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Life expectancy

The future needn’t always come at the expense of the past

Life expectancy

A generation of industrious professionals

Hipster parents will be paradoxically proud of the mainstream little overachievers they raised

A generation of industrious professionals

Hipster superpower

Shaving with your laser vision?

Dear Hipster: Would it be hipster to refer to “an hipster,” as opposed to “a hipster,” or would it be pretentious? — An Enquirer I think it’s only pretentious if you say “an hipster” when ...

The difference matters

How much hipsters giveth unto pop culture, but also how much they taketh away

Dear Hipster: You write often of the quirks and idiosyncrasies that differentiate hipsters from what I will call, for lack of a better word, the bourgeoisie. I want to hear about the inverse principle. Namely, ...

How to avoid hipsters

“Man, I remember when it wasn’t so played out”

Dear Hipster: I’ve noticed the way this column often provides helpful (dare I say “invaluable”?) advice on how to distinguish various varieties of hipster from each other, on where to find hipsters, and on why ...

Where San Diego hipsterness begins

Save $2 and get the shredded beef burrito instead

Dear Hipster: What is the most San Diego-specific hipster thing you could do? — Kyle On balance, our local hipsters are much the same as hipsters in any other urban locale worthy of an Eater ...

Don't try to predict the next big thing

Pick a number between 35 and 7892, divide it by a rye Manhattan...

Dear Hipster: Why do so many hipsters harbor ambitions as musicians? — Ernesto It’s actually the other way around, many musicians live hipster lives. The part of the human brain that makes music begins to ...

Seasoned with a hint of social conscience

A home-cooked meal drowned in the sauce of creative necessity

Dear Hipster: I’ve been following your advice about eating all the food in the house in order to make space, but its not been so easy. Why do I have all these cans of sun ...

Brick & mortified

More "doomed to obsolescence"

After an outpouring of creative ideas from the brightest minds among the Reader’s local fan base, I offer the following list of neologisms that might fill the gap in the English language where there really ...

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