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Schumann wrote only 300 songs, advice for the Oceanside woman

We get letters

Sour grapes diversity “Entry level” used to actually mean “entry-level” just as “diversity” actually used to mean “diversity.” (“College is Over“, Cover Stories, April 11) At first glance the article does give the reader the ...

Overstimulated at Comic Con

plus: Where's Wildomar, Putin's Pravda, deformed seagulls, Mi vida loca, more

Overstimulated at Comic In all due respect (“WonderCon ‚“ The way Comic-Con used to be,” Neighborhood News, March 30).... 1) San Diego Comic Con International owns Wondercon. 2) Most conventions these days are going to ...

Opera board member: Bauder's all wrong

plus: Coronado golf, Trump and sex dolls, Bahia expansion, dockless bikes

Spuck speaks I wish to clarify an erroneous point in Don Bauder’s article regarding San Diego Opera’s selection of David Bennett as General Director (“Opera turns to time-tested titles,” City Lights, March 21). The article ...

Chicano Park terror, Orthodox in Chula Vista, Normal Heights history

Letters from our readers

Terror in the park The cofounder of Chicano park, Talamantez, was quoted as saying (News Ticker, March 23): “It is my understanding that the San Diego Police Department acted very quickly to disarm the terrorist ...

John Lynch explains his finances, old trashman disses new guys

Letters to the editor

Down on Don Don Bauder recently wrote an article on 2-20-18 regarding “my money problems.” The story is filled with inaccuracies. Mr. Bauder failed to contact me for the story and I am not that ...

Crossword puzzle — Don't even try

Sorry, Reader readers

Due to error by Reader staff, we mis-matched the puzzle with the clues in this week's (March 15) issue.

We'll return to La Jolla when there is a Santa Ana

Blowback on Peter Navarro, bowties, Jamul, and bull penis tacos

La Jolla and the stench of fish In your article about Coronado [“A shark-sized bite out of the real Coronado,” cover story], Mr. Walton mentions that La Jolla is now a crap hole. I find ...

Letters on Normal and City Heights

The storyline is regrettably familiar

Normal Hts. neon Re: “We the People of Normal Heights,” cover story. An update on the Normal Heights neon sign: Gary Weber and I met with Art Buckel and his sister Joy (Buckel) LeBus in ...

Letters on beer and throwing eggs

Ready to go door-to-door for the cause

The hits keep coming From the article on Horus Aged Ale’s first bottle release, Oceanside 11 [“Horus Aged Ales gone in two seconds,” San Diego Beer News], it does not seem accurate based on what ...

What did he discover? How did he die? Who named Balboa Park?

No, Balboa was never in San Diego

Why does Balboa Park carry his name? Re: “Balboa statue – no way,” News Ticker. What is really sad is that this reporter Dorian Hargrove would not contact me and get my side of the ...

More on the casino in Jamul

A reader has to contain her disgust

Re: “The casino’s been built — Jamul is still fighting it,” cover story. As I was reading the article about the Jamul Indian Village, I had to contain my disgust at the statement that Erica ...