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Ken Leighton contributes regularly to the Reader's Blurt music column.

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Look at the San Diego radio casualty list

Coe Lewis, AJ Machado, Jim McInnes, Chris Cantore, Meryl Klemow, Cha Cha Harlow, Robin Roth, Rick Lawrence. Brett Winterble, Mike Slater, Mark Larson, Dana DiDonato, Jayson Prim

A massive firing spree just rocked the local radio careers of DJs and talk show hosts on KGB, KOGO, Alt 94/9, Sunny 98.1, Jam’n 95.7 and Channel 9-3-3. The pink slip spree impacted Coe Lewis ...

North County Women's March "was not anti-Trump"

“I think the city of Oceanside misread this”

Was the North County San Diego Women’s March Rally a progressive woke-fest where strident speakers and organized flash mobs railed against guns, sexual abuse and inequality? Where lefties get to wear rainbow flag capes and ...

The North County battle over artificial turf

Jefferson Middle School, Luiseno Park in Oceanside, Stagecoach Park in Carlsbad

An episode of Nan Sterman’s “A Growing Passion” show on KPBS-TV mentioned the idea that unlike trees and grass, synthetic turf causes a “heat island effect.” She showed how one spread of ersatz lawn measured ...

20 fields for soccer in Oceanside

Little League and Pop Warner not so lucky

Both of Oceanside’s high school football teams made it to the CIF finals last month. But according to youth coach Jason Mageo, that feat was achieved in spite of the support youth football gets from ...

Poway – city in the country

Danielle Van Dam, Ninth Street, Steve Vaus, Poway Unified, district elections, the rodeo, Twin Peaks

I Crawled Inside Brenda van Dam's Head and Tried to Guess What Went on in There Dad’s is probably the most famous barroom in America, at least this week, and what goes on here is ...

The life and death of Oceanside mobile homes

"A lot of people are afraid to speak up"

Even though mobile homes remain the largest form of affordable housing in California, a state of California/Stanford University report said that because mobile home park property is worth five to six times more if it ...

Oceankamp development promises surf park

Will they succeed where North River Farms hasn't?

Disneyland has relied on themed neighborhoods like Fantasyland or Tomorrowland for decades. Now developers who want to build big in Oceanside have also tied their housing projects to enticing themes. Orange County’s Integral Communities pitched ...

Carlsbad on road to Manhattan Beach

"We don’t need more luxury apartments"

“It used to be the Village by the Sea. But it’s not a village anymore when you can build buildings that are four stories tall…really five when you count the top deck.” DeeDee Trejo was ...

Homes at end of Oceanside Blvd. claim emergency

Shari Mackin hires drone to prove violation of Coastal Commission policy

The California Coastal Commission is the state agency that is supposed to protect the coast and preserve public access to the beach. But what happens if one coastal city allows beachfront owners to dump tons ...