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Escondido's most expensive gas

“What is he doing out there? Nothing!"

Since Escondido is one of the lowest areas in the county for gas prices, some motorists may be wondering what’s up with the OAAI station on the corner of Centre City Parkway at 9th Avenue. ...

Orange Glen High attacked by Diablos

Use of brass knuckles makes crime a wobbler

Escondido police officer Steve Higgins said he was called to Orange Glen High School the early afternoon of Tuesday, December 18. The officer said he spoke to one teacher, a man in his mid-50s, who ...

Escondido sex offender tries to register

But he didn't have an appointment

A defense attorney claimed that Juan Dolorier did try to register as a sex offender, but there was confusion about what to do and when to do it. Public defender Dan Segura spoke on behalf ...

Escondido Target thieves recognized

The loaded-cart relay

A witness identified as Arturo said he was the loss prevention officer for the Target store on Auto Park Way in Escondido, on September 16. Arturo said it was before noon that day that he ...

The knife was “in the appendix carry”

Escondido cops charged him with concealed weapon

The felon out on probation had his knife lawfully displayed in a sheath on his belt, according to his defense attorney, and so he did not violate California law. And when that felon tossed his ...

Escondido Photos

Lake Hodges

Lake Jennings-Care to camp in a ...

Lake Dixon Sunset Delight, Escondido, CA

A hikers paradise above Lake Hodges, ...

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