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Founding a new nation like Sealand

The work is probably disproportionate to the reward

Dear Hipster: You’re probably too young to remember Sealand. Back in the late Sixties and early Seventies, these kooks had seized an old oil rig (or something to that effect) off the coast of England, ...

Mitigating climate change with more than #NODAPL protests

Do you care too much... or too little?

Dear Hipster: How do we make mitigating climate change hip in the sense of people actually doing something about it? Yeah, they may post a few things on Insta or RT, but how do we ...

The inexplicable reason people keep eating at the Cheesecake Factory

Why do people hate the word “moist”?

Dear Hipster: Is it ever the case that somebody might want to impersonate a hipster? If so, why? — Darren One might think, given the general opprobrium towards hipsterkind on behalf of the general public, ...

Enthusiastically endorsing Drumstick ice cream breakfast cereal

Should be more appealing to adults with a healthy sense of ironic humor than it should to little kiddos

Dear Hipster: I get how things normally work. Hipsters are into hipster stuff before it’s cool, then, after the hipster stuff attains mainstream popularity, hipsters are “over it” because it’s too mainstream. That’s old news ...

Is old school cooler than modern when discussing 8-tracks, laserdiscs and Betamax tapes?

Por que no?

Dear Hipster: If old-school is cooler than modern, and if obscure is cooler than common, then why aren’t hipsters stockpiling 8-tracks, laserdiscs, and Betamax tapes? I would think these various media, so much more obscure ...

“Hey, Mexican Cavalier with US plates. Neat!”

Isn’t doing things that don’t make good sense the most hipster thing of all?

Dear Hipster: So, I was reading the letter from the guy who apparently read a seventeen year old Reader article about buying cars in Mexico, went to TJ to get himself a 2019 Cavalier, and ...

The Indiana Jones of the local Salvation Army

Picking the right ironic t-shirt is part science, part craft

Dear Hipster: As a second (but not third) generation fashion iconoclast — though I do have a great-grandparent who made distinctly eccentric sartorial choices in his day — I feel welling up in me a ...

Instagram cat influencer or guest spot on Ellen as a parrot who can sing renditions of Beyoncé songs in Spanglish?

Imagine the possibilities!

Hey Hipster: Would it be better to get reincarnated as a cat who’s famous on Instagram or a parrot who gets to be on Ellen (but only for one day) because it learns how to ...

Colonel Sanders as a Coachella-bound influencer?

After all, they call it a “fortune” because luck has more to do with it than anything else.

Dear Hipster: What the heck do I have to do to become a multi-millionaire hipster Instagram influencer with lucrative contracts from big companies? I want free hotel stays, toys for my kids, treats for my ...

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