Eva Knott

Eva Knott

Eva Knott covered crime and courts for the San Diego Reader.

Articles by Eva Knott

Poops, shoots, and leaves

A panda could have made up a better murder plan.

Police picked up Weldon McDavid a week after the shooting. They pulled him over while he drove near his home in Fallbrook. The police and McDavid were aware that a man named Greg Mulvihill had ...

Doshay family agreed to pay $500,000

Parents of victim continue lawsuit vs. Solana Beach School District

The family of the seven-year-old girl who was grabbed by Jack Doshay nearly three years ago has agreed to a “good faith settlement” of $500,000, to be paid by the Doshay family, according to court ...

Lovejoy and McDavid plead innocence before prison

“If I had intended to shoot Mr. Mulvihill, he would be dead.”

Diana Lovejoy, 45, and codefendant Weldon K. McDavid Jr., 50, both pleaded their innocence on the day of their sentencing, January 31. Judge Sim Von Kalinowski ordered McDavid to serve 50 years to Life, and ...

His best friend and a good girl accused of murder

D'Angelo Maurice Charon's body was found on the side of the road

A man and woman were held equally liable in the death of their friend and ordered to face murder charges at the end of a hearing on January 24th. Shyrehl Joseph Wesley, 21, and Sheffah ...

Textbook East Coast degenerate migration story

Home-invading burglar back home, busted on murder charges here

A repeat felon from the East Coast was booked into jail in San Diego County this week and charged with second-degree murder in the stabbing death of an Oceanside man, David Patrick Viars, 33, who ...

Chino prison escapee covered some distance

How Michael Garrett busted out remains unknown to the public

Michael Martin Garrett, 33, a felon who escaped from a California state prison on Sunday, January 14th, was captured in front of a Vons grocery store in Encinitas at about 6 p.m. Monday, less than ...

What the babysitter saw in the garage

Tony had no idea why he killed his friend.

Scott Schafer was out in front of his house on Oceanside’s Santa Anita Street at about 5 p.m. His four-year–old son was playing with two neighbor kids. Scott was friends with their dad Robbie, who ...

Home invader gets 180 days in the clink

Plea deal drops charges of stalking, battery, a count of resisting a police officer...

Noe Colimas Valladares, 28, was sentenced to 180 days in local jail on Monday, December 11th. He was arrested in August after he reportedly entered a home in Escondido and was shot by the man ...

Roberto ran over a cop

Slow-witted vermin guarantees itself a swift trial.

Oceanside police attacker: "They’re trying to use their power." Talks to cellmates about L.A. cop killer Christopher Dorner.

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