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Between the covers, between the sheets

Fifty shades of gray pubic hair

Tale of the Tape: Book Club, Famed Dames Awards Edition — Jane Fonda (7 Oscar noms, 5 Emmy noms, 2 Oscars, 1 Emmy); Diane Keaton (4 Oscar noms, 1 Emmy nom, 1 Oscar); Mary Steenburgen ...

A five-star farewell for Abbas Kiarostami

The late director's final work, 24 Frames, makes a movie from his photographs

Just moments before I headed out the door for a screening of I Feel Pretty, an email arrived from the Digital Gym containing a link to 24 Frames, the final film signed by the late ...

The divine cinematographer

The Endless, a lo-fi local treat

A Catholic friend of mine is fond of saying “That’s gonna burn” when he looks back on this or that moment of personal failure. He imagines that when he dies and faces his final judgment, ...

Blown away by a metaphysical whirlwind

Hirokazu Kore-Eda's latest at the Asian Film Festival's Spring Showcase

With its overall superb yearly batting average, the San Diego Asian Film Festival Spring Showcase, now in its 8th year, generally heralds the last gasp of quality moviegoing at the multiplex before the summer season ...

Cinderella in reverse

Nary a jiggle on my built-in geezer porn detector during Finding Your Feet

A sideways glance at the poster for Finding Your Feet was all it took before I began fanning away the aroma of flop sweat prompted by visions of the Boynton Beach Club Bucket Listers waking ...

Bob Balaban gets to be King — the dog

"There’s a thin line dividing us, and it involves the fact that he has more hair than I do."

Actor Bob Balaban has appeared in director Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel and Moonrise Kingdom. In the delightful and exquisite Isle of Dogs, he plays King, a former dog food commercial star who is ...

Fervent charm

Gayness gets Simonized

When was the last time you visited a mainstream multiplex and the sight of two men kissing on screen wasn’t greeted with either uncomfortable laughter from the audience or caterwauling rumbles of disapproval? Well now, ...

San Diego Latino Film Festival turns 25

Telenovelas no, melodramas sí

Before congratulating Moisés Esparza, Programming Manager for the San Diego Latino Film Festival and Digital Gym, on this year’s outstanding lineup, let’s unleash a whole lotta love in the direction of festival papa Ethan Van ...

Wes Anderson retrospective starts March 2

This week's new releases: Red Sparrow, Bombshell, Nostalgia, Deathwish, Mohawk

First, the whimsical, quirky news, or at least the news of the whimsical and quirky: as a run-up to the March 28th release of Wes Anderson's latest, Isle of Dogs, the Digital Gym is running ...

Ten reasons Three Billboards doesn’t deserve any of its technical nominations

Cursed weaknesses

Perhaps my admiration for Martin McDonagh’s previous films (In Bruges, Seven Psychopaths) made my disappointment with Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri that much more acute. I waited as long as possible before publishing this, but ...

How can you not love a Flower that blooms into such moments of unexpected tolerance as this?

A rare commodity

A minor, eager to raise her pappy’s bail money, offers to exchange video evidence — footage of her engaging in sex acts, secretly recorded by two accomplices — for trips to various ATMs with her ...

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