What use UTC has of books

Anyone ever read these?

Books do furnish a room, but not at Pottery Barn in University Town Center. Even the writing desk is piled high with leather travel cases instead of readables. The only exception — the John Derian ...

Anthony Smith eases up on piano, reinvents himself in New York

Deep into the vibes

No, not a CD-release party, although jazz music will be played live. It’s a book-signing party, the author of which is central to the band. Anthony Smith’s back in town after four years in New ...

Read it and reap

Free library boxes in front yards around Altadena/Burlingame

2302 Montclair Street Litterachur: A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again, by David Foster Wallace God, etc.: The Shack, by William P. Young Crime: Smokin’ Seventeen, by Janet Evanovich. Sexytimes: none Kidz: Troubling a ...

Beat cancer, publish book. Check.

David Grant Urban uses serial murderer Cleophus Prince

David Grant Urban was a fit 50something who had just finished hiking Mount Whitney when he found a lump on his neck. “I went through cancer treatment with three other people, and they all died,” ...

Chula Vista book seller left church for Plato

Claims C.S. Lewis agrees with him

Name: Jerry Dell Ehrlich Age: 81 Occupation: Author/bookstore owner Neighborhood: National City Where interviewed: Postmodern Bookstore, Chula Vista What are you reading? “I keep certain books around. I try to have every third book I ...

Chick lit and nonfiction take themselves seriously

The nagging suspicion that Kafka was just a weirdo

Dear DJ: Lately, I’ve been reading excruciatingly well-researched historical novels set between 1780 and 1820 written by early/mid-20th Century Englishmen: The Poldark novels by Winston Graham, and the Master and Commander series by Patrick O’Brian. ...

24 years of martians, murder, magic, and mayhem

In the back room with the grande dame guardian of the Mysterious Galaxy

Eat. Sleep. Read. Local. For years these edicts have presented themselves in the form of a bold red-and-white poster gracing the entryway of Mysterious Galaxy, an independent bookshop specializing in science fiction, mystery, fantasy, and ...

Literary life

San Diego poets, Henry Miller, John Steinbeck, Jeff Weinstein, John Brizzolara, Dave Zielinski, Rick DeMarinis, author memorabilia at UCSD

The Debris of What You Really Do When I was in high school, the Summer of Love hit, and grudgingly I became a hippie, tried to pull off laid-back when in my heart of hearts ...

The best part about being a bookstore owner

You buy a book new, and you have a new baby

Name: JUSTINE EPSTEIN Age: 31 Occupation: OWNER, VERBATIM BOOKS Neighborhood: SHERMAN HEIGHTS Where interviewed:: VERBATIM BOOKS What are you reading? “Some Ross MacDonald short stories about the private eye Lew Archer. They’re kind of noirish. ...

Local literary stories

Jim Thompson, Jack Kerouac, Alexander Theroux, Janet Flanner, Max Miller, Amy Gerstler, Ken Kuhlken, Tom Larson, Nathanael West, Emily Dickinson

God’s Country Remembered My wife and I are driving up El Cajon Boulevard. It hasn’t changed much, not really. Businesses come and go (there wasn’t anything remotely like the Hung Vuong Pho restaurant back then), ...

Musicians kick out the books

"I wrote it in honor of my son Dillon and our cat Cake."

“I work eight hours a week for a yoga studio, but the rest of my money is currently made playing music on the streets, in venues, and selling my first book,” says Martin Stamper, aka ...

Investing for Dummies goes into a lot of depth

Investing can be very overwhelming, so being able to simplify it is good.

Name: Taylor Whitworth Age: 25 Occupation: Entrepreneur Neighborhood: Mission Valley Interviewed at: Barnes & Noble, Hazard Center What are you reading? “Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing: What the Rich Invest In, That the Poor and ...

UCSD literature majors — why they exist

I read. And I know things.

As a sophomore at UC San Diego, I went home for the summer to get a cavity filled in at the dentist’s. I lay there, saliva ejector hanging out the side of my mouth like ...

Most San Diego booksellers close shop

Remember the Blue Door, Bountiful Books, Grounds for Murder, the Cook’s Bookshop, 5th Avenue?

Amazon’s got everything, but some illusions must be kept alive.

Celebrity authors in San Diego

Meltzer unmasks Cameron Crowe, Hunter Thompson plays self at SDSU, Susan Sontag not that nice, zoo not that nice to David Sedaris, Luis Urrea deals with fame, John Steinbeck IV's final days in SD

John Steinbeck Was My Father One of us, a doctor's son, mentioned that his father had urged him to follow in his footsteps. Was there pressure on John to become a writer? He shook his ...

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