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Find money, fins, and Frisbees in the "stank bank"

Even less hip than metal detectors

The great kelp forests off our coast grow up to two feet a day under ideal conditions. At their peak, individual strands can reach over 100 feet in length. Usually, however, they are ripped from ...

Algae-based surfboard foam produced in Ensenada

An eco-friendly solution for surfers

After 44 consecutive years in business, Gordon “Grubby” Clark, closed his doors for good. Clark’s company, Clark Foam, once produced most of America’s surfboard blanks, the foam cores essential to building surfboards. His closure resulted ...

Oceanside’s link to “Once Upon a Time in the West” pedal steel great Buddy Emmons

“Cheeks” is not for sale at any price.

Nothing cries as convincingly as a pedal steel guitar. While that sound breaths emotion into Hawaiian, country, and even rock n’ roll music on occasion, it is more often associated with Nashville than Oceanside. Yet ...

The five-star surf spots of San Diego

If you are not a local, wait your turn

Tijuana Sloughs in the south and Cotton’s Point in the north bookend the 70-some miles of San Diego coastline. Sandwiched between these two deep-water reefs is one of the lushest wave gardens on earth. Prime ...

In-ko-pah flying saucer tour

"I’ll show you around when my coffee break’s over”

If I were ever going to see a UFO, I figured it would be in the desert. Then, last Tuesday while innocently driving through In-Ko-Pah, near Desert Tower, that rock edifice standing lookout over a ...

Mat riders in Point Loma and Encinitas

Doesn’t require much time to master

Before the invention of the Morey Boogie Board in the early ‘70s, the surf mat was the vehicle of choice for the novice wave rider. Until that time, liquor stores along the coast rented these ...

Surf lingo revisted: 1976 to 2019

Dude, did you see that slab?

When Jim Mullin wrote about “San Diego Surf Lingo” for the Reader in 1976, most surfers in our area were riding seven-foot single fin surfboards, smaller twin fin, Fishes, or the newly revived longboards. Progressive ...

Emerald Isle Golf Course concerned with every little bird

Even your abandoned pet turtle

It’s been over half a century since comedian Jack Benny cut the ribbon signaling the opening of Emerald Isle Golf Course in southeast Oceanside. Since then the course has doubled its original hole count from ...

Sleepers – they look slow and drive fast

Michael Bream's junk car version of Tesla

Michael Bream’s original down to the oxidized paint 1965 VW twin cab pickup is what auto racers call a “sleeper.” Sleepers are cars that look slow and drive fast. Bream’s vintage VW qualifies by appearing ...

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