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Eagles hate people and avoid L.A.

Tracking study reveals details of the lives lived by raptors

Bob Fisher's three years of finding, catching, and tracking San Diego County's golden eagles have made him certain of one thing: "Eagles hate people," Fisher said. "They hate dogs. They don't mind vehicles, but as ...

Look but don’t touch at Doane Valley’s stinging nettle station

This interesting trail winds through riparian, grassland, and a wooded hillside with views of meadows and mountainsides

The Doane Valley Nature Trail provides a sampling of the many plants and shrubs that can be found at Palomar Mountain State Park. Taking a hike on this trail is a great way to learn ...

Palomar picnic

There’re no electrical outlets in the woods

While driving, there is absolutely no expectation in any corner of my mind that I should or could be doing anything else but enjoying the ride. And there are no electrical outlets in the woods.

Fatality at La Jolla Indian Reservation

Man falls dead on dance floor at post–Burning Man party

Details surrounding a recent death at the La Jolla Indian Reservation are limited. An estimated 3000 people camped at the reservation over the October 15-18 weekend for YOUtopia, “San Diego's Regional Burning Man Event.” A ...

Explore a serene, pocket-sized mountain valley

Love Valley Meadow is tucked into the southern flanks of Palomar Mountain

The trailhead for Love Valley Meadow can be easily missed when driving up the East Grade Road/S-7 into Palomar Mountain as it begins from the back of a deep turnout alongside the road. While not ...

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Sunrise at Palomar Mountian

New Years Eve 2014 - Lake ...

A view from Palomar Mountain!

Sunset solitude in Pauma Valley.