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The torta at the end of the tunnel

Crossing the border to fly has its benefits

For most of my adult life, the intentional misspelling Xpress has been applied to services including oil changes and dry-cleaning — it certainly hasn’t been a word I associate with crossing international borders. But Cross ...

Simsim Outstanding Shawarma a hit in Carmel Mountain Ranch

The new chain brings scratch Middle Eastern cooking to shopping center land

From a food lover’s perspective at least, good things have been happening in Carmel Mountain Ranch. Frankly, I ignored the place for years, because this is shopping center country, the sort of place populated by ...

Now Sushi is vegan

Is it possible to love a vegetable as much as a fish?

“This is the kind of place you take your non-vegan friend,” says a woman to her friend as they walk out of Now Sushi, a Mission Beach eatery that makes sushi without the fish. Entirely ...

Tin Fork

Da South In Ya Mouth ribs at a Chula Vista Mobil gas station

“Pork is a Georgia thing. We’re from Georgia.”

“Good wine needs no bush,” says Annie. We’re standing at a Mobil gas station, on the corner of 3rd and L in southern Chula Vista. “Say again?” I say. I know I know this phrase. ...

Beer News

How Mother Earth quietly became one of our most successful breweries

Brewing in Idaho even made its Vista beer better

Fun fact: Idaho’s largest brewery is headquartered in Vista, California. That’s because, in 2016, Mother Earth Brew Co. expanded beer production to Nampa, Idaho, a small city about 15 miles outside Boise. San Diego beer ...

Latitude 33 sold its brewery and only got bigger

Vista brewer doubles capacity shifting production to Green Flash brewhouse

After seven years in business, Latitude 33 Brewing met a crossroads. Led by flagship beers including Blood Orange IPA and Honey Hips blonde, the Vista beer company had quadrupled beer production in 2016, and doubled ...

Booze News

The ambitious Pacific Coast Spirits brings urban distilling to Oceanside

Grape vodka, heirloom corn bourbon, and a plan to malt its own barley

A December 5 grand opening of Pacific Coast Spirits has officially made the city of Oceanside home to an urban distillery. For the past two years, the craft spirits producer has been transforming the 12,000-square-foot ...

Pour Over

Neff Coffee, a roaster on the go

A father-and-son mobile roasting operation hits the streets

While exercising my dog last week, I found San Diego’s newest coffee roaster; or should I say the coffee roaster found me? Neff Coffee Roasters isn’t San Diego’s first coffee truck, but it is the ...

Set 'em Up Joe

Farmer Bottega’s Rosie Elephant inspires one’s inner Rainbow Warrior

Its graceful parade of flavors never lets the palate forget the parts for the whole

When the Farmer’s Bottega bartender Shannon Pierce created The Rosie Elephant, she looked to local farmlands and African savannas for inspiration. “It really originated out of nowhere!” she says. “I had tasted all of the ...

Here's the Deal

Kimpton Hotel's alleyway of Mexican primo spirits

1/4 ounce of creme de violet binds to scent receptors

“Curadero” may not mean much outside of the downtown San Diego Kimpton, but within its lobby-side, mural-strewn walls, the neologism signifies top-quality Cali-Baja cuisine, inspired cocktails, choice drafts, 80+ premium Mexican spirits (including mezcal, bacanora, ...