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Instagram — perfect medium for tattoos

Especially the 3D nipples

On Cinco de Mayo weekend, a handful of tattoo collectors from around the country received complimentary tattoos at the Golden Hall (inside the San Diego Concourse) on C Street downtown. “We had three winners,” said ...

Manter’s rays costly to con-center ballot bid

Mayor’s friend adds another notch to City Hall money belt

Word on the street has it that the current effort by labor unions and downtown hotels to qualify a tourist tax measure for the November ballot has hit a funding wall, with a paltry $630,531 ...

Ace friend seeks Horton Plaza deal

Mall's collapse could prove costly for taxpayers

Downtown's Horton Plaza shopping mall, which used millions of tax dollars to level acres of historic buildings in the late 1970s, has itself been hollowing out of late. Multiple levels of vacant storefronts bear grim ...

Can carne asada fries be non-traditional?

A Mexican restaurant redux

We were walking around the Gaslamp looking for lunch when my friend spied a waiter, on his way to deliver food to a diner seated on a restaurant patio. It was a large, fat burrito, ...

Tequila is like wine

Finding gold at Patron's Corner

The Easter Bunny slipped a bottle of Fortaleza reposado tequila into the bright blue English watering can that doubled as my wife’s Easter basket this year. He deigned to plunk a bottle of Casa Noble ...

Downtown San Diego Photos

Harbor Island Costera

SD Sunrise 110617

U.S. Federal Courthouse, downtown San Diego

Embarcadero Marina Park at Dawn - ...

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