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Beautiful Boy: Oh, boy

Who is this movie’s target audience?

Daddy Dave (Steve Carell) spends the first quarter of the picture scratching his head while even accidental moviegoers — those who stumble across Beautiful Boy as a fluke, without the benefit of having seen the ...

Bad Times at the El Royale is good

Director Drew Goddard is clearly a man who views his setting as a character

In 2012, writer-director Drew Goddard took a bunch of teens to a Cabin in the Woods for a rollicking nightmare subversion of the horror genre. Here, he takes a bunch of strangers — Jeff Bridges’ ...

The shteegan on Fred Saxon

The ringer was still in movie theatre mode when I awoke last Friday to find four messages. To paraphrase comedian Richard Lewis, that many calls so early in the day means one thing: death in ...

I Am Not a Witch: craft and care

A remarkably assured debut, one that knows its strengths and plays to them

I Am Not a Witch: craft and care

Glad we had Gilda

“She would walk into the room and all the energy would go to her”

Glad we had Gilda

Trump supporter calls out Scott Marks

Blackkklansman provided the opportunity

Diss not Donald Trump Just reading the review of the blackkklansman (“BlacKkKlansman,” Movie Reviews). Real classy. Why do you have to diss the president? I think he’s doing a pretty good job. So sad. Mike ...

Gun girl Garner

There must not have been enough zeros on the alimony check

Gun girl Garner

Dirty sex, clean windshields

Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood

As one of the witnesses in Warren Beatty’s Reds, Henry Miller recalled, “There was just as much f*ing going on then as now, only now it has a more perverted quality.” Apparently Mr. Miller had ...

Puzzle: Bored game enthusiasts

Why burn daylight snapping together a jigsaw puzzle when it’s easier (and more enlightening) to buy a ticket and watch two characters assemble one? The only missing piece to this otherwise easily fathomable romantic Puzzle ...

Midaq Alley: a big-screen telenovela

For those keeping score at home, Midaq Alley has taken home more awards than any other movie in the history of Mexican cinema. This bustlingly profane Spanish-language adaptation of Egyptian Nobel prize-winner Naguib Mahfuz’s 1947 ...

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