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Mel Gibson cast as intolerant cop role in S. Craig Zahler’s Dragged Across Concrete

If Harvey Weinstein is the father of the #MeToo movement, then surely Mel deserves credit for kickstarting the #MeJew movement.

Hollywood is run by Jews, or so the age old anti-semitic trope would lead one to believe. If that’s the case, would someone please explain how it is that Mel Gibson continues to find work ...

The Wedding Guest: Michael Winterbottom’s suspense-packed film noir

Spoiler alert: crime does pay.

Standing on tiptoes, the devil on my shoulder took to jabbing a pitchfork in my ear. “Wanna have a little fun?” he chortled. “Try selling your readers — both of them — on The Wedding ...

Captain Marvel: I am woman

Feels like object lessons in empowerment through self-affirmation

I was bored watching Captain Marvel. For a while, I thought it was because this particular Marvel movie wasn’t meant for me. The spiritually inclined had already had their outing with Dr. Strange, the same ...

Luke Perry Comics & Stories

Locally produced Perry comic book

The Luke Perry biographical comic book was produced by Hillcrest-based Revolutionary Comics in 1992.

Oscar grouching

Imitation is the sincerest form of failure

It was Hollywood’s biggest night, and the wonky pan-and-zoom-in on the Dolby Theatre that opened the show looked like something out of a network cop drama from the ‘70s. Inside, the joint was rocking out ...

Casting: Fassbinder, flipped

A stinging moment of comeuppance

When festival coordinator Tobias Queck lamented the high cost of renting an auditorium for the German Currents Film Festival, I suggested that he look into the more reasonably priced venue. What was once a yearly ...

Never Look Away: Why not?

Why would anyone paint a yellow sky when the sky is clearly blue?

Director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck’s ambitious three-hour pre- and post-WWII epic has the rare and curious distinction of opening with a villain-speech that’s actually supposed to inform your experience of the film: a Nazi docent’s ...

Time to let go of LEGO?

Is The Second Part bound to disappear into the Bin of Storage?

Maybe it’s unfair to open my review of The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part by noting that midway through, my 10-year-old daughter felt compelled to lean over and whisper in my ear, “I don’t ...

Jackie Chan meets the Criterion criteria

When was the last time you saw a shanty town destroyed in the name of an avalanche gag?

Thanksgiving comes early this week at the Ken when a pair of Jackie Chan kung-fu cop comedies hold what appear to be their San Diego premiers. There are no signs of either film being reviewed ...

Critic crowns The Kid Who Would Be King

Youth must be served

Tired of all the political spiel teeming from the TV? Not thrilled at the prospect of squandering your entertainment dollars on more of the same at the local multiplex? My first two releases logged for ...

Frons list

Top ten movies of 2018, plus, this year's Big Screen Big List

A few months back, I put out feelers to all of the major theatre chains in San Diego, hoping that one of them would have the good taste (and decency) to book the long-awaited last ...