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Local spirits rise from the ashes

Nine months after a fire, San Diego Distillery returns bigger and better

Back in September 2017, San Diego Distillery was poised to grow out of its small warehouse space in Spring Valley. The craft spirit maker’s “beer whiskey” approach — distilling craft beer into barrel-aged grain liquors ...

Blimey, that's my local!

There's a different beer scene next door

For those of us in South Park, a visit to our friendly neighborhood brewery means a short walk to South Park Brewing Company. It’s not always a no-brainer. Owner Scot Blair opened the brewery right ...

Buck It All, Unchartered Watermelons, Bolt Fan Blues, Devilish Grin

I know you don't have an hour to read about mead

If I tried to tell you everything going down at Miralani Makers’ District, reading this article would take an hour. Let this suffice: in a pair of neighboring Miramar business parks, nine individual beer and ...

Morning beers flow in Terminal 2

The only measure of time that matters is how long before your flight boards

In all the tasting rooms, representing all the breweries, within the entire county of San Diego, there’s only one requiring that even local residents buy an airplane ticket to get there: Stone Brewing in Terminal ...

Campy names for serious beers

The pride of Hillcrest Brewing is a scotch ale

It’s noon on a warm Sunday, and I’ve just come from pinching produce at the Hillcrest Farmers Market to quench my thirst a flight at Hillcrest Brewing Company. It’s a journey of about twelve feet. ...

Meadiocrity has something to braggot about

Local meadmakers nab a TV homebrew prize

Call San Diego the land of beer and honey, because the guys behind a local mead startup have won a nationally televised beer contest. Andrew Segina, John Botica, and Mark Oberle co-founded Meadiocrity Meadery in ...

Three guys, three jobs, and a bottle of gin

13 botanicals net gold for young startup

One pesky little problem inhibiting the craft spirits movement is that it’s technically not legal to distill alcohol as an amateur. So, while hobbyists have been homebrewing beer legally four decades now, distillers aren’t allowed ...

Smarter with each pour

Learn about yeasts, enzymes, and brut IPA

There’s an oft repeated myth in our country that alcohol kills brain cells. Not only is that claim bunk, but in some instances, drinking a few beers can actually make you smarter. Case in point: ...

We like to do everything upside down

Cider maker opens its doors for fan feedback

The owners of Guthrie CiderWorks are looking for a little help deciding which of their upcoming cider flavors will eventually make it into bars and shops. To do so, the young Miramar business has decided ...

Beers, bats, and axes

Sharpen your aim before trying the stout

Keeping the recreational beer drinker in mind, a number of local breweries offer games for customers to play in and around their tasting rooms. The beanbag toss game cornhole is a common sight. So is ...

What pairs well with sunset?

That OB vibe, but the beer's gotten better

I walked in shortly before sunset, by design. OB Brewery sits a short block from the Ocean Beach Pier, and its main attraction is a rooftop deck that peeks over adjacent buildings to offer a ...

This summer, let blondes rule

A brilliant time to love San Diego craft lagers

After decades of drinking hop bomb IPAs, San Diegans have whet our palates and wholeheartedly embraced craft lagers like never before. Local beer now offers an unprecedented variety of crisp, clean blondes, and this summer, ...

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