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I really wanted to use a live cat

Director Charlie Bean gives background of Lego Ninjago Movie

At the Lego Ninjago Movie press conference held last week at Legoland Carlsbad, a child asked the film’s assembled cast and crew, “What happened to the cat?” The tot was referring to the monstrous beast ...

Anne Frank in the attic

Local Matt Sivertson’s first feature, Love All You Have Left

A private message arrived from local actress (and new Facebook friend) Caroline Amiguet asking that I attend this Friday’s screening of her husband Matt Sivertson’s first feature, Love All You Have Left, in which she ...

Here It comes

Horror flick heads up this week’s new movie releases

It is out, but is It good? Well...there are good bits. But it doesn’t touch Get Out as the year’s best horror flick. Because the real horror is the evil that men do. The monster ...

Take comfort, Dane DeHaan: 2017 is three-quarters over

The star has three lackluster vehicles currently in theaters, including this week’s Tulip Fever

Poor Dane DeHaan. He started 2017 by starring in the criminally underrated A Cure for Wellness, then starred in the monumental flop Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, and now here he is ...

Local boy Dylan Moran makes good, and also makes a movie, Get Big

The kids of today

If last year’s The Edge of Seventeen felt like the kids of today as portrayed by a (smart, sensitive) grown-up, this year’s Get Big is very much the kids of today as portrayed by the ...

Escape to a good time at the movies

Escapes and Good Time are among this week’s new movie releases

It’s stupid jokes week here at The Big Screen... Patti Cake$ fails to rise. Good Time mostly isn't, though it is pretty good. Leap! should take a flying...leap. Lemon is a lemon. The Trip to ...

Good Time, a soundtrack in search of a movie

An honest portrait, if an unattractive one

My first thought upon leaving co-directors Benny and Josh Safdie’s Good Time (Josh co-wrote, while Benny co-stars alongside an intense, controlled Robert Pattinson) was: A soundtrack in search of a movie. That’s not altogether fair, ...

Escapes, a docu-biography

Who knew that Blade Runner was financed in part by Flipper’s TV dad?

Contemporary documentarians, adrift without historical recordings to help illustrate their case, too often try and pass off stock shots from vintage black-and-white studio releases as the emmes. Michael Almereyda’s docu-biography Escapes never once attempts to ...

Exploring the underbelly and outliers

Including 68 Kill, The Hitman’s Bodyguard, Logan Lucky, and Menashe

You know what I’d like to do? I’ll tell you what I’d like to do. I’d like to host a redneck film festival. Maybe not this year, what with all the awfulness surrounding disenfranchised white ...

Endless Poetry, very much a picture show

Jodorowsky’s juvenalia journal

With Endless Poetry, Chilean surrealist (super-realist?) Alejandro Jodorowsky continues the fantastical memoir he began in 2013’s Dance of Reality. But where that first film made a tragic-absurdist hero out of young Alejandro’s father — he ...

Kids today — and yesterday

Offspring abounds in this week’s new movie releases, including The Glass Castle and Wind River

A strong week at the movies, if not necessarily a happy one for the kiddies. Not so much the ones in the seats — though we’re not holding out much hope for The Nut Job ...

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