Eva Knott

Eva Knott

Eva Knott covered crime and courts for the San Diego Reader.

Articles by Eva Knott

The get-away driver was 18

Says she didn’t know about the gun

The 18-year-old woman said she didn’t know her 21-year-old friend was going to rob that person until he did it. And then she drove away at speed, from police, because she was afraid. Victoria Josephine ...

Homeless man living underground vs. park workers

Kit Carson workers call cops

A man who lived in a ten-foot-deep burrow in an Escondido park threatened city workers after his furniture and things were thrown away, according to testimony in court today, August 13, 2018. Mark Edward Powell, ...

Accused of hurting dogs, $1 million bail

Oceanside man will act as his own lawyer

David Christopher Herbert, now 37, is accused of using a knife and a baseball bat and a caustic chemical to hurt dogs that belonged to his neighbors. Herbert pleads not guilty, is set to go ...

Julie Harper gets another chance

Appeals decision on six-year-old murder case

Julie Elizabeth Harper, a Carlsbad housewife who became notorious for shooting her husband in their upstairs bedroom while their children played downstairs, has been granted a new chance at sentencing, by the Fourth District court ...

Swerved into Oceanside bike lane with stolen Honda

Ten years and deportation for manslaughter

In court today, Felix Aaron Ruiz Bazan admitted he killed a bicyclist almost a year ago, in a plea deal in which he expects to be sentenced to ten years in prison. Bazan, now 26, ...

Fingerprints the clincher

Wind blew wig off robber at Vista's BBVA Compass bank

A woman said she was working behind the counter at a bank in Vista, two years ago, when a man put a bag onto her countertop and said, “Give me all your money.” The bank ...

Older sister in Vista tries to help

But Snapchat friend doesn't fall for it

Three young men skateboarding in a Vista parking lot were robbed at gunpoint last February, according to testimony this week. One victim’s sister tried to get their belongings back through her Snapchat connections, according to ...

Ex-Marine accused of killing Oceanside neighbor in broad daylight

Shooter prevents bystanders from helping gasping woman

A former Marine killed his neighbor after she came home from work and took her dog out for a walk, a San Diego County prosecutor alleged in court July 24, 2018. Eduardo Arriola, 25, made ...

Vista computer burglary shows right up on Google Cloud

Selfies taken by burglar lead cops to suspect

Two burglars climbed a tree, broke through a roof skylight, and used rope to rappel down into a Vista computer business and get away with $60,000 in loot, according to a prosecutor in court yesterday, ...

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