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Ken Leighton contributes regularly to the Reader's Blurt music column.

Articles by Ken Leighton

Del Mar fair board lowers boom on Kaaboo

"We were hit with complaints we had never heard before."

In a surprising show of open animosity, members of the board that run the Del Mar Fairgrounds launched attacks against Kaaboo at its monthly board meeting on February 13th. The fourth annual Kaaboo music fest ...

Black-metal punks

“It’s unfortunate, but a lot of the local bands play for free or for beer."

Patrick Erhard is the lead singer/bassist of Ash Williams, the punk band that one reviewer said “wishes it was a black metal band.” The SDSU grad started booking his own punk shows two years ago. ...

Thanks for the chops, School of Rock

Elise Trouw also credits jazz band at Bishop's School for musicianship

San Diego’s Elise Trouw got bumped from Jimmy Kimmel Live January 30. Was the local 18-year-old multi-instrumentalist bummed because porno actress Stormy Daniels hogged all her time? “I wasn’t worried about it,” says Trouw. “These ...

Plans for 91-year-old Carlsbad theater unclear

“This is just what we need. Another brewery.”

“Where is the historical society?” That comment appeared February 7th on the Carlsbad Locals Facebook page shortly after the news broke of the sale of the Carlsbad Village Theater. The 91-year-old downtown theater was Carlsbad’s ...

The Dodges will avoid autotune influence

"There are still people who crave music that doesn’t go through a computer.”

Alex Snyder, guitarist with the Dodges, doesn’t get worked up over the fact that Coachella’s three main headliners this year are Beyoncé, Eminem, and the Weeknd. “If we wanted to have huge shows and make ...

Powerballs hits Rock Lotto, keeps in the Pink

Random gig leads to a steady one at house that Reises built

Veteran singer/songwriter/guitarist Chris Henry says his new project dubbed Powerballs proves it’s good to avoid rock ’n’ roll inbreeding. “We all wanted to experience something outside our own gene pool,” says Henry, best known for ...

Corre Diablo taps into the Rage

"Maybe you guys should consider getting a white guy to sing lead for you."

While the San Diego/L.A. band artist migration usually goes south to north, for Xavier Delgado it was the other way around. He moved here two years ago from East L.A. to get his master’s in ...

Captain Morgan Lee revives the meatier soul

When not onstage, Henry Wallace drives a bus, marches with Panthers

When he works the MTS late shift, Henry Wallace takes on different routes until he gets off at 3 a.m. “I’ll pick up domestic workers who are getting off work at the Hotel Del who ...

Homeless Sexual record-shop owner keeps the faith

“Cassettes have come back really big but I didn’t see it coming."

When Jeff Clark was hit by a train in Little Italy last June, the 20 employees at his Thrift Trader stores in PB and North Park immediately lost their jobs. The used records and retro ...

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