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There are bands other than Green Day and Blink 182

And there is no Santa

Dear Hipster: As far as comparative Christmas-ruining is concerned, what would be worse — accidentally telling your four-year-old cousins the truth about Santa Claus or forgetting to get your boy- or girlfriend a Christmas present? ...

Sure-fire way to stop rampant consumerism

An experiment with one family

Dear Hipster: Fair warning, this is not a question. I just want to share with you a holiday tradition, followed by my family, because I think it will appeal to your hipster values. It all ...

Slings, arrows, and naming names

Who are Tim Mays, Sam Chammas, Chuck Patton, Paul Horn, Dave Good?

Dear Hipster: Your list of great albums sucks. You suffer from a lack of taste. Go back to making jokes about mustaches and Cap’n Crunch. — Ethan Hipster: Nice work leaving out Paul’s Boutique, hipster. ...

Spongebob Squarepants is still on TV

The early 2000s can seem at once distant and familiar

Dear Hipster: Here I sit, gazing forlornly at my navel and contemplating the nature of time. What is time? While I can look at the clock and see the second hand tick-tick-tick the day away, ...

Omit the 21st century

Best albums for us

Dear Hipster: Top five desert-island album choices? — Hannah (listening to My Bloody Valentine in Talmadge) I’ve been sitting on this one for a while now, not afraid per se, but reticent to meet this ...

Hook me up to Cap'n Crunch

One food every day for the rest of my life

Dear Hipster: If you had to eat one food every day for the rest of your life, what would it be? — Dan Apparently I’m being forced, most likely at gunpoint or other annihilatory threat, ...

The line between genius and stereotype is just so thin

And a hipster bucket list is a contradiction in terms.

Dear Hipster: What’s the most hipster thing you have done recently? What’s the most hipster thing you have ever done? What’s the most hipster thing you can possibly conceive of doing but have not yet ...

The truth behind mustaches and charity

Weather the criticisms of your friends, buy the drinks

Dear Hipster:My friends and I agreed that we would all participate in Movember this year, each fully committed to grow his bushiest mustache. As a somewhat hirsute gentleman, my mustache has grown well and rapidly, ...

“It’s, like, you know, like....” — maybe this stuttering will disappear

No one predicted the Spanish Inquisition, or neo-swing in the late 1990s

Dear Hipster: A 35-ish man three tables down is talking a great deal to his two table mates. He begins every, and I mean every, sentence with “It’s, like, you know, like....” He repeats the ...

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