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Cheeky imponderables

Should I stay or should I go?

Let’s get the New Year rolling with some cheeky imponderables, shall we? Dear Hipster: What is the difference between cashing in and selling out? — Dan It’s like the difference between making your dreams a ...

What our dear friends in Corporate America know

I’m risking the Jon Snow treatment from my fellow hipsters.

Dear Hipster, Going into 2019, I’m contemplating a change of perspective. Throughout my life, I have tended to take a “close enough for rock and roll” attitude towards a lot of stuff because life is ...

Crossing an invisible line

These days, it’s Forged in Fire marathons and conspriacy theories

Dear Hipster: Although you’ve always made it abundantly clear there is no one-size-fits-all definition of hipster, we can all agree that hipsters are largely identified by what they do, whatever that may be. Some magic ...


He only chases free-range, grass-fed mice

Hey D.J. Check out this picture I found of “Catster.” I guess that’s like a “Hip-Cat!” So, if this were in the Reader, I guess it would be like asking the question, “If there are ...

It’s a trap

Like reading one of those timeshare advertisements that promise free island getaways

Dear Hipster: What would you say if you were walking downtown and you saw a pink poster in the window of an apartment complex advertising “Hip Apartments for Lease” alongside another pink poster of a ...

The perfect catch-all holiday

Maybe you should give Festivus a shot

Dear Hipster: With the so-called Holiday Season fully upon us, one cannot engage in the world without fielding a barrage of “Happy Holidays!” and other such seasonal well-wishes. As if it weren’t enough to be ...

The Mac Davis Rule

Nobody Likes a Smartass

Dear Hipster: At this point in my life, I have friends in their twenties, thirties, forties, and even fifties. Usually, I don’t think too much about the potential generation gaps that separate us. After all, ...

Delightfully improbable scenario

Insta boomerang of self making snow angel while drinking hot rum toddy

Dear Hipster: If it snowed in San Diego this winter (I mean, in the city proper, not up in the mountains) do you think local hipsters would be into it, or would their immunity to ...

A chorus of hearty mehs

Next year? You’d best start planning now.

Dear Hipster: If pies can be ranked in order of hipness, then what else goes appropriately on the hipster Thanksgiving table? — Karen The key to any good hipster Thanksgiving table is balance — balance ...

Virtuous behavior through humblebrag

Saving the world one $80,000 luxury car at a time

Dear Hipster: I don’t agree with Corn Dog Guy (or Girl) that hipsters = yuppies. In fact, I’m not even sure there are yuppies anymore. When I think of “yuppies,” I think of a whole ...

Australians being hilariously Australian

The etymology of jive terms “hep,” “hepster,” and “hep cat”

Dear Hipster: I saw a video the other day on the Australian National Geographic website, of all places, about how the Oxford English Dictionary gives the etymology of hipsters as having something to do with ...

A penchant for all things random

What? Why? How?

Dear Hipster: I was chilling at a brewery with a couple friends the other night, and I inadvertently eavesdropped on a couple hipsters who were drunkenly bellowing behind me about some shenanigans one of them ...

A cruel, gentrifying hybrid called... Corn Dog

All of them sold the heck out and published books. Typical.

Dear Hipster: I think the concept of hipster has changed so much throughout the past 25 years that I don’t even consider hipsters Hipsters anymore. I consider them to be...yuppies. Am I wrong to think ...

Ripe for holiday mockery

What will be the number one hot Halloween costume this year?

Dear Hipster: Every damn year, Halloween comes around and I realize I’ve got a party on Saturday...and it’s Thursday...and I don’t have a costume, or even an idea. I swear, this year I’m going to ...

Blind pet diagnosis: the truth lies somewhere in the middle

I propose a simple series of diagnostic tests

Dear Hipster: I have a 13-year-old Italian Greyhound rescue, Turbo, who I just discovered is almost totally blind. Italian Greyhounds are sighthounds. Does Turbo’s sightlessness make him an ironic, hipster sighthound? Should he move to ...

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