Feast! Food & Drink Reviews

It's not about the bun

Thai inspired burgers put sticky rice in your hands

We'd gone to Clairemont Mesa looking for Vietnamese sandwiches, and wound up finding Thai burgers. We stopped first at K Sandwiches, which has reopened two years after being destroyed by fire. I'm not sure whether ...

Cháo, one of the great porridges of the world

Slurp it like an emperor

There ain’t nothin’ in this whole wide world as comforting and warming and tastebud-caressing as Asian porridge. Known as jok in Thailand, baw baw in Cambodia, cháo in Vietnam. At this very moment, I’m chowing ...

Everything gets better at Ceviche House

The move to Old Town proves more than photogenic

When we last saw Ceviche House, chef Juan Carlos Recamier's business had graduated from farmers market stall to a tiny counter service shop in North Park. Not even two years later, Ceviche House took another ...

A spicy jerk offers tenderness

The only Jamaican food between Orange County and the 56

As I sat in my booth at One Love Island Cuisine in Oceanside, I watched as fellow customers entered the shop and approached the counter to order. Most of them had a story to share ...

Crowded launch at West Pac

What do you expect from Navy town?

"WE APOLOGIZE. This is our first day of business and we are SOLD OUT for lunch food at this time.” Bummer. The sign’s on the front door of the brand-new West Pac Noodle Bar. People ...

Stone serves the impossible

The latest meat-free burger lands in San Diego

It was last February I first read an NPR story about the Impossible Burger — a meatless burger patty that "bleeds like the real thing." The sizzling, plant-based burger apparently debuted to rave reviews in ...

Hops and avocados meet ice cream

All sorts of specialty flavors — even vegan — at Salt & Straw

Portland's hippest ice cream shop has made its way to San Diego. Salt & Straw recently opened a shop in Little Italy, and as it's done in previous expansions to San Francisco and Los Angeles, ...

The elusive mid-range of curry heat

In search of khao soi

"Hey, what's the name of that Thai spot we liked?" my friend called to ask. Good question. I'd found its menu on a web delivery service, and I'd never once had to pronounce the restaurant's ...

Lost in meat sandwiches

Meatballs with green chili and tomatillo — yum

I never seem to wind up where I mean to at Liberty Public Market. Once I get caught up in the crowd, I just roll whichever way it carries me, hoping there will be something ...

Crudo, clam chowder, and salmon candy

Euro seafood off I-5

I'm never sure how many San Diegans have discovered Fifty Seven Degrees. The huge wine bar and art gallery offers tasty wine and beer, and enough space that I've never failed to find an open ...

Carla’s country, oozy Benedict at Clayton’s

A non-Hollandaise sauce on Christmas

"Benedict?” says Carla. “Actually, the name’s Ed.” “I know, you... But I have this insane desire for Benedict. Oh darling, please. For moi?” I know what she’s talking about. Eggs Benedict. She’s officially addicted. Especially ...

Hot pastrami in the heart of Logan

New York beef and local bread

I can't say how long the misspelling painted on the side of Ponderosa Market has been making me wonder, but it does claim the place has been serving hot subs to Barrio Logan since 1984. ...

Spontaneous food on PB seawall

The bird of time is on the wing

It’s smack on 4:44. “Yea. Yeah! Yea!” “Good jaa-ob!” “Hasta la mañana, baby! Woo-hoo!” The voices just keep on rising to a roar. The setting sun flares on the horizon, then glows angrily like a ...

Meat on the radar

It’s rare that a steak isn’t cooked exactly to order at a steakhouse

Call it economic anxiety, call it freelancing for a living, but for whatever reason this past year, my fine-dining experiences were limited to a handful of special occasions. When you spend more money than you’re ...

More pasty than pastry

Think twice before ordering a gluten-free donut

Holy Matcha, a tiny cafe specializing in the powdered green tea for which it’s named, feels like it was designed by an Instagram algorithm. The interior is all pink and green, and everything — down ...

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