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Seasoned with a hint of social conscience

A home-cooked meal drowned in the sauce of creative necessity

Dear Hipster: I’ve been following your advice about eating all the food in the house in order to make space, but its not been so easy. Why do I have all these cans of sun ...

Brick & mortified

More "doomed to obsolescence"

After an outpouring of creative ideas from the brightest minds among the Reader’s local fan base, I offer the following list of neologisms that might fill the gap in the English language where there really ...

A Hip Hopera

“Slicker than a porpoise and thicker than a horse is”

Dear Hipster: What kind of music is best for working out? — La Jolla Spin Class Junkie I wouldn’t know. We hipsters prefer to remain thin by smoking cigarettes and eating kale. Dear Hipster: I ...

Doomed to obsolescence

Blockbuster syndrome?

At the end of May, I put out a call for suggestions from readers for a word meaning “the pain you feel when you realize something you love about the world is doomed to obsolescence.” ...

Where have all the cowboys gone?

Why aren't they ordering craft cocktails in North Park alongside the lumberjacks?

Dear Hipster: I was idly browsing Westworld reddits the other day, trying to figure out exactly what the heck has been going on the past couple weeks, and that got me thinking about cowboys. Real ...

Dads who like booze donuts and sausage cocktails

"Am I no longer cool? Do I even care?"

Dear Hipster: I’ve been having a kind of hipster crisis lately. I fear I am gradually becoming less and less cool. It seems like just yesterday I was tending bar, sleeping in, getting drunk at ...

Martinis and kidney shaped pools

and; Can one be both retro and creative?

Dear Hipster: Consider the following a sort of follow-up to your recent missive about weather and seasons. Which is the more hipster destination, the desert or the beach? — Dale J. Hmmm, both certainly have ...

Tech, you were my brother, and I loved you

But the future doesn't look bright for us

Dear Hipster: What was your favorite hipster moment during the royal wedding? — Erin Not watching it. Dear Hipster: Did you hear Yanny or Laurel? — Derek I don’t get what all the fuss is ...

Why isn't there Amerivision?

California could kick in the occasional gangsta rap-surf-punk-norteño fusion number

Dear Hipster: I have no opinion on the chicken song, but I sort of wonder, why doesn’t the US have something like the Eurovision Song Contest? — Denny Beats the heck outta me. I would ...

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