Jay Allen Sanford

Jay Allen Sanford

Jay Allen Sanford co-created the comic book line Rock 'N' Roll Comics for Revolutionary Comics, publishers of the Beatles Experience 8-issue series (among the titles reprinted in graphic novel form by Bluewater Productions, beginning in 2010), and his publishing company Re-Visionary Press is known for its line of Carnal Comics — True Stories of Adult Film Stars; the titles were among the top-selling independent comic books of the '90s. He also created the comic strip "Rock Tales," which began in Rip Magazine before beginning a 15-plus year run in Spin magazine. Since selling off his publishing interests in 2000, he likes to scribble and type stuff every day, and rumor has it that people actually pay him to do this, including MTV/VH1, for whom he writes TV shows and specials like Pop Up Video, 100 Most Metal Moments, etc.

For the San Diego Reader, he writes cover stories and musician interviews, as well as contributing each week to the Blurt music column for over 20 years. He draws two comic strips created specifically for the Reader: Overheard in San Diego (debuted 1996 and collected in book form in 2013) and Famous Former Neighbors (since 2004). His column Just Announced, previewing upcoming local concerts, debuted in early 2017.

Articles by Jay Allen Sanford

Underage and underground

Ignant Benches, Wishbone Ash, Sickstring Outlaws, Bowie Celebration, Michael Tiernan

Ignant Benches was founded in 2014 by Chula Vista 8th graders Anson Kelley (guitar, vocals) and Andy Tistoj (guitar), who wanted to play that year’s school talent show. Subsequent gigs were scored at the Casbah, ...

Rookie Card: four more years

Their musical ode to leap-year birthdays, “2/29,” was highlighted at LeapYearDay.com

“Since our last Leap Year show in 2016 at the Whistle Stop, we’ve only played a couple of sets in a Carlsbad park for a friend’s picnic,” says Adam Gimbel of Rookie Card’s tendency to ...

Elevator music you can twerk to

Parade of Horribles, Fashion Jackson, Gregory Page Hovelian, Rick Harchol, The Hughes Brothers Band

Founded in 2009, Parade of Horribles is a hard rock-punk duo featuring Jason York of Civic Unrest (bass and vocals) and Chris Mazzola (drums). They say their songs are an “experimental sound disaster best described ...

Rediscovered working at College Grove’s Jolar porn shop

Gary Wilson, Walk Off the Earth, Hargo, The Spice Pistols, Electric Hot Tuna

You Think You Really Know Me: The Gary Wilson Story details the life of the eccentric indie-punk pioneer best known for his 1977 LP You Think You Really Know Me, recorded in the basement of ...

Psychotic Waltz: nearly as big as David Hasselhoff

InsideOutMusic will soon release their first new album in 23 years

“The band was over, obituary written, done,” says Psychotic Waltz bassist Ward Evans. “It stayed that way from 1997 to 2008 or so. There was minimal contact between any of us during that time. Everyone ...

Tapping strings like piano keys

Mortiis, The Heavy Guilt, Linda Purl, Tom Griesgraber, Sinead O’Connor

Mortiis began as a Norwegian side project enabling former Emperor bassist-lyricist Håvard Ellefsen to put on a costume with a weird face mask and create pounding electro-goth concept pieces with elaborate stories: basically Peter Gabriel-era ...

Hey, man, nice ponytail

What Pee Wee Herman and Lana De Rey have to do with my hair

The last time I had an actual haircut was March 1983, when I was so new to North Park that I accidentally booked myself by phone to get my ponytail whacked at a nearby African-American ...

A big honking deal in the great white north

Le Ra, Wolf Parade, Tanae, Festival of New Trumpet Music, Vader

Jazzy psychedelic rockers Le Ra features members based in Tijuana, San Diego, and L.A. The lineup includes Mónica Mendoza (lead vocals, guitar, keys), who founded the group in 2010, alongside Milka Luna (drums, vocals) and ...

Belladon’s last show with Anastasya

“This show really is the end and beginning of two eras”

“One side will have all our dream pop songs, and the other has our gothy nasty ’80s songs,” says Belladon’s Aimee Jacobs of the band’s upcoming Dreaming/Dreading EP. “Both sides will have a collection of ...

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