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Deceptive calm in University City

Even as talks on water pipes continue, lawsuit filed

As the San Diego water department plans to plant several dozen miles of pressurized 48-inch-diameter steel pipes to and from its pure water plant, residents of University City are worried. They are expressing those concerns ...

How to eat and pronounce Uyghur

Lunch served with a geography lesson

It’s an old joke by now, something along the lines of: "going to war is how Americans learn geography." I’ve laughed about it myself, but I’ve been able pick out Kuwait and Vietnam on a ...

Cate to Clairemont: Drop dead

County proposes 494 apartments on Mt. Etna near Genesee

As tensions wane over a homeless housing development on Mt. Alifan Drive, all eyes have shifted to a bigger affordable housing project on Mt. Etna Drive. Both are within one-half mile of each other by ...

Maybe it wasn't woodshop after all

"There's an alert out on us? That's okay, you don't need to sign this."

Lenny Swanson heard a knock at his front door on June 11 at 7:00 p.m. He looked out his window to see a 20-something, Hispanic male, heavy build. "He said, 'we're gathering signatures to bring ...

Bus rider pet peeves: walking and waiting

What will get more riders to saddle up?

Metropolitan Transit System or MTS has been hanging Choose Transit posters at bus stops around town. Plus they reached out to ask public opinion in April and May. Shorter commute times, more transit options, and ...

Clairemont Photos

Clairemont by Robert Chartier

Clairemont by Robert Chartier

Clairemont by Robert Chartier

Clairemont by Robert Chartier

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