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Vista councilman regrets leash-free vote

At the meeting councilman Franklin previously said, John Aguilera was in fact out of town and did miss the meeting. But he was wrong about Amanda Rigby not being able to vote. She WAS allowed to vote. And so, along with Mayor Ritter and Mr. Franklin, the vote to rescind the original ordinance was approved three to one. Mr. Franklin writes: "the necessity of a new ordinance however requires it to come back before the council in full complete form to be finally passed." He says about twenty people spoke tonight. Of them, he says that only two or three favored off leash. The rest, he says, agreed with him and wanted Vista to make it against the law to take a leash off your dog in Buena Vista Park. This, while he admitted at his Sunday meeting in the park that its a law that probably wont be enforced. One social media gadfly said that an unenforceable law is often called a bad law and that Mr. Franklin who regularly flaunts his GOP DNA is a fraud for enacting a law that gives $100 tickets to people who let their dogs run free in a park. All I know for sure is Mr. Franklin was open and accessible for discussion on this. He exposed himself to ridicule and stepped up to the plate as the guy who stood for something that was potentially unpopular. When all is said and done, maybe there are some issues like potholes that aren't Democrat or Republican. And maybe dogs in parks is one of them. Maybe dogs in a public park are the menace that Ritter/Franklin/Rigby claim that needs legislation to eradicate.
— October 10, 2017 11:04 p.m.

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