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A reason to break from the corporate state

Valentine's Day perfect for you

Dear Hipster: Why does the Valentine’s Day stuff come out the day after Christmas? — S. Commerce, bruh! Sometimes, I actually think we are headed toward a future straight out of a George Saunders story, ...

Is small-batch bread necessarily good?

Watch for the bandwagon jumpers

Dear Hipster: Is “craft” beer more authentic than “artisan” bread? Am I better off with hand- or homemade? Is small batch better or worse than limited edition? I am lost in a sea of hipster ...

Wanting to eat the Tide Pod is perfectly natural

Will you pay more for it?

Dear Hipster: Will I die if I eat a Tide Pod? — Derek You will probably die, yes. I won’t blame you. Wanting to eat the Tide Pod, at least a little bit, is perfectly ...

Brits who mimic Americans

Why they have an easier time than we do

Dear Hipster: Why are British people better at talking like Americans than Americans are at talking like Brits? — Dick Yet more random, with two possible explanations. One reason is that maybe they just want ...

At least a Netflix binger branches out

Better than re-watching your faves over and over

Dear Hipster: In terms of addictive behaviors, is it worse to binge-watch a Netflix show that you don’t even like, or to re-watch old shows and movies that you do like, but that you’ve seen ...

Nap vs. sleep

It's a shifty line

Dear Hipster: When does a nap turn into a sleep? — Neil The randomness continues. The shifty line between nap and sleep is like the one that divides being a full-time, professional artist or musician ...

Wolves have a clear advantage over bears

T-shirts are the measure

Dear Hipster: I have been pondering animals of late. Specifically, I have had large, predatory mammals on my mind. Mostly, I have been thinking about bears and the many ways in which they are probably ...

Atari Flashback 8 — what's not to love?

But retro Moog and Korg don't deserve quasi-mythic significance

Dear Hipster: What were the best and worst parts of 2017? What are we most looking forward to, from a hipster perspective, of course, in 2018? — Andrew Despite a rising trend in declaring every ...

Winter — the chance to grow a luxurious beard

Even San Diego allows for cool fashion

Dear Hipster: What is the best place to be a hipster during the wintertime? Is it a Colorado resort? The desert? Alaska? Florida? Whatever the place — why? — Dana, City Heights Hipsters love certain ...

Cheesy-yet-earnest ’80s music became cool again

Don't try to pinpoint the date

Dear Hipster: I was listening to 91X the other day and I heard “Everything Now,” by Arcade Fire, and I thought for a second there was some previously unreleased Duran Duran tune. In a way ...

Cringey and wincey go head to head

Beyond awkward

Dear Hipster: Why do people say “cringe-y” when they so clearly mean “wince-y”? One doesn’t cringe when one hears something awkward or embarrassing, one winces. One cringes when one is afraid. Am I missing something? ...

The Milky Bun from Orange County

White Americans do not have the lock on this thing

Dear Hipster: Does hipster-ism extend to multiple cultures? Living in SoCal, one gets to appreciate, and even integrate with, people and neighborhoods with distinct cultural identities. Are there branches of hipsters among different cultural pockets, ...

There are bands other than Green Day and Blink 182

And there is no Santa

Dear Hipster: As far as comparative Christmas-ruining is concerned, what would be worse — accidentally telling your four-year-old cousins the truth about Santa Claus or forgetting to get your boy- or girlfriend a Christmas present? ...

Sure-fire way to stop rampant consumerism

An experiment with one family

Dear Hipster: Fair warning, this is not a question. I just want to share with you a holiday tradition, followed by my family, because I think it will appeal to your hipster values. It all ...

Slings, arrows, and naming names

Who are Tim Mays, Sam Chammas, Chuck Patton, Paul Horn, Dave Good?

Dear Hipster: Your list of great albums sucks. You suffer from a lack of taste. Go back to making jokes about mustaches and Cap’n Crunch. — Ethan Hipster: Nice work leaving out Paul’s Boutique, hipster. ...

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