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Local Dems and GOP beat back the edges

Smiechowski, Kirkman, Hidalgo — skunks at the garden party

Clairemont resident Danny Smiechowski says he's being bullied by local Democrats and shunned by the media. He is an official candidate for San Diego city council in district 2. He’s running as a Democrat, but ...

Just keep toilet out of the title

Pure Water gets unanimous city council approval

Tuesday was a big day for water projects in Southern California. The Metropolitan Water District's board of directors authorized $10.8 billion toward Governor Jerry Brown's effort to fix the state's aging water delivery system, one ...

Clairemont: Touch and Go needs to go

Residents want Montgomery Field to get the lead out

"It's a constant barrage of planes sputtering and buzzing," said one resident that lives under Montgomery Field's flight path. Eden Yaege, Clairemont town council president said, "Many people have noticed that over the last few ...

Baby rattler at my door

"The whole thing was so frustrating, as there weren't any clear options."

A baby rattlesnake was found by Veronica Alcaraz's sister at her front door on February 12th. "Can you believe it?! My sister was taking things to and from her car when she spotted it. It ...

Traffic circles coming to Moraga Avenue

Some Bay Ho residents thrilled, some not

A topic of conversation for years has been the speeding, traffic, and accidents on Moraga Avenue. The city plans to remedy the situation by installing traffic circles (mini-roundabouts) on Moraga at Idlewild Way and Fox ...

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Clairemont by Robert Chartier

Clairemont by Robert Chartier

Clairemont by Robert Chartier

Clairemont by Robert Chartier

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