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That vacation craving

A search for shredded beef leads to great bread

Every time on of my friends travels to Cuba, I start craving the stewed beef dish, ropa vieja. The pictures they share on Facebook never have anything to do with food: it's mostly cars, beaches, ...

Rose Creek was worst of the Clairemont parks

Help clean it up this weekend

In the 1850s, San Diego pioneer Louis Rose maintained cattle and a ranch house in Rose Canyon, utilizing the canyon’s stream to water his animals. As the town grew up around the creek and Mission ...

A tree survives in Bay Park

Church and city adamant the tree is theirs

On August 15, Bay Park resident Laura Schumacher saw her husband's favorite ficus tree being cut down (above Mission Bay Park on Clairemont Drive between Denver and Galveston). The workers told her they were there ...

U-T paperboy blues

Two Ocean Beach routes took three and a half hours

It's 2:30 am on a Thursday, and I'm headed to a warehouse in Mira Mesa to learn the paperboy trade. When I arrive at 3 am, the parking lot is dark and full of double-parked ...

Yard crimes in Clairemont blamed on Prop 47

"Mass incarceration is bad but so is the jerk that ransacked my car"

Thieves are targeting whatever isn't nailed down in Clairemont's front yards. It's a big problem in Pacific Beach, too, according to one resident, "Yards are being picked clean of outdoor furniture, surfboards, and bikes. If ...

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Clairemont by Robert Chartier

Clairemont by Robert Chartier

Clairemont by Robert Chartier

Clairemont by Robert Chartier

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