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Ken Leighton contributes regularly to the Reader's Blurt music column.

Articles by Ken Leighton

Sportscasting now the "real" alternative radio?

Padres don't deliver ratings for FM-94/9

Does Linkin Park mix with Petco Park? Not really, according to newly released Nielsen ratings showing the results of the first full month Padres play-by-play aired on alt-rocker FM-94/9 — the station took a ratings ...

Belly Up County

Tavern's talent-buying blokes expand territory

Having Lady Gaga, Jimmy Buffett, and the Rolling Stones drop by for a show may be the Belly Up Tavern’s most visible triumphs. But behind the scenes the booking staff of the Solana Beach venue ...

Jason Hanna, brassman to the bone

After Herb, it's on to schmaltz-free Mendes, Bowie, Ellington...

Jason Hanna can walk from his home in I.B. to the beach where, on a clear day, he can see the bullring where Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass made one of the first music ...

Jennie's Cafe in Oceanside closed — drug overdose

Owner leaves behind three children

Jennie Duffin was not able to open her Oceanside café on Sunday. But some of her friends staged their own Mother’s Day tribute to her on the Jennie’s Café patio that runs along Coast Highway. ...

From one hot Oceanside neighborhood to another

Dad sells Anita's building, son moves south

A plaque says the Oceanside Historical Society deems the building on Coast Highway near downtown historically significant. It was built as a house in 1908 and first used as a restaurant by George Pernicano, one ...

Blind guitarman's blues

Cory Wilkins: "Don’t invest in music if you are risk-averse."

Cory Wilkins was playing eight gigs a week in Sarasota, Florida, before he moved to San Diego 13 years ago. He can sing, play guitar, and write songs. But he can’t see. “I had some ...

Gypsyfest: a party of magnitude

"Nudists were there but it was not overwhelming."

About 20 miles east and a week after In-Koh-Pah 4, on June 10 San Diego Gypsyfest returns, to be held again at the nudist De Anza Springs Resort. Like last year, there will be 35 ...

Random DNA created the Oxen of rock

“I was gung ho to find a band but nothing shook out."

Drummer Matt Nelson says his band the Oxen (which has been likened to the Breeders, Love and Rockets, or “a less drugged-out Spiritualized”) has quite the random DNA. “I was a pop-punk drummer from Cleveland, ...

Lemon Grove a sweet spot for punk

"The cops were standing there, chilling, just watching us."

The 15 or so active Lemon Grove punk bands make it hard to ignore the town’s thriving hardcore scene. “One time they had [Lemon Grove band] PSO play for the opening of a new library,” ...

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