Ken Leighton

Ken Leighton contributes regularly to the Reader's Blurt music column.

Articles by Ken Leighton

The last from Lemmy

Pacific Records releases Motörhead frontman's last tune

Brian Witkin’s dad performed at Woodstock as a member of Sha Na Na. The son had experienced success running a CD store at the all-ages Epicentre music venue. But a major setback ten years ago ...

So it goes in the jazz desert

Paris is calling supper-club chanteuse Sacha Boutros

“In some cities, like New York, if you bring the goods they appreciate you for your art,” says homegrown jazz chanteuse Sacha Boutros, who just returned after spending a month in Paris (where she’ll move ...

Florida blues behind her

Lindsay Perry's western migration pays off

Although there are some decent surf breaks back home, pro surfer Lindsay Perry says Central Florida is nothing like San Diego. “My dad used to catch alligators with his hands,” she says about her upbringing ...

Queen Bee's northern migration

Arts center planned for Oceanside

Alma Rodriguez is meeting with city officials to launch a Queen Bee’s in Oceanside. Since 2009, the Puerto Rican–born impresario has hosted bands, poetry slams, and swing, salsa, and samba dance lessons at the 250-capacity ...

Don't hate Meth Breath because they're straightedge

"We are not militant or in your face.”

Meth Breath lead singer Jimmy Rodgers was hoping that by giving his band a tongue-in-cheek name it might help defuse the uptight attitude some have about straightedge bands. Straightedge punks don’t drink, smoke, or do ...

Music venue bloom

Breweries, Moose Lodge, and don't forget about Quartyard 2.0

Oceanside, San Diego County’s third largest city, has seen a boom in the opening of music venues. Three breweries — Midnight Jack, Black Plague, and Legacy — now host bands on a regular basis. Co-founder ...

Punk Yacht Club's silly sailors

"We wanted the goofball approach of the Bloodhound Gang or Blink-182.”

Punk Yacht Club happened after Connecticut-raised Jesse Goodwick and ex-Bostonian Greg Marsh moved out here from the East Coast. For a while, Goodwick had a real job that used his mechanical engineering degree. “Then I ...

Bad Kids on reverb

South Bay four-piece doesn't hesitate to respect the word of law

After four and a half years, two albums, and two EPs, Bad Kids are finally getting a buzz. The poppy surf punkers from Imperial Beach played to a standing-room-only audience at the House of Blues’ ...

Energy 103.7 gets cranked down-dial

New ownership gives Top 40 station a swift country kick

Listeners of Energy 103.7 were given a rude awakening Friday, November 17, when they discovered their favorite station wasn’t playing the hits by Pink, Kesha, and the Chainsmokers. Instead they were hit with some country ...

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