Eva Knott

Eva Knott

Eva Knott covered crime and courts for the San Diego Reader.

Articles by Eva Knott

Kellen Winslow goes after 18-year-old after school, 77-year-old at Crunch Fitness

Played footsie in the jacuzzi, says prosecutor

A judge ordered ex-NFL tight end Kellen Winslow Jr. to be held without bail, after new accusations that he inappropriately approached two more women in Carlsbad, while he was at liberty on $2 million bail ...

Oceanside police confiscate fish thumper

Or a tire thumper, depending on where you're from

Joseph Patrick Zara, 62, was arrested after a traffic stop in Oceanside, because police noticed he had a “billy club” resting within reach, on the backseat of his car. However, his attorney protested that it ...

Night people of San Marcos

“You can’t bring a knife to a fist fight.”

It was “righteous self-defense” against a known gang member and not assault with a deadly weapon, as charged by the State, says the attorney for a man we’ll call “Rod.” Rod and his attorney were ...

Vista child grabber gets four years prison

Admitted kidnap of girl outside library and punching her sister

A 60-year-old homeless man admitted trying to kidnap one small child and then beating up her teenaged sister who had intervened. In a plea deal, Alan Ray Sasseen will get four years in California State ...

Suspect in Rancho Santa Fe shooting found 30 years later

Registered car in Texas under old name

Simon and Jose were friends for years, they worked together doing landscape jobs — until they both fell in love with the same woman. Her name is Aurora. On December 12, 1988, both men were ...

Tri-City nurse stabs boyfriend with butter knife, then steak knife

Will she be re-instated to labor and delivery?

‘We are not required to wait for her to injure a patient at work,” attorney Erin Sunseri told a judge. Representing the California nurses licensing board, Sunseri was trying to prevent Christena Potter doing any ...

Orange Glen High attacked by Diablos

Use of brass knuckles makes crime a wobbler

Escondido police officer Steve Higgins said he was called to Orange Glen High School the early afternoon of Tuesday, December 18. The officer said he spoke to one teacher, a man in his mid-50s, who ...

Escondido sex offender tries to register

But he didn't have an appointment

A defense attorney claimed that Juan Dolorier did try to register as a sex offender, but there was confusion about what to do and when to do it. Public defender Dan Segura spoke on behalf ...

238 calls to 911 by one man in Vista

Sheriffs lose body cameras while wrestling him into custody

Daryl Mayol Vaughn made 238 emergency calls to 911 in the year 2018, according to testimony from deputy Max Blumenshine in court yesterday, January 3, 2019. In those not-really-emergency calls, Vaughn typically claimed there was ...