

All omakase, all the time at Hidden Fish

Few meals will ever top the experience of going omakase at a top tier sushi bar. By literal translation, omakase implores the diner to “trust the chef,” and there’s rarely a better argument for doing ...

A guilty trip to Wingstop

Buffalo-style plus cajun, lemon and pepper, garlic parmesan, and Korean

I admit it: I love buffalo-style chicken strips, but not the wings so much — too much work getting out all the meat. I’ve previously satisfied my jones at Epic Wings and Things, a locally-based, ...

Tin Fork

The pleasure of food from fingers to mouth

“I drive ten miles every day, just to get this coffee.”

So what is the difference between Ethiopian and Somali food? Last week, when my friend Annie and I were in Addis, a newish Ethiopian eatery on El Cajon Boulevard, two ladies came to eat at ...

Beer News

Pizza Port’s mountain cousin

Julian Beer Co. slings pies and suds at a higher elevation

About 55 miles separate the communities of Solana Beach and Julian, but it’s the four thousand feet in elevation that set them apart. One's a beach town, appealing to ocean-lovers and well-heeled shoppers; the other, ...

Conquering the far West Coast

Modern Times pours out of town beers in Encinitas

Modern Times Beer has arguably become San Diego beer's most compelling success story. At the time it opened, in 2013, with design-savvy beer cans, a bartop made from paperback books, and a gigantic Michael Jackson ...

Booze News

Setting Sun is setting sake trends

Plus a new tasting room and a Japanese Garden party

It’s a rare occasion we get to look at trends emerging in cities like New York and London, and say, That started in San Diego. So credit Josh Hembree and Keldon Premuda of Miramar’s Setting ...

Pour Over

Photogenic, but still comfortable

North Park's new coffee shop has it both ways

In the food item as bowl domain, few have impressed me so much as the caramel apple dessert offered by the new North Park coffee shop, Deja Brew Lounge. Situated in a converted craftsman bungalow ...

Set 'em Up Joe

Neither smoke nor sweet

The Maguey Agrio’s floral quality is nothing to run away from

The Maguey Agrio served at Banker’s Hill is the Mexican answer to the whiskey sour, says its creator, Banker’s Hill bar manager Colin Berger. Referencing mescal’s plant of origin and the Spanish word for “sour,” ...

Here's the Deal

Kimpton Hotel's alleyway of Mexican primo spirits

1/4 ounce of creme de violet binds to scent receptors

“Curadero” may not mean much outside of the downtown San Diego Kimpton, but within its lobby-side, mural-strewn walls, the neologism signifies top-quality Cali-Baja cuisine, inspired cocktails, choice drafts, 80+ premium Mexican spirits (including mezcal, bacanora, ...

Let’s Be Friends

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