Ken Leighton

Ken Leighton contributes regularly to the Reader's Blurt music column.

Articles by Ken Leighton

Song into outer space

And why Casey Turner doesn't play Maui much

When he’s not on tour, Casey Turner is either at his house on Oahu or the one in Pacific Beach. He’s wrapping up an extended stint in Hawaii and will be flying back here next ...

As I Lay Dying show at Soma sells out in four minutes

Not everyone forgives Tim Lambesis

Whether the original members of As I Lay Dying should or should not get back together with Tim Lambesis is now only a philosophical question. The five internationally famous metalcore bandmates are in fact reuniting ...

Plot thickens for Oceanside's "prison hotel"

Fairfield Inn developer hasn't paid property taxes, for starters

There’s good news for neighbors who spoke out at a May 9 Oceanside City Council meeting against a 99-room hotel to be built on a hillside just west of I-5. Based on drawings, they trashed ...

Demasiado means too much

"It was like a punk rock Benny Hill skit."

“We lived in a house in OB,” singer Jon Piotrowski says of the salad days of his post-punk, art-rock band. “It was loosely called the Demasiado house. It was a magical moment. We didn’t realize ...

Bryan Pease and the OB People's Co-op

Lawsuit not discussed in today's election

Democrat Bryan Pease, on today’s ballot for the District 2 City Council seat held by Republican Lorie Zapf, is normally outspoken about previous high profile, high conscious lawsuits he’s handled. Attorney Pease was happy to ...

Maybe don't eff the police

SOMA embraces hip-hop

After 32 years, San Diego County’s second oldest live music venue (after the Belly Up Tavern) is making a major change to its format. SOMA owner Len Paul says hip-hop matters more to his underage ...

Congratulations, you got a gig at the Che

Venue named after murderous communist reopens at UCSD

Congratulations, you got a gig at the Che - Indie/surf rockers Fashion Jackson headlined the first show at UCSD’s Che Café following its 14-month closed-for-remodeling dark period. “It went off,” says the band’s Sterling Gietzen ...

Adams Avenue Theater to host music again

After 30 years as fabric store

After over three decades without music, a legendary part of San Diego’s pop music history is on track to be resurrected as a music venue. Opened in 1930 as a movie house, by the late ...

Fairgrounds pulls plug on concert venue

Growing costs plus Kaboo vs. Belly Up

Plans for a new 1,900-capacity venue at the Del Mar Fairgrounds have unraveled due to spiraling construction costs and questions about whether the fair should be in the concert promoting business in the first place. ...

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