Of Note

Brothers to Brotherhood

This is a jam band with the Grateful Dead’s fingerprints all over it

Chris Robinson is long of beard and graying, but still in possession of the skills that pushed his old band the Black Crowes to another level entirely. Back then, in front of the Crowes, Robinson ...

Improbably seasoned

Kid Jonny Lang didn’t sound like a kid

Blues music is appreciated even in the most un-blues-like corners of the world. North Dakota, for example. It may be possible to trace the radiation of that music into such desolate territory back to a ...

Close and distant

Cat Power’s Wanderer hits home

By the time Chan Marshall reaches San Diego as her alter ego Cat Power, she will have released Wanderer, her first album of new music in six years. The reviewers at Pitchfork gave it a ...

From Chula Vista keggers to the big leagues

The original P.O.D. is still at it

Right around the Millennium, it was a good time for rock and roll music. The early 2000’s saw a trend of hybrid bands that mixed hardcore, punk, hip hop, and grunge. Nu Metal, or Rapcore ...

The latest spin on America’s oldest music

The Record Company: file under “blues trio”

Some have tried it with two and made big noise, but trios are the foundation of rock and roll. Consider the Wombats, Cream, Nirvana, Motorhead, the Beastie Boys, ZZ Top, Green Day, the Black Rebel ...

No-frills four-on-the-floor roots rock

William Clark Green writes simple melodies and words that make you think

William Clark Green from Flint, Texas is a country music band leader with a rock-and-roll heart. Not recycled Top 40 rock made into country music with a violin and a string of clichés for words. ...

The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band: country blues’ lethal weapon

The Guit-gun is a small-bore shotgun the Reverend converted into a guitar

I’m guessing it’s not easy to be the Reverend Peyton. His particular apple fell from the Charley Patton tree of the blues, and though it may have bounced, it did not bounce far. Patton, who ...

Halloween comes every day for Michale Graves

The former Misfits lead singer continues to write ambiguous and frightening songs

It’s a familiar face, albeit one decorated from ear to ear in fright makeup. Some of you may remember Michale Graves from the Misfits. Graves, from New Jersey, won the audition for lead singer in ...

More skate park or Whole Foods than faux vampire

The Growlers can blend a generational tapestry of genres that sounds complex, but is not

Some of the best rock music has been made in California. The Growlers are the present-day sum of that Golden state legacy. Imagine the Heartbreakers, but with random hints of surf rock, garage rock, British ...

Ozzy Osbourne: the Grammy-winning Rock and Roll Hall of Famer is road-dogging it

Fifty years in the business from Black Sabbath to Hollywood celebrity

So many years, so much Ozzy. He’s the guy who famously chomped a bat on stage, a story that’s been told and re-told so many times now over the years that it’s become myth. Then ...

50 years of East L.A. blues-rock

The Delgado Brothers Band came out of the scene that gave us El Chicano, Los Lobos, and Cannibal and the Headhunters

50 years of East L.A. blues-rock

Let’s Be Friends

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