Ed Bedford

Ed Bedford
Ed Bedford writes the cheap eats column Tin Fork, and contributes to the Reader's food blog, Feast!. You can watch his first and last interview here.

Articles by Ed Bedford

Art history, Korean beef at The Prado

“San Diego’s greatest sculptor, yet people like you don’t even know him.”

Little things mean a lot: the first little thing that makes me like this place is the, well, amuse-bouche. Wedges of crisp flatbread stacked vertically like surfboards. They have sesame and other seeds baked on ...

The Hole In The Wall: Karaoke and tons of avocado cool it down

“We’ve made about 130 burgers already tonight.”

Flaco plays the flames like a conductor. He thrusts his hands into them and flips half a dozen patties in short order. Smoke bulges up like a Nevada test cloud. “Sundays are always crazy,” he ...

A jolly holiday at Mary’s Family Restaurant

Then, crazily, I ask for a chicken basket as well

It’s Sunday morning. I’m in this mom and pop diner in downtown Oceanside. My friend Mary told me about it. Said it had won the prize — okay, in 2004 — for best cinnamon bun ...

Cafe La Maze: star stopover for Clark Gable, Marlene Dietrich, Errol Flynn

Starpower is one thing. Steakpower is another.

So this young couple slipped into the dimpled red booth. “They sat apart. They were shy,” says Tula. But this is Cafe La Maze. Big portraits of Clark Gable and Carole Lombard and a bunch ...

Sorrento Valley – what little there is

Lost roads, The Corner House, fights with Mira Mesa, how to go south on 805

Lost roads of San Diego:Sorrento Rd., Smilax, Edelweis There was also once a Smilax Road in Sorrento Valley, one in a series of short roads named for local flora. It paralleled the railroad tracks on ...

Blue Jay Lodge: right out of Davy Crockett!

“Here’s the thing about this food. It’s not Cordon-anything, but it is delicious.”

These places! They all look right out of Davy Crockett! Where we’re heading is this 1919 lodge 6000 feet up on Mount Laguna, 100 years old this year, actually serving nosh and hauling grog up ...

Happy hour at The Henry

“Fact is, right now, it’s it and that’s that.”

I swear. You blink in Coronado, and something has changed. This time it’s the musical chairs of bars. Suddenly, as of this month, the brand-new and lavishly-built The Henry is open, beaming out lights, with ...

San Diego Reader 2019 Burgers issue

From Oceanside to Escondido to Sherman Heights to Mount Laguna

Ian Anderson Look out for the burger of the day A hub for carnivores in Escondido’s historic downtown, it might be tough to notice the burgers past all the smoked meats and poutine. You’ll do ...

Sab-E-Lee: Isaan expression for “Delicious and Spicy.”

I practically broke down too, in tears. So-oo deelish.

‘What is the one dish you would take to a desert island if you had to eat it for the rest of your life?” Interviewers are always throwing this out at celebrity chefs. Tonight, what ...