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Gluten-free duck

So next night, here I am again, staring across at their come-hither lights

Gluten-free duck

Farm doors on the bathrooms

La Mesa's Fourpenny House offers remnants of British empire — curries, roast

Some things are worth the wait. That’s how I felt when Fourpenny House opened on La Mesa Boulevard back in April. This Scottish-themed pub has been in the works for at least two years before ...

Jolla Shark moves across I-5 from Logan

View of Chicano Park murals

Food trucks offering fish tacos and ceviche usually go by the name Mariscos something or other, but a recent addition to Logan Heights goes by a more distinctive name: Jolla Shark. Until recently, Jolla Shark ...

This is not my beautiful pasta

A new restaurant, an old favorite, and overcoming expectations

When I heard late last year that local hospitality group Whisknladle had sold its Prep Kitchen brand to a Las Vegas hospitality group, my gut response was, “What will happen to the Bolognese?” That would ...

Local house of pancakes

Because you don't get out of bed for a burger

History will only fitfully remember 2018 as the year national pancake chain IHOP changed a P to a B rebrand itself IHOB (International House of Burgers), then quickly bowed to public backlash and restored the ...

Sushi and tacos, making whoopee

“You could really fill yourself for eight bucks, no problem.”

Sushi and tacos, making whoopee

Chinese food with Vietnamese subtitles

Super long menu covers at least three national influences

What do you order when there are 219 items on the menu? I should probably just ask the room. It’s the Monday lunch rush at Minh Ky Restaurant, a small Chinese joint in City Heights, ...

Fancy Hot Pockets?

What's worth savoring at Empanada Kitchen

I wanted my family to try something different, but it was a hot night and we wanted something casual. Knowing the family liked tacos, I thought empanadas might be a nice alternative, since they are ...

Why everybody's talkin bout tacos

A shiny new place for taco fiends and vegans

Even in this city, it’s rare for a taco shop to emerge as a city’s must-visit dining destination. Still only weeks removed from its first day in East Village, counter restaurant Lola 55 has proven ...

Oak Park special

A good sandwich from a good place

I was just looking for a quick lunch on Labor Day, and found myself standing in a neighborhood market in Oak Park, the mostly residential neighborhood off highway 94 next to Chollas Creek. In the ...

I’m hemorrhaging mayonnaise

“Boy, hero to zero in five minutes flat.”

I’m hemorrhaging mayonnaise

Meatball sliders, hold the meat

New menu items and a bottle of soda

Nearly six years ago, I paid my first visit to the original, Adams Avenue, location of meatball-centric eatery, Soda & Swine. I ordered a couple of meatball sliders, with sides of brussels sprouts and mac’n’cheese. ...

Getting to know rockfish

A class for foodies makes local seafood more approachable

I finally learned how to filet a fish. At least, I was taught. I eat seafood often, but I’m not in the habit of preparing it at home. I get uncomfortable handling it, as though ...

Vegans eat breakfast too

An eggless breakfast is one thing, but an eggless quiche?

The best part of a cinnamon roll is the gooey center portion, shielded just enough by the outer rolls that it doesn’t quite bake through, so instead of crusting up, it remains entirely soft and ...

Burger issue issues

Diet-friendly, but too good to be truly good

The Reader’s annual burger issue will soon be here, and we food writers have been hard at work, taking on the grueling task of eating many of the county’s best. Somebody’s gotta do it, right? ...

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