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Generation twixt

Why would anyone want to invent a category expressly for people who don’t belong in a category?

Dear Hipster: I often hear people talking about hipsters and Millennials as if the two are coextensive. Other times, people equate hipsters and Gen X’ers. Sometimes Generation Z takes the blame (or gets the credit, ...

Outback Steakhouse to axe throwing first dates

Easy like Sunday morning, unless you went out Saturday night and drank too much

Hipster: I’m growing older. I found myself scoping out even more suburban places recently. Though I seek peace and tranquility, maybe I can’t do it. Just too far from the hip. I guess La Mesa ...

From the scrunchie to the Cats movie

The best and worst of 2019

Dear Hipster: What were the best and worst parts of 2019? — Zadie From the hipster perspective, the best part of 2019 would have to be the brief return to popularity of the scrunchie. Ordinarily, ...

Jingle Cats is terrifying

Unpopular opinions without adequate provocation

Happy New Year, all you hipsters! I hate to break with the typical Q-preceding-A format, but I must begin this year with a shout-out to the observant hipster who pointed out how my idea for ...

21st-century zodiac placemat

Rat: Most compatible with Dragons and somebody else’s cocaine

Dear Hipster: Every year around this time, I think back to the paper placemats at the Chinese restaurant I went to as a kid. You probably know the ones I mean, with the signs of ...

Elizabeth Warren has no idea who Diplo is

Critics created the “hipster antitrust” moniker as an immediate way to signal their displeasure

Hey Hipster: What the heck is hipster antitrust and why does it keep showing up in my news feed? I’m not even exactly sure what regular antitrust is (except I think it has something to ...

Sustainable, artisanal, alternative Christmas music

I would call it A Very Cat Christmas

Dear Hipster: It’s getting to be that season, when I can’t enter a retail establishment without having my ears bombarded by the same old Christmas songs I’ve heard over and over again for the past ...

A Star Wars nativity scene with Baby Yoda

How to chase off the Yuletide chill

Dear Hipster: You have told us winter is basically here, and we should all be drinking warm, alcoholic beverages to chase off the Yuletide chill. I would challenge one of the basic assumptions underlying your ...

The hottest drinks of winter

Step beyond warm Keystone Ice Lager

Dear Hipster: I think the hipster love of winter has been fairly well established at this point, and we can pretty much take it as a given that, for every person who falls back on ...