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Frons list

Top ten movies of 2018, plus, this year's Big Screen Big List

A few months back, I put out feelers to all of the major theatre chains in San Diego, hoping that one of them would have the good taste (and decency) to book the long-awaited last ...

2018: Apparition to Zama

If a movie releases on Netflix and not in a theater, is it a movie?

A strange year at the movies for your exceedingly humble correspondent. Only about 100 reviews this time ‘round, and three of my notable ten didn’t even make it into the paper. The first of those ...

Asian Film Festival opens this weekend

Three to see

At age 19, the Asian Film Festival shows no sign of slowing down. If anything, this could be the strongest lineup artistic director Brian Hu has assembled in many a year. What follows are a ...

The other side of Peter Bogdanovich

"I would like to see the complete Magnificent Ambersons."

Here's more of my talk with Peter Bogdanovich. From Buster Keaton the subject shifts to what chance, if any, we have of ever seeing Jerry Lewis' notorious concentration camp clown picture, his thoughts on The ...

As fall comes in, the stars come out

Three three-star new movie releases this week, including Golden Job and I Am Not a Witch

Three three-star new movie releases this week, including Golden Job and I Am Not a Witch

Ethan Hawke's Blaze of glory

Plus other new movie releases, including Lizzie and Love, GIlda

Plus other new movie releases, including Lizzie and Love, GIlda

Pick of the Litter is the pick of the litter

Plus other new movie releases, including The Predator and The Apparition

This seems to be shaping up as the Year of the Dog in cinema, what with Alpha, AXL, Dog Days, and now the delightful documentary Pick of the Litter. After that, you may end up ...

Nun better? Nun worse.

But The Nun will still probably top the rest of this week's new movie releases

A long time ago, a friend gave me a copy of Gerald Brittle's The Demonologist: The Extraordinary Career of Ed and Lorraine Warren, and warned me not to read it before going to sleep. I ...

On your Marks...

...supercritic Scott tackles movie releases both old and new

September doesn't start until tomorrow, and Fall's not for another three weeks, but Scott Marks has shaken off the torpor brought on by a slew of summer snoozefests and lept back into the fray like ...

Boyz in the hoods

Screenwriter Kevin Willmott talks BlacKkKlansman

So impressed was Spike Lee by Kevin Willmott’s debut feature, C.S.A.: The Confederate States of America that as soon as he saw the picture's Sundance premiere, he offered to act as the film’s presenter. Spike ...

Meet Eighth Grade's star pupils this Saturday

Elsie Fisher and Emily Robinson in town for Q&As

As if an opportunity to relive the last hellish week of grade school weren't enough, the two star students of Eighth Grade will be in town this weekend to celebrate the film's opening. If your ...

Swedish fish and the Oregon Trail

Normally, the lead photo art corresponds with the lead review, but protocol be damned when you hook a whopper like this: a candid shot of Ingmar Bergman posing with Spielberg’s toy shark, Bruce. To commemorate ...

The Digital Gym, five years in

Quick: what was the first film to put the Media Arts Center’s Digital Gym on the map? Having to answer that question produced the first of two blushes from the organization’s founding father and guiding ...

Women in Hollywood

Ocean's 8, Hereditary and more "women's pictures" among this week's new movie releases

Well, director Colin Treverrow (Safety Not Guaranteed, Jurassic World, and um, The Book of Henry) went and gave a barn-burner of an interview to the good people at Uproxx that should have folks talking about ...

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