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City lowers the bar

Barking dogs, garage sales, signs get the upper hand

In Jean Hoeger’s neighborhood, cars parked atop the front yard are becoming the norm. And with recent changes in code enforcement, residents have lost their chance to get the municipal code enforced. “In the College ...

Property crimes low, worries still high

Transients, theft, reckless driving, vandalism/graffiti, and illegal dumping

San Diego is one of the safest regions in the U.S. according to a report released by the county in April. Data from 2017 reflects the fourth-lowest violent crime rate since 1980 and the lowest ...

A rare lamb burrito sighting

Barbacoa steamed six hours in cactus leaves

There are only a few restaurants around the country dedicated to making lamb barbacoa, and most have found their way onto my to-do list. But what I’d yet to find was any Mexican eatery serving ...

Vaping's Wild West

Is the Marlboro Man going after unicorn pancakes and juice boxes?

Manufacturers and sellers of flavored nicotine liquid products got a warning earlier this month from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to change packaging that mimics food products like candy, cookies, and juice boxes. The ...

Surprising pretzels

Boulevard liquor store steps up its snack game

Driving down El Cajon Boulevard, going about my business, I had no intention to get a snack. But passing by the Boulevard Wine and Spirits, I spotted a new sign: “Boulevard Pretzels — Now Open.” ...

City Heights Photos

Who says a City Heights back ...

Pink sky in City Heights.

A sign outside the Til-Two club.

Barber Shop For Real Men ( ...

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