Jay Allen Sanford

Jay Allen Sanford

Jay Allen Sanford co-created the comic book line Rock 'N' Roll Comics for Revolutionary Comics, publishers of the Beatles Experience 8-issue series (among the titles reprinted in graphic novel form by Bluewater Productions, beginning in 2010), and his publishing company Re-Visionary Press is known for its line of Carnal Comics — True Stories of Adult Film Stars; the titles were among the top-selling independent comic books of the '90s. He also created the comic strip "Rock Tales," which began in Rip Magazine before beginning a 15-plus year run in Spin magazine. Since selling off his publishing interests in 2000, he likes to scribble and type stuff every day, and rumor has it that people actually pay him to do this, including MTV/VH1, for whom he writes TV shows and specials like Pop Up Video, 100 Most Metal Moments, etc.

For the San Diego Reader, he writes cover stories and musician interviews, as well as contributing each week to the Blurt music column for over 20 years. He draws two comic strips created specifically for the Reader: Overheard in San Diego (debuted 1996 and collected in book form in 2013) and Famous Former Neighbors (since 2004). His column Just Announced, previewing upcoming local concerts, debuted in early 2017.

Articles by Jay Allen Sanford

Elizabeth Borg’s birthday gig

The Drug Hunt, Lana Del Rey, Chica Diabla, Irving Flores, UFO

Alt-country blues rockers the Drug Hunt were originally known as Bad Vibes. After releasing their album No One’s Safe, they signed to local Blind Owl Records earlier this year and changed their name to the ...

Ambassador of the Beatles

Falling Doves frontman Chris Leyva models for Stu Sutcliffe statue

San Diego keeps turning up in the Beatles story, from George Harrison’s part-time residence at a North County meditation retreat (as well as staying with Ravi Shankar while working with the sitar master in Encinitas), ...

Confronting our collective sickness

Safety Orange, Okilly Dokilly, Thee Dark Ages, Peter Sprague Trio, Deaf Club

Island reggae band Safety Orange was founded in 1996 by singer/bassist Sol Turpin (40 Oz. to Freedom), a San Diego native, with guitarist/vocalist Greg Karlo (who once played with Turpin in a Cure tribute band). ...

Notes from Kaaboo Del Mar’s Discovery Tour

Sweet Tooth, Fuzz-Huzzi, N-E-1, Greta Van Fleet, Tegan & Sara

Sweet Tooth is not to be confused with Matt Silvia’s defunct San Diego band once known by the same name. This fairly new Sweet Tooth is a trio featuring Jacob Schrimpf (vocals, guitar), Trevor Barber ...

Cathryn Beeks’ 20 Years Here ode to San Diego

She will relocate to Lucerne Valley in the Mojave Desert, but SD’s Calamity will continue to rock

“I moved to San Diego in November of 1999, and I’ve absolutely loved living and working here. I found and married the man of my dreams here,” says Cathryn Beeks, who played with the Gandhi ...

The Barbra Streisand of rock

Lenny Kravitz, Buck-O-Nine, Dead Feather Moon, Trouble in the Wind, Strawberry Moons

It can be hard to take Lenny Kravitz seriously. It didn’t help that, straight out of the gate, the first thing most of us heard about him in the late ‘80s (when he was still ...

Something akin to a live action Disney movie as imagined by Salvador Dali

Diego’s Umbrella, Blood Ponies, Bostich & Fussible, The Routine, Whitney Shay

Although this column tends to focus on homegrown acts, and Diego’s Umbrella certainly sounds like a locally coined band name, the gypsy rockers are actually from the Bay Area. Still, they certainly wouldn’t look out ...

SSI release Resurrectionem Ex-Mortuis on Shepard Fairey’s Obey Records

Fairey will also help with prizes planned for a remix competition SSI is doing with software company Native Instruments

Electronic rockers Sonic Solutions Inc features two Encinitas brothers from an earlier band called Physics, John Goff (drummer and bagpiper for Crash Worship) and Will Goff, who plays guitar and keyboards. When Physics split, Jason ...