Ed Bedford

Ed Bedford
Ed Bedford writes the cheap eats column Tin Fork, and contributes to the Reader's food blog, Feast!. You can watch his first and last interview here.

Articles by Ed Bedford

Pure pupusa pleasure

“I’ve always loved their soft squelchiness, and the things you can fill them with.”

Sunday night, seven, 8th Street, up near Highland, National City. Not many places open for a hungry lad like myself. Yes, Cabo Wabo Grill and Bar is blasting out Historia de Un Amor, but I’m ...

Reader 2018 Feast issue

Writers and their favotrites

When dinner is a gift El Jardin, Cowboy Star, Coasterra, Born & Raised, Charles + Dinorah, Nine-Ten, Juniper & Ivy By Mary Beth Abate I burst with hometown pride George's, Himitsu, Kokoro, Starlite, Gelato Vero ...

Gather a dozen of your best friends

Yellow Deli, Not-Not Tacos, Grandma's Tofu, Garden Kitchen, Villa Manila, Piazza 1909, Mariscos El Titanic

The first element for a nice evening out is not to rush it. Which makes this place perfect: Yellow Deli never closes, except from Friday 3 pm through Sunday 3 pm, sabbath for Twelve Tribes, ...

Panini plan has to work

“I turn away people asking for omelets every day, but I’ve stopped feeling guilty about it.”

Bob and Kate Carpenter had a decision to make. “I said ‘We have no pension, no safety net. This has to work,’” says Bob. The question? Whether to give up their lives as journalists and ...

Sam the taco guy

“I’m not a purist. I’m a food agnostic.”

When is a taco not not a taco? I’ve come to this brand-new Little Italy Food Hall’s opening day to find out. From The Princess Pub, you can see it happening at the other end ...

Out of South Africa

“I made 300 pounds of sausages for the Fourth of July. We sold out.”

‘Just think about it,” says Perky. Graham Perkett, actually, but his friends call him Perky. “Four, five hundred years ago, the Cape of Good Hope was where every ship from Europe had to stop in ...

If La Jolla had a Cheers

The Spot to be in Mat Kulaaxuuy

Welcome to Mat Kulaaxuuy — Land of Holes. ’Course, you may know it as “La Jolla.” But to the Kumeyaay, always and still, Mat Kulaaxuuy’s the name. Mat means “land,” Kulaaxuuy means “holes.” Ergo, Land ...

Colombian carbs

Usually, plantains are kind of like unsweet bananas. Not this luscious baby.

Are we too hung up on spicy? On hot habanero burns to make our eating life sexy? The question came up the day Colombia beat — no, thrashed — Poland in the World Cup, 3 ...

What’s a red-blooded sake drinker to do?

Deal aside, this place just seems to have the right vibe. Good fusui.

DMV. Wednesday afternoon. “H.H. Zero. One. One,” says the woman’s auto-voice over the loudspeaker. “Report to counter #3.” Okay, that might not be exact, but I’ve been sitting hearing the numbers creep up for the ...

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