Eva Knott

Eva Knott

Eva Knott covered crime and courts for the San Diego Reader.

Articles by Eva Knott

A San Diego version of MeToo

Woman brings charges against Kellen Winslow from 2003

Kellen Winslow Jr. faces two more rape charges after a new accuser testified in a San Diego County superior courtroom yesterday, Monday, October 15. The accuser said she awakened when Winslow was behind her, forcing ...

Prosecutor argues against early release of Julie Harper

Will Jerry Brown's law and Kamala Harris' inaction help convicted murderer?

“Defendant deserves each and every day of her 40 years-to-life sentence,” prosecutor Keith Watanabe stated in papers he filed last week, arguing that a reduction of Julie Harper’s sentence “is not in the interest of ...

Devils in the Bay of Angels

Unsolved murder of gringos on the Sea of Cortez

Eddie has been traveling to Bahia de los Angeles for more than 40 years. He rents a home there. Like many other Americans who live part-time in Baja California, Eddie is mostly retired. He goes ...

Thief writes note to self about plans

Tool kit for stealing found by Oceanside cops

Oceanside police officer Chris Ruedi said he responded to a radio call after a man who had reported his $3,000 bicycle stolen that morning claimed he saw a man riding his bicycle in the beach ...

Picked up 40 bricks in Chula Vista

Pulled over by border patrol on I-15

Carlos Enriquez told a detective that he was contacted by a person in Tijuana who told him, “He had a job for Enriquez.” Enriquez said he crossed the border into the United States, picked up ...

Child witness: boyfriend behaved badly

Argument in Escondido apartment

An Escondido woman claimed that an argument about sharing costs of an apartment ended with her getting dropped on her head. The alleged fracas occurred three weeks ago, on August 13. Rochelle testified in a ...

Vista house party horror

Another reason to check Airbnb renters

Homie arrived at the party on Barsby Street about 11 p.m. He lived nearby so he walked with friends. It was cold that Friday night, January 26, 2018, almost freezing, which is unusual in San ...

Money doesn't buy love

Blood in Rancho Santa Fe

“I was working in my vegetable garden.” Kim Dorey remembered the day she got an unexpected visitor, almost a year earlier. It was a Friday morning, May 26, 2017, overcast and cool, perfect for working ...

The get-away driver was 18

Says she didn’t know about the gun

The 18-year-old woman said she didn’t know her 21-year-old friend was going to rob that person until he did it. And then she drove away at speed, from police, because she was afraid. Victoria Josephine ...

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